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Family Crests NeedlePaint Style!

Today, it’s quite popular for individuals to research their family history. Only to discover that their “last name” was once represented with a family crest, used to identify their family. We’ve designed several NeedlePaint canvases that you can stitch, to celebrate your family name. 

Your crest will be modified to our design, featuring the knights helmet, shield and scroll with your family name. The colors and design will match your crest, and the ornament on the helmet will be changed to match, too. Not sure what your family crest looks like? We would be happy to help do the research for you.


NeedlePaint family crest pillow

Our Family Crest needlepoint pillow canvases, are customizable with your choice of overall canvas size, mesh size, and thread options of DMC embroidery floss or Waverly wool.

NeedlePaint family crest flask 1.4        NeedlePaint family crest flask 1.4-2

Let us create a custom family crest flask canvas for you to stitch, for that special family member on your gift list! 



Decorate your holiday tree, by stitching several family crest ornaments including each of the historic crests that make up your family.


.Family Crest Belt 1.5

Family Crest Needlepoint Belt 2

Stitch a special belt canvas with your family crest! Although a belt canvas isn’t quite as tall as what an entire crest design might require, we can use the center shield or even individual elements from the original crest for your design. 


Family Crest needlepoint wallet

Create a one of a kind family crest wallet, by stitching your family crest on the front, and your family name on the back.


Don’t have a traditional family crest associated with your last name. Why not let us invent one for you? Our designers can create a crest from scratch, specific to your families interests, hobbies, sports, pets, philosophy or religion.

Ask us about our finishing services for pillow, flask, ornament, belt and wallet canvases. We also can stitch and finish any of our family crest needlepoint products for you, just let us know. Please send us a note at, we would be happy to help you with your family crest project.

Happy Stitching!






Embellish your favorite purse with a NeedlePaint Purse Strap

Carrying a purse starts from a very early age; we want to be just like Mom! The ability to bring our “treasures” along with us where ever we go, young or old, is a comfort and essential to our happiness.

The options are unlimited! Purses come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and now you can customize your favorite with a stylish needlepoint purse strap. NeedlePaint has designed purse strap canvases for you to stitch, along with a totally customizable canvas design option, for that special idea you may have in mind. We also offer fully finished purse straps if you would like for us to do the stitching.

NeedlePaint purse strap one

The Martini” fully finished needlepoint purse strap!

“Not only do women hold up half the sky; we do it while carrying
a 500-pound purse.” — Gina Barreca

NeedlePaint purse strap izzy

The Colette” fully finished needlepoint purse strap!

“She opened her purse which was like a small autumn field and near the fallen branches of an old apple tree, she found her keys.”
— Richard Brautigan

Purse strap leather finishing

We offer a leather finishing service for your needlepoint canvas!

“My biggest fear is that when I die, my husband will sell all of my bags, for what I told him they cost.” — unknown

With the options of a 1.5″ or 2.5″ width, these needlepoint purse straps are also great for using with that larger weekend bag, or dog carrier. Let us help you with your needlepoint purse strap options! Please feel free to contact us at replica ladies watch tag heuer watch australia replica
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Plan Your Next NeedlePaint Project!

There are so many great choices and personal preferences involved when planning a new needlepoint project to stitch. NeedlePaint would love to help you plan your next project!


NeedlePaint offers Zweigart Mono Deluxe needlepoint canvas.

Project size:
Choosing the overall design size of your canvas — do you want to stitch a belt, pillow, key fob, wallet, flask or maybe even a guitar or purse strap. We can create very large canvases, small canvases and everything in-between.

Canvas Mesh size:
Choose the canvas mesh size that works best for you — The mesh size of the canvas represents the number of stitches per inch. An 18 mesh canvas (with 18 stitches per inch) is usually used for smaller projects that require more detail; and a 10 mesh canvas would be used on something like a large floor pillow. It often depends on what type of thread you want to use, or maybe even what you can see visually.

NeedlePaint DMC thread

NeedlePaint offers DMC embroidery floss, or Waverly wool for your canvas!

Types of thread:
Choosing the type of thread depends on your canvas mesh size and your preference. 10, 12 and 14 canvas mesh sizes work great with wool thread. 14 and 18 mesh sizes work great with DMC embroidery floss. Thread choices are varied, and at Needlepoint we offer two types of thread. You have the option to of DMC embroidery floss, which is a 100% pearl cotton six-strand thread; and Waverly wool, which is 100% wool, and a three ply thread. We also will be happy to create a canvas for you without supplied thread. We know that a many of you like to use thread from your own stash, or simply like to pick the thread type and colors yourself. 

original cat image       NeedlePaint canvas

Original photo on the left, and a printed canvas of that image on the right.

Printed needlepoint canvas: 
NeedlePaint offers a huge selection of stock designs. If you’re looking for custom needlepoint; we can draw it for you, or we can print an image directly onto the canvas for you from a photo, drawing or graphic. We create your design image in a computer file, which assigns each square on the canvas a color. We then print your image onto blank canvas with a heat transfer process, and our computer generated file creates a stitch chart color guide. These charts help with the process of stitching; letting you know what color to use in each square. This is especially helpful if you have a background in cross-stitching, but not needed if you are used to following the colors on on the canvas.

handpainted needlepoint canvas

This is a hand painted needlepoint canvas we did for a customer, who preferred a solid lavender background and wanted to add a decorative border, using the original photo.

Painted needlepoint canvas:
NeedlePaint would be happy to provide you with a hand painted canvas. This is a great option if you prefer to stitch following the colors that are painted on the canvas and you don’t need stitch charts for reference. Although a printed canvas is more cost effective if you are on a budget, a hand painted canvas is always a great option. Let us know if you would prefer a painted canvas, and we will be happy to give you a price quote for your project.

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Paying in Style – Custom Needlepoint Wallets

It’s important to have a few statement pieces in your wardrobe that show off your personality and spark up conversations. One of our most popular products, our custom needlepoint belts, is a great way to break away from the average dress belt and into something a little bit more fun. We decided to take that same idea and put create customized needlepoint wallets to add some color to an accessory you use every single day.


A spotlight on our custom monogram needlepoint wallets!

There are few accessories as perfect for needlepoint customization as wallets. The healthy surface area on the outside of the leather allows for big, colorful, and detailed designs showcasing whatever the owner’s favorite hobbies are, giving plenty of room for you to customize 100% of the wallet. One of our most popular styles is a custom needlepoint monogram wallet. Some choose to have a dual-sided monogram, while others go for a classic design like nautical flags or golf clubs.

Whether you’re looking for a way to spoil yourself, or the perfect way to spoil a loved one, our custom needlepoint wallets should do the trick. As always, our products are stitched by hand, just for you. If you prefer to stitch your own, we also provide custom wallet needlepoint canvas kits that make for a great project.


Friday Favorites – Cool Dog Needlepoint Kits – Needlepoint Hobby Canvases – Colorful Designs

This week we’ve broken our record for the number of canvases ordered in a single week!

Below are some of our favorite custom needlepoint canvases we made yesterday, enjoy!

Have a great Thanksgiving! – From all of us at

Cool Custom Dog Needlepoint Kits

Cool Custom Dog Needlepoint Kits


Modern 12 Days of Christmas and Go Ro Needlepoint kits

Modern 12 Days of Christmas and Go Ro Needlepoint kits

Custom Hobby Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Hobby Needlepoint Belt Canvases

DIY Needlepoint Monogram Pillows

DIY Needlepoint Monogram Pillows

Colorful Needlepoint Kits

Colorful Needlepoint Kits

Custom Needlepoint Portraits

Custom Needlepoint Portraits

Labryinth and Governor Sign Needlepoint Canvases

Labryinth and Governor Sign Needlepoint Canvases

Cute Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Cute Dog Needlepoint Canvases


Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Last note are some more great feedback we got this week:

“I got the kit and it is beautiful! Can’t wait to get some free time to work on it.” Patricia 2014-11-19

“received the belts, they look very nice.  I think the members will really like these.”  Ken 2014-11-15

Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Our customers have been keeping us busy with some great new custom needlepoint canvases!

We’ve been in touch with a water color artist, who’s art is amazing (see the cat below on the right)  It is tricky to transfer the feel and layers of water color, but I have a felling this is going to be stunning when we stitch it into a pillow!

Before I go on, here are a few great comments we got last week from customers:

“The needlepoint arrived Monday, and thank you very much.  The canvas turned out better than my expectations.  Great job.”  Jane 4-2-14

“I just received the belt and man does it look good! Just wow! You all did an excellent job and I’m so excited to wear it to show it off to all my friends and family who have also been eagerly waiting it’s arrival! I may even be able to refer you some business while I’m at it! haha”  Mitchell – 5-31-14

Cat and Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Cat and Dog Art Needlepoint Canvases

We’ve got an amazing new sailboat and the flags of some sailing destinations in Europe.  Also note the new Elk I designed last week on the hunting belt.

Custom Sailing and Hunting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Sailing and Hunting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

These are some fun designs, one is for a wedding the others for kids.  I love the tooth ferry pillow, we made an extra little canvas for the pocket to go on the outside!

Fun Needlepoint Canvases

Fun Needlepoint Canvases

Last but not least, the Sydney Opera house and some dogs that came out looking really sharp!  (wool colors on the dogs are hand matched to the dogs and follow the photo not the canvas)

Custom Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Custom Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Custom Needlepoint Belt Stitched!

I love to design the custom needlepoint belt canvases, but they look so much better when they have been finished!

Big thanks to Jenny in Connecticut for sharing her fabulous stitching, and her input in creating this design.

Also, I want to mention one of our recommended needlepoint belt finishers, Kathy at Leatherprize who took Jenny’s work and put it onto the belt.

If you’ve got an idea for a needlepoint belt canvas, please contact us, we’d love to help!

Custom Needlepoint Belt Photo

Custom Needlepoint Belt Photo 1

Custom Needlepoint Belt Photo

Custom Needlepoint Belt Photo 2

Custom Needlepoint Belt Photo

Custom Needlepoint Belt Photo 3

Custom Needlepoint Belt Photo

Custom Needlepoint Belt Photo Last





Last Weeks Favorites – Handpainted Needlepoint Chinese Emperor and the Workshop Table

Recently we had a project that needed the talent of an artist to interpret.  Our painter sure did a wonderful job!

The two Chinese figures are based of antique images that are going to go in the living room of the stitchers home.

The other image is of some other printed custom needlepoint canvases we made last week.  Such fun, can wait to see them stitched!

Handpainted Needlepoint Chinese Emperor and Empress

Handpainted Needlepoint Chinese Emperor and Empress

custom needlepoint canvases

The workshop table last Friday – new custom needlepoint canvases


Some Favorite Custom Needlepoint Canvases from this week!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll notice we post a lot of new designs.

But, when I see the great custom needlepoint canvases we make, I often want to share those pictures, too.You should see my phone!

Sorry the pictures are not the best quality, but the canvases look great and will look even better when they are finished!

Below are some some needlepoint canvases we made yesterday…

Custom Nantucket Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

Custom Nantucket Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

Almost Heaven, Custom Golf, Life's Treasures and another Custom Golf Belt Needlepoint Canvases

Almost Heaven, Custom Golf, Life’s Treasures and another Custom Golf Belt Needlepoint Canvases

Custom Word Pillow Needlepoint Design (Bases on our Welcome Pillow Canvas)

Custom Word Pillow Needlepoint Design (Bases on our Welcome Pillow Canvas)

Most of these designs are available in the NeedlePaint shop, and the nantucket pillow is coming soon…

Hand Painted Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Occasionally we get requests to make hand painted custom needlepoint canvases.

Normally we make stitch counted canvases that are printed, and for a number of reasons, think they are often better (see the image of this needlepointed photo done from a stitch counted canvas ) but, our painter just finished two projects this week, and they are wonderful!

One woman thought the Orangutan was gonna walk right off the canvas!

Hand Painted Orangutan Needlepoint Canvas

Hand Painted Orangutan Needlepoint Canvas

Hand Painted Sydney Opera House Needlepoint Canvas

Hand Painted Sydney Opera House Needlepoint Canvas