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Custom Nautical Flag Needlepoint Belt

Always the classic concept, we’ve finally added the nautical flag needlepoint belt to our personalized needlepoint shop.

International maritime signal flags were used around the world for hundreds of years.  Flags would be hoisted to communicate between ship captains.

Each of the flags on the belt stand for a letter, and the needlepoint belt below spells out Jacob Payson Chamberlain.

Order your own custom needlepoint canvas, and we will adjust the flags to your request and fit it to your exact waist size.  If you’d like to change the background color or modify the design in any way, feel free to contact us directly, we’d be happy to help design the belt of your dreams!

Maritime Nautical Flag Needlepoint Belt

Maritime Nautical Flag Needlepoint Belt

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvas Preview

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvas Preview


Waverly Needlepoint Wool Custom Needlepoint Kits

If you have been on our website today, you will notice three changes.

#1.  We now offer Waverly needlepoint wool for our custom needlepoint kits.  This is a 3 ply wool that is similar to Paternayan.  The main difference with Waverly, is that all three plys are the same thickness.  It is made by the Brown Sheep Company right next door in Nebraska.  The wool is actually raised in our home state of Colorado!

Waverly Needlepoint Wool

Waverly Needlepoint Wool

#2.  10 and 12 mesh canvas are available on our online needlepoint designer. (see below)

#3.  The maximum needlepoint canvas size is no longer 13 x 19 inches, we’ve increased the maximum size to 40 inches wide!

This is brand new and we are still testing it, so if you encounter any problems, please email us.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Needlepoint Canvas Mesh Count

Custom Needlepoint Pillows

We are making custom needlepoint pillows!

These two pillows were just finished and look great!

You can look at our website for some of our modern needlepoint designs, personalized needlepoint designs, or if you’d prefer us to make a custom pillow with your own design, we’d love to do that.

Both pillows in this photo are stitched using wool, and are on 12 mesh canvas.  Prices for ring bearer pillows start at $100 and for 14 x 14 inch pillows start around $160.  We go by the number of stitches and size.

For photo pillows, the maximum number of colors is 14, but we’re happy to help design the pillow for you, just email us the photo along with your ideas, and we’ll put together a preview for you.  (Photo pillows are more expensive than the normal, by typically $40-$60 depending on the design)

Of course, if you’d prefer to stitch your own needlepoint canvas, we’d be happy to help with the needlepoint design, and also offer a pillow finishing service.

Custom Needlepoint Pillows

Custom Needlepoint Pillows


Greek Key Border Around Custom Needlepoint Photo

I think all of our readers will appreciate how well this custom needlepoint canvas turned out this week!

Our customer requested a greek key border to go around their dog, and to remove the background so they could needlepoint the dog in the photo.

If you have a photo to needlepoint, we can help!  Just email us the photo and your ideas, and we’ll make a digital preview for you.

This custom needlepoint canvas is surrounded by a greek key boarder

This custom needlepoint canvas features a Golden Retriever surrounded by a greek key border

Life Treasures Custom Needlepoint Belt

We had a fun project last week that the customer has agreed to share with everybody!

This needlepoint belt is a collection of places, events and symbols.  It is being made as a graduation gift.

I’m calling it a Life Treasures belt.  We started with about 20 ideas, and then they decided to get the grad’s opinion to make sure they like all the elements.

A few rounds back and forth and we had an amazing personalized needlepoint belt canvas!  I’m sure this will be worn with pride…

Life Treasurers Needlepoint Belt Canvas