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Archive for May, 2011

Custom Needlepont Dog Collar

We’ve been thinking of what other projects are great for custom needlepoint, and realized that the answer is laying at our feet!

A custom needlepoint dog collar can be beautiful and make a great gift for your furry friends.

Peggy is currently working on a project for her son who asked for a ‘tough looking’ collar for his male dog, Jack.

I worked on designing this and created a simple design that looks great!  And is very tough 🙂

1.25" x 17" Needlepoint Design for Jack

Now, look again, and see how ‘tough’ becomes girly when I change the colors!

1.25" x 17" Custom Pink Needlepoint Design for a Dog Collar

This project is just underway, we hope to have lots of designs and complete needlepoint dog collar kits on our Etsy needlepoint shop soon.  All designs are customizable, please contact us if you would like us to design your dog’s needlepoint collar!

Some ideas worth considering:  Stitch in a phone number, extra wide collars

Fun Needlepoint Pillow Ideas

I’ve been designing more needlepoint pillows for our ETSY shop.  It is pretty fun!  Taking some pretty simple ideas, and putting them with fun colors brings a fresh feeling.

Christmas Star Needlepoint Kit for 10 x 10 inch pillow

Seafoam Snowflake For Winter Decor

A Christmas Ornament Pillow

Designing needlepoint kits on is fun.  I just came up with a list of ideas, then started to design needlepoint canvases.

My list:  Snow Flakes, Christmas Ornament Needlepoint, Christmas Tree Needlepoint, Angels, Snow Man, Stars

Another fun experiment is below.  See how different these two identical designs feel!

A Traditional Christmas Needlepoint Pillow Design

Modern Christmas NeedlePoint Colors

See!  Colors play such an important role in the holidays.

Dog Needlepoint Canvases

We’ve been searching the internet for great pictures of dogs to offer as stock needlepoint canvases and needlepoint kits.

We found some great ones!


Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Canvas 18 mesh, 8" x 5.5", 12 colors

Beagle Needlepoint

Border Collie Needlepoint

Boston Terrier Needlepoint

Bullmastif Needlepoint

Chocolate Lab Needlepoint

Cocker Spaniel Needlepoint

Coonhound Needlepoint

Daschund Needlepoint

German Shepherd Needlepoint

Boston Terrier Needlepoint Canvas (Colors can be adjusted when ordered)

Golden Retriever Needlepoint

Jack Russel Terrier Needlepoint

Nova Scotia Duck Terrier Needlepoint

Pomeranian Needlepoint

Schnauzer Needlepoint

Scotch Terrier Needlepoint

Shetland Sheepdog Needlepoint

Yellow Lab Needlepoint

***More to come!

Also, check out our vintage dog needlepoint

Vintage German Shepherd Dog Needlepoint - Customize with your dogs Name!

Vintage Collie

Vintage Fox Terriers

Vintage German Shepherd

Vintage Puli

Vingate Pumi

Vintage Vizsla