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Embellish your favorite purse with a NeedlePaint Purse Strap

Carrying a purse starts from a very early age; we want to be just like Mom! The ability to bring our “treasures” along with us where ever we go, young or old, is a comfort and essential to our happiness.

The options are unlimited! Purses come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and now you can customize your favorite with a stylish needlepoint purse strap. NeedlePaint has designed purse strap canvases for you to stitch, along with a totally customizable canvas design option, for that special idea you may have in mind. We also offer fully finished purse straps if you would like for us to do the stitching.

NeedlePaint purse strap one

The Martini” fully finished needlepoint purse strap!

“Not only do women hold up half the sky; we do it while carrying
a 500-pound purse.” — Gina Barreca

NeedlePaint purse strap izzy

The Colette” fully finished needlepoint purse strap!

“She opened her purse which was like a small autumn field and near the fallen branches of an old apple tree, she found her keys.”
— Richard Brautigan

Purse strap leather finishing

We offer a leather finishing service for your needlepoint canvas!

“My biggest fear is that when I die, my husband will sell all of my bags, for what I told him they cost.” — unknown

With the options of a 1.5″ or 2.5″ width, these needlepoint purse straps are also great for using with that larger weekend bag, or dog carrier. Let us help you with your needlepoint purse strap options! Please feel free to contact us at replica ladies watch tag heuer watch australia replica
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Let It Snow – Needlepoint Stitches

Of course, the penguins on the Isaac and Alexander stockings have to be walking on snow. Should it be soft and fluffy or icy and crunchy? My answer is both.

The large penguin on Issac’s stocking is walking of soft fluffy snow which is a variation of the oblong cross stitch. I have worked it across only one horizontal canvas thread rather than on two canvas threads as shown  in The Needlepoint Book by Joe Ippolito Christensen.


This diagram shows it done in two different thread colors because it is worked in two separate parts. First worked the light yellow stitches and then the dark yellow stitches, but both with the same slightly off-white thread. I used a slight off-white thread so that the stark white of the penguin would be more pronounced.

The Santa Penguin looks like he is walking on a cloud. Having worked the stitches over just one canvas thread, I got a thick, dense stitch which added a nice dimension.

And yes, he is not finished! He will get an eye for which I will use a glass bead and maybe a tie around his sack.

When I got to the penguin on the Alexander stocking, I decided that I didn’t like him floating in the blue as printed in my design.  I thought that I would put him on some soft snow like Santa penguin. It didn’t work. So, he was bound to get the icy snow. Using a vertical giant knitting stitch, I put him on ice.


Icey Snow

I worked the stitches from left starting at the top of each column of stitches. Since there wasn’t any snow printed on my canvas, I was free to put in an many icy spikes and as irregularly as I wanted. The fact that the printed background was blue, the finish stitches have an even icier feel because a bit of the blue peaks through.

Again I used a slightly off-white thread to contract the little penguins white and he needs an eye, too.




If you look closely at the two penguins, you might notice that the two skies behind the penguins look irregular.  It is not just the lighting, They are! In the next blog, I will explain the stitches and threads I used.

I’ll probably use the same oblong cross stitch for the exhaust of Santa’s plane on Issac’s stocking. What do you think?

Quilt Designs Look Great in Needle Point Too!

Our latest needlepoint kit is a deconstructed quilt.  The geometry of quilt designs can be very inspiring for art work and shape patterns.  I decided to try it on a pillow and it turned out quite nice!  Turn your favorite quilt into a custom needlepoint canvas and make a pillow to match your bedroom.  Or just use our pre-made design and maybe even make a quilt to complement.  A colorful pillow can add some eclectic flare to your room and give it a warm inviting feel.

Photo credit: jessica wilson {jek in the box} / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

This beautiful pillow is part of our bargello series, but may be the start of a quilt inspired series.  Give us your feedback!  Time to start stitching!!

Patchwork Bargello Needlepoint Kit

Bargello Pillows

Who knew this funky popular 60’s design originated in Italy with a line of chairs.  The Bargello castle in Florence, Italy housed these beautiful patterns first designed by Hungarian stitchers in the 17th century.  The long lines work perfectly for needlepoint pillows and prove to be a challenging stitch.

examples of Bargello patterns

Pillows work as a perfect canvas to express these Bargello designs and beautiful colors.    The needlepoint patterns often mimics a wave or flame but of course more geometrically in needle point.  I have been working on designs that utilize colors that will work in a modern home but pay homage to the beautiful art form.

The image  below shows the antique version of Bargello in a wall covering.

wallcovering from the Bargello Palace, Florence, Italy

Add some spice to your room and get stitching with these designs.  These pillow designs can be found on Needle Paint.  They work well alone or paired together. The colors can be changed out to accomodate your room or season.  The color pallette I chose for this pairing is a fall medley.

Barapur and Puebla Needle Paint designs.

Stay tuned for new designs from Needle Paint!  We have been at the drawing board and will have something new for you each week!