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It’s A Dog’s Life — Needlepoint Dog Collars with Style!

It’s no secret that at NeedlePaint, we love our dogs!
Check out our new needlepoint dog collar designs, featuring favorite choices from our
furry clientele with discriminating tastes, and unique personalities! 

I love fetching a big stick out of the lake, but my personal favorite
is rolling in the catch of the day.” — Axel, black Labrador Retriever

Woodland Axel Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

Rainbow Trout Skin Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

“I will dig up those flowers if I want to!” — Rosie, Border Collie

Spring Floral Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

Periwinkle Flora Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

“Summer, sweet summer, making a splash wherever I go!”
— Sport, Springer Spaniel and Dog Paddle Champion

Swimming Pool Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

Summer Fruit Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

“It all looks good from up here on the new sofa!” — Dizzy, Basset Hound

Tie Dye Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

Stained Glass Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

A drive through the desert to the west coast? I wanna go, I wanna go!”
— Toby, Golden Retriever

Sunny Beach Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

Warm Desert Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

“My goal today: dress the part and stay out of trouble.” — Baxter, French Bulldog

Checkerboard Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

Tangerine Medallion Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

“Going with the flow is my jam.” — Spike, Rottweiler

Rose and Thorns Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

Malachite Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit

“They rescued me, but in reality it was I who rescued them.” — Jack, Heinz 57

Life Treasures Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit
Our designers will help turn your ideas into a unique dog collar design!
Dog Collar Builder Needlepoint Dog Collar Kit 
Create your very own one-of-a-kind custom Needlepoint dog collar
with our new interactive Dog Collar Builder!

It’s a dog’s life — play, stay, rollover, eat, sleep, sit and look cute
in that new needlepoint dog collar I so lovingly stitched for you.

We offer dog collar needlepoint kits,
a dog collar leather finishing service,
and fully finished dog collars.

Let us know how we can help at:

Stitch something sweet for your “best friend”!

Explore A Scuba Diving NeedlePaint Project!

NeedlePaint has been inspired by one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world today — scuba diving! With our insatiable attraction to the undersea world, we have designed a selection of scuba themed canvases for you to explore. In addition, sharks remain the object of our fascination and fears, we think you will enjoy these canvases too.

Scuba Diving Flag Needlepoint Belt Canvas
Scuba Flag Needlepoint Belt Canvas

This flag is easily recognized with its bold color and simplistic graphic design.
The scuba diving flag, or diver down flag, is flown from a dive boat
warning other surface watercraft that a diver is in the water.


Scuba Diving Needlepoint Key Fob Canvas

Scuba Flag Needlepoint Key Fob Canvas

Similar to our Scuba Flag belt canvas, the diver down flag also looks great on a key fob canvas.
Feel free to personalize this canvas with your monogram or initials.


Mako Shark Needlepoint Key Fob Canvas

Mako Shark Needlepoint Key Fob Canvas

The Mako shark is viewed by the Maori people of New Zealand as a guardian spirit, and appropriately named Mako; the Maori word for shark. A fun key fob design featuring
a combination of the Mako shark and the scuba diving flag.


Personalized Scuba Diving Needlepoint Belt Canvas

Personalized Scuba Diving Needlepoint Belt

A gallery of underwater adventure is depicted on this scuba diving needlepoint belt design. Images include: a Spotted Eagle Ray, the Scuba Flag, a Hawksbill Sea Turtle,
a Scuba Diver, and a Black Tip Reef Shark.


Shark Needlepoint Belt Canvas

Shark Needlepoint Belt Canvas

The streamlined proportion of this needlepoint belt is a perfect backdrop for the beautiful lines of the shark. On a background color of rich ocean blue, you will see a variety of sharks including: Hammerhead, Black Tip Reef, Great White, Mako and a Tiger Shark.


Great White Shark Needlepoint Dog Collar Canvas

Great White Shark Needlepoint Dog Collar Canvas

A whimsical twist on a traditional dog collar! Our Great White Shark needlepoint dog collar is sure to make your dog feel like a tough guy, even though we all know he’s a real sweetheart.


On our NeedlePaint website, we do offer finishing services for your completed belt, key fob and dog collar needlepoint canvas, as well as other canvas types.

Explore a new NeedlePaint project and try something new: a new stitch, new type of thread, new mesh count, or a new theme. We have a variety of needlepoint canvases and would be happy to help you with any questions you may have at

Happy Stitching!



Friday Favorites – Nantucket and Sailing Needlepoint Canvases – Nautical Belts – Kids Name Stitched

Happy Friday!  I’ve got a lot of pictures for you today!

First some nice feedback we got this week…

“Just a quick note of thanks for the needlepoint canvas, which my mother is busily working on! Really appreciate your help and patience in making this happen.  Thank you!  Betsy”  4-16-14

But even better we were emailed photos of a finished project that was custom painted for one of our customers!   I love all the different stitches she used!  Great work Judy!

Personalized Kids Needlepoint Art

Personalized Kids Needlepoint Art

Next up are are close to my heart, since I love to sail.  The Nantucket Wedding Pillow Canvas and a custom sailing needlepoint canvas featuring a boat with a bright beautiful spinnaker.

Nantucket and Sailboat Needlepoint Canvases

Nantucket Wedding Pillow and Sailboat with Spinnaker Needlepoint Canvases

On to my other favorite hobby (or job :-), custom needlepoint belts!  If you look closely at the second canvas from the left, you will see a fencing foil setup, and next to that is what I’m calling a liberty belt!  Fun colors and it has a liberty bell and the Grand Union flag from 1776.

Nautical Belt and ofther fun Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Nautical Belt and ofther fun Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

There were so many great projects, but this week one took up almost half the workshop table!  This large custom needlepoint kit was made from a photo.  It is going to look amazing when finished.  I liked that they used a lot of colors so details came through.  But there was enough contrast that the colors are still pretty easy to follow on the canvas. (sorry the photo is a bit dark, but you’ll get the idea!)

Large Needlepoint Canvas from Photo

Large Needlepoint Canvas from Photo

If you are a fan of John James Audubon, then you may recognize these two designs!  Most of his art is in the common domain, so let us know if you have a project you’d like to stitch! (again sorry for the darker image)

Audubon Swan and White Pelican Needlepoint Kits

Audubon Swan and White Pelican Needlepoint Kits

Last but not least, we have a custom dog collar from our pink mountain design, and a church logo which will be stitched for the pastors office!

Dog Collar and Logo Canvas for Church

Dog Collar and Logo Canvas for Church


Needlepoint Dog Collars – New Designs!

We’ve blogged about needlepointing dog collars in the past, but have finally created a needlepoint dog collar section in our shop!

I’m putting the new needlepoint designs in this post, as they are different from any I’ve seen and pretty cool if you ask me.

All these designs can be personalized and your dogs name and your phone number added to the canvas so you can stitch it in.  This gets rid of having to listen the the metal tags jingle on your dogs collar!

Also, if you want to take a belt design and make it into a collar, just let us know, we’d be happy to help.

You’ll see a project for our dog that will be finished soon and I’m sure I’ll be post pictures of the finished collar so you get an idea of how good they look.

Blue Bandana Dog Collar Needlepoint Canvas

Blue Bandana Dog Collar Needlepoint Canvas

Pink Mountain Dog Collar Needlepoint Kit

Pink Mountain Dog Collar Needlepoint Kit

Fire Hydrant Dog Collar Needlepoint Kit

Fire Hydrant Dog Collar Needlepoint Kit

Red Bandana Needlepoint Dog Collar Canvas

Red Bandana Needlepoint Dog Collar Canvas

Rainbow Dog Collar Needlepoint Kit

Rainbow Dog Collar Needlepoint Kit