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Friday Favorites – Dogs – Classic Cars and More Custom Needlepoint!

We’re a little late this week with our favorite projects, but by no means short of fun new ideas!

Attached are some of our favorite custom needlepoint projects we made last week on

Classic Cars - Surfing - Georgia - Dog Needlepoint Belts

Classic Cars – Surfing – Georgia – Dog Needlepoint Belts

Fun Needlepoint Kits

Fun Needlepoint Kits including a Vintage Life Magazine Cover.

Dog and Cat Needlepoint Kit

Dog and Cat Needlepoint Kit

Christmas and Kids Custom Needlepoint Kits

Christmas and Kids Custom Needlepoint Kits




Friday Favorites – Art Needlepoint and Reviews

I’d like to say thanks to our customers for their continued support and feedback!

We’re a small business and our motto is happy customers = repeat customers.  So before the pictures of more amazing new art needlepoint canvas, are some more review testimonials we received recently.

“I received the canvas yesterday and it is absolutely perfect!  I’m so excited to get started and a little nervous about doing this justice.   You have been just great to work with and this looks just the way I wanted it”  Jan – July 15, 2014

“Received the canvases and they look great, thank you.” Paula – July 19, 2014

“Got the belts and they are amazing!!”  Kevin – July 24 2014

“Needlepaint does excellent work! I highly recommend them. They designed a custom belt for me and it was absolutely beautiful. They are very easy to work with and have very quick shipping. Would definitely buy from them again!”  Lisa posted on our blog July 16 2014

“Dear Seth , just let you know that I received my order on Friday , July 18th ! The canvas is absolutely amazing ! I am already working on it ! It will take me a few moths , since I have 4 other projects going ! When it’s ready , I will send picture . Thanks for the beautiful job you did , and if I have more pictures to be printed you will hear from me , thanks to the internet that I found your website ! All best , and keep up the good work !” Mary – July 20, 2014

“The pillow couldn’t be more perfect! I really appreciate your sending such a complete package – wonderful quality thread, a needle and a complete graph of the project! I’ll pass your website along to all my needlepoint friends. Thanks so much” Mary Margaret – July 14 2014

This week, we’re starting out with the girls evergreen needlepoint canvas that a customer just finished.  Nice stitching Patricia!

Girls Evergreen Birth Announcement Needlepoint

Girls Evergreen Birth Announcement Needlepoint

Here are three great photos of some art needlepoint projects.

Christian Art and Tuscan Countryside Needlepoint

Christian Art and Tuscan Countryside Needlepoint

Fun Kids Art and Abstract Art Needlepoint

Fun Kids Art and Abstract Art Needlepoint

Two Cats Art Needlepoint

Two Cats Art Needlepoint

Last is our own “wearable” art, our custom designed needlepoint belt canvases!  See Tuesdays post for an amazing needlepoint belt that we stitched!

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases, Colorado and Bow Ties

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases, Colorado and Bow Ties


Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Our customers have been keeping us busy with some great new custom needlepoint canvases!

We’ve been in touch with a water color artist, who’s art is amazing (see the cat below on the right)  It is tricky to transfer the feel and layers of water color, but I have a felling this is going to be stunning when we stitch it into a pillow!

Before I go on, here are a few great comments we got last week from customers:

“The needlepoint arrived Monday, and thank you very much.  The canvas turned out better than my expectations.  Great job.”  Jane 4-2-14

“I just received the belt and man does it look good! Just wow! You all did an excellent job and I’m so excited to wear it to show it off to all my friends and family who have also been eagerly waiting it’s arrival! I may even be able to refer you some business while I’m at it! haha”  Mitchell – 5-31-14

Cat and Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Cat and Dog Art Needlepoint Canvases

We’ve got an amazing new sailboat and the flags of some sailing destinations in Europe.  Also note the new Elk I designed last week on the hunting belt.

Custom Sailing and Hunting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Sailing and Hunting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

These are some fun designs, one is for a wedding the others for kids.  I love the tooth ferry pillow, we made an extra little canvas for the pocket to go on the outside!

Fun Needlepoint Canvases

Fun Needlepoint Canvases

Last but not least, the Sydney Opera house and some dogs that came out looking really sharp!  (wool colors on the dogs are hand matched to the dogs and follow the photo not the canvas)

Custom Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Custom Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Friday Favorites Needlepoint Photo Canvases

It is friday, so I wanted to share a photo of some of our favorite needlepoint canvases we made this week!

I took a close up of the cat needlepoint canvas and the needlepoint belt canvases, the mountain belt is our latest design that will go up on the website next week!  Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, but I think you’ll enjoy them!  Happy stitching!

Friday Favorites -The Workshop Table - Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Friday Favorites -The Workshop Table – Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Cool Cat Needlepoint Canvas

Cool Cat Needlepoint Canvas



A Life's Treasurers Canvas and the Blue Ridge Mountains Needlepoint Belt Canvas

A Life’s Treasurers Canvas and the Blue Ridge Mountains Needlepoint Belt Canvas

Hand Painted Needlepoint Cat Portrait

Sometimes we get requests for hand painted needlepoint canvases, and other times, we’re asked to design canvases that really need a painter’s skill set.

Being in the Denver area, we are fortunate to have a local canvas painter that loves to paint animals!  This cat was done for a customer who does not have any single good photo.  I spoke with the customer and mentioned that I know a painter who would love to work on this project and interpret all the photos into one design and they agreed.

And I’m glad they did!  They are loving this custom needlepoint project!

If you would like to needlepoint your photo check out our website, and if prefer to work hand painted canvases, please email us.

Hand Painted Needlepoint Cat on 18 mesh canvas

Hand Painted Needlepoint Cat on 18 mesh canvas

Christmas Needlepoint Cat Pillow Finishing

Hightail and Tagger

Hightail and Tagger Christmas Needlepoint Cat Pillow

We just got a pillow back from our needlepoint finisher, and I have to share the pictures of it!

Helen Dixon stitched this pillow using a custom needlepoint kit she purchased on  She mailed us back the mostly finished canvas and requested the black velvet frame and backing, with red velvet piping, and it looks amazing!

Just in time, this needlepoint Christmas pillow still look sophisticated.  The needlepoint pillow is 12 x 12 inches.  If you are interested in having your needlepoint kit turned into a pillow, please feel free to contact us, our prices are great, and our pillow finisher has over 30 years of experience!

Cool Needlepoint Cat Pillow for Christms

Close Up, the Needlepoint Cat Pillow, Just In Time for Christmas!

All customers get a discounted rate, and if they let us know that they may want to have us finish the pillow for them, we will include a return label with their shipment so they can mail us back the canvas after they have done the stitching.  (We do also offer needlework finishing if needed, in this case we finished the cats).

Cat Needlepoint Pillow from a Photo

I worked with Susan Segalla a few months ago, to resize two of her photos of her kats (Josie and Tinker) to make into 12 x 12 needlepoint cat pillows.  She ordered two needlepoint canvases.  We discussed removing the background, but she thought it would be no problem for her to stitch over it.  See the image below, it was 10″ high, but we changed the “Advanced Settings” so the canvas would be 14 x 14.

The Cat's (Josie) Image on the Canvas

Advanced Canvas Options

Look how great Susan’s pillow looks!  She found a great brown rope trim, and matching faux sweud backing, but the other thing I love are the whiskers!  She made them from paint brush bristles.  If you are looking to make a needlepoint pillow, Peggy wrote a blog about needlepoint pillows that would be good to read.

cat needlepoint pillow

Josie the Cat in Needlepoint

Do you have any good links for making pillow’s for other stitchers? Please add your links in the comments to this post!

Cat Needlepoint Pillow

The finished Cat Needlepoint Pillow