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Embellish your favorite purse with a NeedlePaint Purse Strap

Carrying a purse starts from a very early age; we want to be just like Mom! The ability to bring our “treasures” along with us where ever we go, young or old, is a comfort and essential to our happiness.

The options are unlimited! Purses come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and now you can customize your favorite with a stylish needlepoint purse strap. NeedlePaint has designed purse strap canvases for you to stitch, along with a totally customizable canvas design option, for that special idea you may have in mind. We also offer fully finished purse straps if you would like for us to do the stitching.

NeedlePaint purse strap one

The Martini” fully finished needlepoint purse strap!

“Not only do women hold up half the sky; we do it while carrying
a 500-pound purse.” — Gina Barreca

NeedlePaint purse strap izzy

The Colette” fully finished needlepoint purse strap!

“She opened her purse which was like a small autumn field and near the fallen branches of an old apple tree, she found her keys.”
— Richard Brautigan

Purse strap leather finishing

We offer a leather finishing service for your needlepoint canvas!

“My biggest fear is that when I die, my husband will sell all of my bags, for what I told him they cost.” — unknown

With the options of a 1.5″ or 2.5″ width, these needlepoint purse straps are also great for using with that larger weekend bag, or dog carrier. Let us help you with your needlepoint purse strap options! Please feel free to contact us at





New Baby Birth Announcement Needlepoint Design

Is there a new addition to the family? Needlepoint a personalized birth announcement that will be cherished for a lifetime.

The Baby and Moon Baby Needlepoint Canvas design is a new addition to our shop!  Inspired by some children’s books, this new design is sure to fit in well with most nurseries.

Every personalized needlepoint design is made to order and a digital preview will be emailed for your review and approval before your canvas is made!

Please include the name, birth date, and time.  Weight, town, and length can also be included.  Colors, font types, and details can all be changed at no extra charge.

The Baby and Moon Personalized Needlepoint Canvas is 10 x 10 inches on 14 mesh canvas

The Baby and Moon Personalized Needlepoint Canvas is 10 x 10 inches on 14 mesh canvas

Summer Fun Custom Needlepoint Hat Bands!

Peggy has been looking for projects to start this summer and decided to design some hat bands.

Two of these designs are inspired by Hawaiian tattoos and the other is a fun floral pattern.

She mentioned she designed the red one to do with triangle stitches, so stay tuned, I think she is going to work her magic!

They are 23 inches wide and if you are interested they run $45 per design, or $115 for all three!

These make fast fun summer stitching, so if you are interested in a custom needlepoint hat band, feel free to get in touch with your ideas and we’ll help create your own needlepoint design.

Hawaiian Hat Bands Needlepoint Canvas

Hawaiian Hat Bands Needlepoint Canvas

Custom Needlepoint Tallit Bag

Have you been looking for the right design to needlepoint a Tallit Bag?

Well, why not consider doing a custom needlepoint project instead?  Attached is a picture of a tallis bag stitched by a customer in Montreal a few weeks back!  The art is special to them and it looks so good I’m sure it will live on through the family for generations to come!

We’ve helped design tallis bags for bar mitzvah gifts and personalized the needlepoint designs with names and favorite activities.

If you have an idea, you can contact us and we can help create it from scratch.  We’ll send you the digital preview for you to review and if you’re not happy with it, you don’t have to place the order!

Custom Needlepoint Tallit Bag

Custom Needlepoint Tallit Bag

Manhattan Sunrise Needlepoint Canvas

A few weeks back, we had a request to design a needlepoint canvas of Manhattan.

The customer loved the realistic feel of our needlepoint designs, but wanted to feature the twin towers and have a sunrise in the background.

It took some time, but it was worth it!  The design size is 20″ x 13.8″ inches on a 24 x 18 inch, 14 mesh needlepoint canvas.

If you have a custom needlepoint project you would like to work on, contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Manhattan Sunrise Needlepoint Canvas (14 mesh)

Manhattan Sunrise Needlepoint Canvas (14 mesh)

Manhattan Skyline Needlepoint Preview

Manhattan Skyline Needlepoint Preview


Snowflakes make a Wonderful Christmas Needlepoint Belt

As soon as I came up with the Fluer De Lis needlepoint designs, I knew we had to design Snowflake Needlepoint Belts.

Following a similar idea, I made previews of many colorful ideas as a starting point.  You can design your own needlepoint belt or have us customize this design to the exact size and colors you need.

If you like this idea, click Like, or get in touch with us on Facebook or via Email!

Snowflake Needlepoint Belt Preview

Snowflake Needlepoint Belt Preview


More Color Ideas for the Snowflake Needlepoint Belt

More Color Ideas for the Snowflake Needlepoint Belt

New Fleur De Lis Needleopint Belt Patterns!

I was flipping through some magazines last weekend and came across a beautiful tie for men.

The idea was simple and classic, but with a modern twist.  A violet background leaning towards red, with a bright pink fleur de lis repeating up the tie every once in a while.

The idea is so simple, it really is the colors that make this needlepoint design special.  So I figured why not design our own fluer de lis needlepoint belts.  Why not standout this year with your own custom needlepoint belt!

Yellow and Blue Fleur De Lis Needlepoint Belt

Yellow and Blue Fleur De Lis Needlepoint Belt Preview

More Color Ideas for the Fluer De Lis Needlepoint Pattern

More Color Ideas for the Fluer De Lis Needlepoint Pattern

We can adjust to any color you like, add a monogram, words, or really anything you’d like to see.  Each belt is made to order, so we’ll fit the size to you!

Colorful Stained Glass Window Designs

I love stained glass and the beauty that is brings to a church, home, any type of building.  So I decided to try to create one of those light filled designs in a needlepoint pillow.    Here in Chicago, I have discovered some great stained glass windows, especially at the Smith Museum of Stained Glass on Navy Pier.  If you ever visit us check it out!  But, in the mean time stitch your own with one of our needlepoint kit designs.  You can create that stained glass look by stitching it to a canvas.

Smith Museum of Stained Glass, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

photo credit: eilonwy77 via photopin cc

This pillow would work nicely to accent stained glass in a room or add some color to a neutral space. You can find in on under VIEW MORE NEEDLEPOINT KITS.  We have a couple different color choices, but you can always personalize the color to flow in your space!

Chicago Needlepoint Belt Design and Hip Colorado Belt

I was working on some new needlepoint designs for needlepoint belts, and there has been one in the back of my mind for my home state.

Just adding a simple extra line in the colorado flag takes the colorado needlepoint belt design from good to great.

Hip Colorado Needlepoint Belt Preview (this is only half the belt, the design repeats)

I liked the idea so much, that it hit me today, while eating deep dish pizza, that we need to make a Chicago needlepoint belt.  One that Cubbies fans will appreciate…

Chicago Needlepoint Belt Design (the pattern repeats and is custom fitted to your size)

These designs can also incorporate a number or monogram.  Do you have a belt idea but can’t find it online?  Contact and we’ll design something for you.

Vintage Christmas Needlepoint Kit

We have a lot of needlepoint kits on our Etsy needlepoint shop.  This canvas is one of my favorite needlepoint designs.  In this case the customer had us change the saying at the bottom from a name to read “Merry Christmas”.  The canvas came out so well, I just had to share it!  If you have any custom christmas needlepoint project ideas, let us know, and we’d be happy to desigin needlepoint canvases just for you.

Vintage Christmas Needlepoint Kit