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where you can design your own Needlepoint!

Official blog of – where you can design your own Needlepoint Kit!

Are you looking to needlepoint a custom wallet?  We’d love to help!

We’ve been working on custom canvases for needlepoint wallets for the past 18 months.  For a long time, we’ve been wanting to offer the ability for our customers to turn their work into beautiful wallets, and we finally worked it out.

You can see in the images below we offer a leather trimmed wallet that is 4.25″ Long, 3.15″ High, 0.6″ Width when closed.  It is a slim wallet and has four credit card holders in front, with a hidden card holder on each side. The main bill pocket features a divider for extra organization.

We use 100% genuine leather, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You can read more details and see pricing for our Leather Finishing for Needlepoint Wallets here.

Our canvases are made to order and the canvas listing at the top of the page includes our custom design work.  Email us your ideas and we’d love to help make it happen.

New York Rangers Hockey Needlepoint Wallet

Custom Leather Finishing for New York Rangers Hockey Needlepoint Wallet

Chicago Blackhawks Leather Needlepoint Wallet

Chicago Blackhawks Leather Needlepoint Wallet

Blackhawks and Rangers Hockey Leather Needlepoint Wallet

Blackhawks and Rangers Hockey Leather Needlepoint Wallet

A 3-pointer at the buzzer! Almost too much to believe. The Cats never won the NCAA while I was a student at VU in the Sixties, but basketball season was almost as important as classes. I don’t think I ever missed a home game. Back in those days our student activities fee entitled us to free tickets, and we crowded into our small field house or took the train in Philly to the University of Pennsylvania’s Palestra to cheer on the Cats. I remember several games that ended with a buzzer shot for 2 points. This was long before the 3-pointers and before several of the buidlings on our Campus at Villanova University Belt.

Villanova Basketball Needlepoint Belt

I have yet to stitch this design but will now have to do it and admit to my age — Class of ’69. That wasn’t just before the 3-pointer and new buildings, but before VU was co-ed. I was one of the first women engineers to graduate and proud of it!

P.S.  We also have custom belts for NCAA tournament teams:  North Carolina and Kansas.  And a lot more college campus needlepoint designs here.


We designed an amazing project for Hallie in VA recently and I am excited to share the story!

She wanted to stitch a needlepoint bell pull that is 38 inches long x 8.5 inches wide, on 18 count canvas.

This is something special for two Oberlin College grads that are married.  It will be a cherished decoration to go in their home and features some campus highlights and sports memories.  If you are interested in how we create a really unique custom needlepoint canvas like this, please read more details about how this design was created below.  First, the photo of the custom needlepoint bell pull canvas!

Custom Needlepoint College Bell Pull Oberlin College

Custom Needlepoint College Bell Pull

Hallie emailed us the names of some buildings, and a lot of very specific details about how to layout the design and where to place the images, (including the drawing below).

Then we reviewed what would work best, including straightening out the photos, so the buildings will look better in needlepoint, and some design ideas for the sports.

Next I found some images online of the buildings she requested, which she picked her favorites and then we got started!  You can see the building images we used for reference below the template, and then the digital preview we sent to her of the design for her approval.

We emailed the preview to her and made a few minor revisions (made the trees in fall colors and adjusted the spacing of the college name so the top can be rolled over a pole).

And Voila!  An amazing project that she loves:  “The bell pull arrived today in perfect condition. It is truly lovely. I will take it with me to my local yarn shop tomorrow to pick my yarns. I will send you a photo when it is done.  Thanks again!!!!”  Hallie – 2016-03-14

I can’t wait to see this when it is complete!

Bell Pull Template

Customer’s Bell Pull Template


Wilder Hall

Wilder Hall Photo

Tappan Square 2

Tappan Square 2

Oberlin Tappan Square

Oberlin Tappan Square


Phys Ed Building

Phys Ed Building

Oberlin College Bell Pull Needlepoint Canvas Preview

Oberlin College Bell Pull Needlepoint Canvas Preview

We recently needlepointed two house portrait  custom needlepoint pillows for a customer over the holiday season, and they look amazing!

They emailed us water colors of the two homes that they wanted us to stitch and we worked with them to recreate them in needlepoint.

Whether you want to needlepoint the pillows yourself, or have us make the pillows, we’d love to help!

You can email us, or try turning your own photos into needlepoint on our website

Custom House Needlepoint Pillow

Custom House Needlepoint Pillow

Personalized needlepoint projects are our passion, and seeing the beautiful work finished makes the days a little sunnier.

This Rochelle letter pillow needlepoint kit was stitched by Tish in VA.  I love the box pillow and the subtle colors.  It looks like it would go great in a beach home.   Nice stitching Tish!

You can personalize your design by changing colors and of course changing letters.  Or, let us create a custom needlepoint project for you!  Please visit our website for more ideas.

Needlepoint Letter Box Pillow

Rochelle Needlepoint Letter Pillow – stitched by Tish in VA

The New York Times this week had a great article on the health benefits of knitting, in case you missed it.  And in it, it says this applies to most types of needlework and creative hobbies (such as needlepoint!)

The main thing that seems to come up again and again, is that if you are engaged in creative hobbies and using your hands and mind, that it helps keep your mind sharp, happier, and reduce stress.  I find the second point to be quite true.

I feel lucky to work with customers who truly are almost always nice and patient people.  They are often creating projects not for themselves but giving them to others and thinking about others first.  This makes our work more rewarding, and also enjoyable, so to our customers, a big THANK YOU!

Onto the fun stuff, below are some amazing custom needlepoint projects recently stitched, and below that are some more customer reviews…

American Gothic Needlepoint Pillow next to a Custom Dog Needlepoint Pillow that we stitched

American Gothic Needlepoint Pillow next to a Custom Dog Needlepoint Pillow that we stitched

We stitched this custom needlepoint dog pillow for as a gift for Casey!

Denison Field Hockey and Lacrosse Needlepoint Stool

Denison Field Hockey and Lacrosse Needlepoint Stool stitched by Susan in CT

diagonol giant scotch stitch

She did the background using the Diagonal Giant Scotch stitch.

Custom Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Custom Needlepoint Christmas Stocking by Mary in California

I love the background stitches on the last two projects.  They give extra detail and also make the projects quicker to stitch!

Custom Cat Needlepoint by Erica in Canada

Custom Cat Needlepoint by Erica in Canada

We love to help create new designs, so if you are looking to needlepoint something that does not exist anywhere but your mind, please get in touch with us!

Here are some recent reviews from our customers that came in over the holiday season:

“We received the canvas yesterday. All my husband could say was ‘Oh my! Oh my!!  She’s going to cry. You nailed the gift of the year!!’…

I appreciate you taking the time and special care with such a special gift. Your customer service has been uncommon in these low-personal interaction digital age.”  Tina  2015-12-01

“It arrived and looks great!  Thanks.”  Janet  1-25-2016

“It arrived today!  Looks great.  Will send a picture of the final product.” Colleen  1-13-2016

“Just to let you know the needlepoint arrived, they are great and I can’t wait to get started!”  Laurie  12-15-2015

“It came yesterday!  I love it.  Thanks so much.”  Kippy  12-21-2015

“Canvas has arrived and it lovely.  Can’t wait to start (after the holidays!)”  Joanne  2015-12-10

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the belt canvas yesterday and it looks great! Already started on it! Thanks for all of your help!” – Annie  12-8-2015

“Received!—looks GREAT if a little daunting. Gulp.”  Libby  12-9-2015

“This was perfect! Better than I even imagined!!’  Carly  1-3-2016

“Seth was very responsive! Help me create a custom design for my son! He is so excited about his new belt that his mom is making for him! Will order more for sure!”  12-18-2015

“I cannot wait to start stitching my new belt. It is perfect and exactly what I hoped to receive when I ordered it. Thank you!”  Allison  12-15-2015

“Needlepoint was so easy to work with and accommodated my custom request quickly. Thank you! Beautiful work!”  Jennifer  12-15-2015

“Seth was wonderful! New to needlepoint, wanted to make a belt for my son, just told him ideas and he put it all together! Sent the color chart along with the thread. Looking forward to working with him again! Thank you!”  11-16-2015


Wow, it has been a month since I’ve been able to post anything on our blog!  The Christmas rush this year was amazing, and we’ve had a LOT of great feedback.  (Timing was tighter than I had hoped, but it worked!)

This post features some of the custom needlepoint belts we stitch for customers this year and our customer’s reactions.  Photo’s first and below them you can read some of our customer’s reactions and find out why needlepoint belts make great gifts!

Golfing Needlepoint Belt

Golfing Needlepoint Belt

Golf Custom Needlepoint Belt

Golf Custom Needlepoint Belt

Thanks Haley and CJ for taking these pictures!

Ole Miss Needlepoint Belt

Ole Miss Needlepoint Belt

Thanks Alyssa for the great review on Etsy and posting your photo!

Preppy Needlepoint Belts

Preppy Needlepoint Belts

Custom Needlepoint Belts

Custom Needlepoint Belts

Here is some of the feedback we received over the holiday season.  We’re delighted to help create products that are unique and well loved.  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll love the design we help you create and the quality of the belt when it is ready.  You can see our 5 star rating on Etsy and read more reviews here.

Amazing quality belt and a pleasure working with Seth at NeedlePainters! We got the belt just in time for a trip for a big game and he got TONS of compliments! Will recommend to anyone looking for a unique gift idea. Definitely worth the wait for such detailed work.  Alyssa 2015-11-25

I love it! Thank you all so very much, turned out even better than expected! When I give it to him I will be sure to take a picture. Thanks again for everything!  Amanda 2015-12-26

Love it! For the price it can’t be beat. The belt looks great, it’s the perfect size (I measured his other belts) and the quality seems well made. I highly recommend and will be using them again. Make sure you plan ahead cause the process takes some time!  Haley 2016-1-12

Thank you so much!! My boyfriend loved his belt and all the detail put into it was so awesome!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!   Emma 2015-12-25

I received the belt and it looks Fabulous!!  You are amazing!  Merry Christmas! Michele 2015-12-23

The belt is perfect. Thank you. I can’t wait to give it to my brother on Christmas.   Ali 2015-12-23

The belt is beautiful! I’m so excited about this and will definitely get some pictures in “the wild”. Thank you for all of your help!  Cassandra 2015-12-23

Thank you! Thank you!  The belt and key fob are exactly what I wanted.  The workmanship is beautiful.  Thanks again for the great job.   Leanne 2015-12-23

Thank you Seth! I just received the belt, and it looks great!! I will definitely send pictures 🙂  Kristen 2015-12-17

Belts were absolutely perfect – beautiful.   Thanks and on time for Christmas  Melissa 2015-12-26

Got my awesome belt today!!! Thanks so much. I will definitely be showing it off!! Thanks again  Scott 2015-11-19

Thank you Seth! I have told all my friends about needle paint and your amazing customer service! Thank you!!!!!

Happy Holidays!

We’re closing our shop this year from Dec. 20th until Jan. 1st to spend time with our families.

Feel free to message us over the holiday about new ideas, and we will get back to you when we return. We would not want your ideas to be forgotten!

If you have an existing belt order, we will be shipping on Monday the 21st and they will arrive on Dec. 23, or per the latest update you should have received via message or email.

To add some Holiday Cheer, we’re featuring some personalized needlepoint stockings our customers finished this year in time for Christmas!

Susan in Colorado did the Partridge and the Nutcracker, she added jewels to the partridge which look great!  Denise, also in Colorado, stitched the reindeer, beautiful stitching!

Needlepoint Chirstmas Stockings

Needlepoint Chirstmas Stockings


The University of Notre Dame maintains a reputation of being one of the best universities in the United States. Highly renowned, and known around the world, the institution is known for both its rigorous academics and it’s excellent sports teams, celebrated by the leprechaun mascot that represents “The Fighting Irish.” With a reputation like this, we had to make sure the Notre Dame campus belt was just as great as the South Bend school Americans have grown to love.

notre dame campus needlepoint belt

Elegant rendition of the University of Notre Dame’s campus on a belt.

Just as it is on campus, the Main Building with its beautiful golden dome makes an appearance on the belt, making the campus instantly recognizable to those familiar with the campus. This is perfectly accented by the Notre Dame block letter logo, seen on the sports team’s uniforms. Of course, the Notre Dame football stadium makes an appearance on the belt, where students and alumni can remember the many nights they spent there rooting for their favorite sports teams. You can even see the famous touchdown Jesus to the left of the stadium!

As we do with each of our college belts, you can customize your very own Notre Dame campus belt with your favorite buildings, dorms, or campus landmarks. We’re happy to help you design a custom belt showcasing you or your loved one’s extracurriculars, organizations, or teams. Check out our college campus belts page for more inspiration and send us a note to start collaborating on a design.

Each of our belts is custom made for the wearer to the exact specifications set out by the customer. Whether you want your belt finished, or simply want a canvas to work on, Needlepaint has you and your favorite alumni covered!

Americas Cup Needlepoint Belt

It has been a great year at NeedlePaint and I have much to be greatful for.

Desiging needlepoint belts for a living is truly a great job.  And, our most recent design is one of my new favorites!

The Americas Cup Winners Classic Yacht Needlepoint Belt features 7 boats that helped defend one of the longest winning sreaks in sporst.  The yacht names are America, Mischief, Magic, Enterprise, Defender, Intrepid, and Rainbow.

This design is availabe as a fully stitched needepoint belt, or as a DIY needlepoint kit.  And it can be customized!  Add a monogram, yacht club burgee, and change the background color to navy if you don’t like the light blue!

Americas Cup Needlepoint Belt

Americas Cup Winners Classic Yachts Needlepoint Belt