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Wedding Ornament Needlepoint Kits

Wedding bells are ringing again!
There are a lot of “firsts” for a newly married couple, and the celebration of a first Christmas together is definitely on top of the list. NeedlePaint has designed some new wedding ornament canvases for you to stitch; which are great to go with a wedding gift, or as a gift for Christmas. Weddings are full of tradition, superstitions, and good wishes.
Stitch something special for that very lucky couple!

Hope Doves Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
If a bride tucks a sugar cube into her glove,
the sugar will sweeten the wedding union” — according to Greek culture.

Wedding Doves Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress means good luck.

Wedding Doves Needlepoint Pillow Canvas
Wednesday is considered the best day to marry, although
Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health” — according to English tradition.

Formal Wedding Attire Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“The tradition of a groom carrying his bride across the threshold,
will bravely protect her from evil spirits lurking below.”

Peace Doves Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“Saturday is the unluckiest wedding day, oddly enough it’s the most popular day
of the week to marry” — according to English folklore.

Our First Christmas Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“When a bride puts a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother
in each shoe, it will ensure that she’ll never be without money
” — according to Swedish tradition.

Snow Couple Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“Rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck” — according to Hindu tradition.

Tree of Life Birds Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“For a bit of good luck, Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day.”

Wedding Sampler Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because
it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.”

Tree Of Life Birds Needlepoint Pillow Canvas
In Holland, a pine tree is planted outside of a newly married couple’s home,
as a symbol of luck and fertility.

Create a needlepoint keepsake for a newly married couple!
We would love to help with your wedding ornament or pillow canvases
and do offer finishing services. Please contact us with any questions
you may have at

After all, handmade gifts are the gifts that are remembered!

NeedlePaint Wedding Wreath Gift Ideas!

Wreaths and rings have many common symbolisms: strength, eternity and the never ending love between a couple. Celebrate the joy of an upcoming marriage by stitching a beautiful handmade gift, using one of NeedlePaint’s wedding wreath pillow canvases or wedding wreath Christmas ornament canvases. Creating a heartfelt gift for the newly married couple’s home or holiday tree, will always remind them “how very special they are.”

Elegant Wreath Needlepoint Ornament Canvas

Always elegant and simplistic!
Elegant Wreath needlepoint ornament (above) or pillow canvas (below)

Elegant Wreath Needlepoint Pillow Canvas



“Love doesn’t make the world go round. 
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”
— Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Floral Wreath Wedding Needlepoint Ornament Canvas

Colorful and refreshing floral!
Floral Wreath needlepoint ornament (above) or pillow canvas (below)

Floral Wreath Wedding Needlepoint Pillow Canvas



“You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams.” — Dr. Seuss


Rochelle Wedding Needlepoint Ornament Canvas

Simplistic beauty and classic typography!
Rochelle Letter needlepoint ornament canvas (above) or pillow canvas (below)

Rochelle Letter Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

All of our ornament and pillow canvases can be personalized with the couple’s initials,
names or wedding date; and customized with the wedding colors.

When you have finished stitching your canvas, please ask us about our
pillow finishing and ornament finishing service.

We would love to help with any questions that you may have:

Happy Stitching!

Glamorous Needlepoint Wedding Gifts

At, we love to design Custom Needlepoint projects.  This blog post features amazing custom needlepoint ring bearer pillows and Wedding Needlepoint designs that were recently stitched.

This first custom needlepoint ring bearer pillow we stitched for a customer on Etsy, and was photographed by: Chris Bailey Photography

Custom Monogram Needlepoint Ring Bearer Pillow

Custom Monogram Needlepoint Ring Bearer Pillow

Next are some amazing custom wedding needlepoint projects that were stitched by our customers.  The Chap Lane Inn was stitched by Tish in VA.  Note the bride and grooms names repeating in the background!  The Fleur de Lis and Celtic Cross were needlepointed by Denise in KY.  She uses lots of lovely stitches.

Wedding Family Name Gift Needlepoint

Needlepoint Wedding Gifts

The last two custom wedding needlepoint designs have a fun, modern edge taken from the bride and groom’s wedding invitations.  The Acorn design was stitched by Susan in CT.  I love the beads and mosaic needlepoint stitch in the background!  The modern heart design was stitched by Betsy in SC.  Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!

Modern Wedding Needlepoint

Modern Wedding Needlepoint

If you are looking for a unique wedding gift or the perfect ring bearer pillow for your wedding, please let us know, we’d love to help!

Customer Spotlight – Wedding Ring Bearer Needlepoint Pillows

Celebrating a marriage is undoubtedly not only an exciting time for the two people wedding, but it is a great time for others to celebrate their friends’ and families’ new chapter of life. It’s no secret that nearly every detail of a wedding ceremony can be planned, so sometimes it can be hard to find something special to add to an already perfect day.

Joanna, from Virginia, knew that she could add a little something special to a wedding day when she stitched a beautiful custom needlepoint pillow for the ring bearers to use during the ceremony.


Joanna took a rose idea and turned it into something beautiful! She artfully decorated the roses onto the pillow, with the perfect colors to really bring the roses to life. The names of the bride and groom are stitched nicely into the pillow and accented with a well tied bow underneath.

Needlepoint pillows for ring bearers are a unique way to add another bit of accent to a wedding. The gift is fun, unusual, and always loved. After the wedding, the pillows can serve as a decoration on the living room couch, a windowsill, or simply your bedroom.

You can shop for this canvas here and create your own rose pillow customized with the names of the bride and groom. We’re also happy to send you the pillow fully-stitched, ready to be used in your wedding or gifted.

Our needlepoint pillow designs are not limited to roses – look at all the designs we’ve worked on, or reach out to us to create your own custom canvas design or finished pillow.

Custom Wedding Needlepoint

We love helping design custom needlepoint kits for our customers!

This week’s blog post features some custom wedding needlepoint designs that we’ve done recently.

Below are four canvases for pillows, and a cummberbund needlepoint canvas.  We’ve also done a lot of belt canvases recently.

We post a lot of our customer reviews on our blog, and if you are interested in reading some we’ve recently recieved, see the botttom of this post.  We love to hear from you and help make your ideas come to reality.

Wedding Needlepoint

Wedding Needlepoint for Pillows

Next is a custom needlepoint cummerbund canvas we did featuring the old well at UNC.

Needlepoint Cummerbund Kit

Needlepoint Cummerbund Kit

Last are two foxes taken from a wedding invitation.  We helped create these desgins from a sketch!

Wedding Needlepoint Foxes

Wedding Needlepoint Foxes

Last but not least, are some recent reviews from our customers:

“I received the needlepoint canvas and stitch guides in the mail today.  I am so happy with the way it turned out and appreciate the extra information that you sent with the canvas.  I’ll be sure to send you a picture when it is finished.  I’m sure it will take awhile but I’m looking forward to getting started. Thanks again for doing such a great job.  I will be happy to recommend NeedlePaint for custom canvases.”  Susan 2015-07-13

“It looks great and I’m excited to get started.” Jessica 2015-07-13

“Just received my kit… Can’t wait to start it. Thanks again for being so helpful. Will be ordering more soon”  Deborah 2015-07-10

“Thanks so much for everything, I am loving working on the canvas.” Mills 2015-07-05

“got it. love it. will keep in touch. thx again”  Gloria 2015-06-23

“needlepoint arrived today and it looks fantastic.  Thanks for doing on awesome job.  Hope to have another project for you soon.”  Sylvia 2015-06-16

“I received the canvas this morning and have already got to knitting!  It’s beautiful, thank you for the help.”  Joanna 2015-06-16

“I received the needlepaint of the Ganesha image- looks great!”  Jyoti 2015-06-16

and onto some older feedback I just found that was never posted.

“I received the needlepoint kit. It looks great! I hope I can do it justice.”  Eileen 2015-04-18

“Just wanted to let you know I got the canvas Monday and it looks awesome.  I got thread and have begun to stitch.  Thanks so much for your help on this. I will definitely recommend you to others and order more canvases”  Ilese 2015-04-15


Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Kits

Happy Friday!

We’re enjoying the warmth of spring, and are in the process of a little website spring cleaning!

You may notice improvments and we appologize for any bumps along the way.

I hope these projects help inspire your next project for those long summer trips!

See our wedding needlepoint designs here, or create a custom needlepoint project here.  Previews are free!

Custom Wedding Needlepoint Kit

Custom Wedding Needlepoint Kit

Custom Art Needlepoint Kit

Custom Art Needlepoint Kit

Custom Dog Needlepoint Kit

Custom Dog Needlepoint Kit



Friday Favorites – Needlepoint Belt Kits – Beer Can Key FOB – Dogs

Happy weeekend everyone!  Colorado is known as the sunshine state, and today it is 70 degress in Denver!

Below are some of the projects we finished yesterday including some fun Baby Needlepoint Kits, Custom Belt Needlepoint Kits, Custom Needlepoint Key FOB Kit, Cute Needlepoint Dogs, custom wedding needlepoint and a custom kippah.

We’ve got a lot of great new projects and reviews to show off over the next few weeks so please stay tuned.

Baby Birth Announcement Needlepoint Kits

Baby Birth Announcement Needlepoint Kits

Custom Belt Needlepoint Canvases

Custom Belt Needlepoint Canvases

Needlepoint Key FOB - Beer Cans

Needlepoint Key FOB – Beer Cans

Wedding and Kippah Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Wedding and Kippah Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Cute Dog Needlepoint Kits from Photos

Cute Dog Needlepoint Kits from Photos





Friday Favorites – Fun Needlepoint Projects for Christmas

Needlepoint is fun, and this is a great time of year to share it!

This week was one of the most challenging, and yet rewarding weeks we’ve ever had and NeedlePaint.  So many great projects, but not enough time.  We will be shipping, but not until Monday as we still have some packing to do over the weekend!

People looking for last minute Christmas and Hanukkah gifts have until Tuesday night to place your order.  There will be a FedEx surcharge of around $10 for guaranteed arrival.  Please email us to confirm shipping information and also note we can’t guarantee custom belt canvas designs will be ready, as they take us a few extra days.

Onto the fun projects!  (And if you want to read more reviews from our customers, please see the bottom of this blog post).

Needlepoint Family Portrait

Needlepoint Family Portrait

Black and White Needlepoint

Black and White Needlepoint

Custom Dog Needlepoint

Custom Dog Needlepoint

Dog Art Needlepoint

Dog Art Needlepoint

Modern Needlepoint

Modern Needlepoint

Fun Needlepoint

Fun Needlepoint

Custom Landscape Needlepoint

Custom Landscape Needlepoint

Needlepoint Baby Sampler and Ring Bearer Pillow

Needlepoint Baby Sampler and Ring Bearer Pillow

Custom Dogs and Beer Belt Needlepoint

Custom Dogs and Beer Belt Needlepoint

So, we like to share feedback we get, as it not only makes us smile, but also lets us know we are doing a good job, we hope we can help create something great for you someday, too!

“I received the canvas and love it.” Rachael 2014-12-11

“Received the belt over the weekend and I love it. Can’t wait to give it to … for Christmas – I know he will love it. Thanks again!”  Kelly  2014-12-08

“Just wanted to let you know that the belt arrived today and looks great!  Thanks so much again for all of your help over the past few months!”  Connor  2014-12-06

“It’s here and I love it!  Thanks so much!” Melissa  2014-12-06







Classic Lobster Needlepoint Belt

Are you looking for that perfect summer time needlepoint belt or gift idea?

I think I have a new favorite this week, it is our classic lobster needlepoint belt.

This design is available as a finished belt, or as a DIY stitch your own needlepoint kit.

Great design Tracy!

Lobster Needlepoint Belt

Classic Lobster Needlepoint Belt

Friday Favorites – Needlepoint Coat of Arms – Famous Quotes – New Jersey

This week we had some challenges that made some really beautiful needlepoint kits!

The coat of arms, we had to do a little research but I think we nailed it.

New Jersey Needlepoint Coat of Arms

Needlepoint Coat of Arms and New Jersey Wedding Pillow Needlepoint Canvas

Famous quotes are always fun, one was a great one with Winnie the Pooh, the other is from Louisa May Alcott. This picture is taken along with our geometric heart needlepoint canvas in the picture below.

Fun Needlepoint Winnie the Pooh Heart Not Afraid of Storms Alcott

Fun Needlepoint Winnie the Pooh, Geometric Heart, and I’m Not Afraid of Storms – Alcott

And last but not least, some more really pretty needlepoint kits!

Oh, and here is some feedback from the belt canvas you see in the upper left corner of the picture below  (and I love that crab!):

“Thank you so much. I am so impressed with what you were able to do!” Siri – 4/06/14

Pretty Needlepoint Canvases

Pretty Needlepoint Canvases two from Photos and two from Art