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New NeedlePaint Kits With A Touch Of Holiday Nostalgia!

As the holidays are in full swing, the smell of baking cookies, a song or a cherished ornament, will make a childhood memory come alive. At NeedlePaint we have created some new designs with a touch of nostalgia and that warm feeling from the past. Stitching these needlepoint stockings, pillows and ornament canvases, will add a vintage charm to your holidays!

Vintage Snowman Needlepoint Stocking Kit
12.43″ x 19″ on 14 mesh canvas

“Frosty the Snow Man came to town one bright, cold winter’s day!”

Vintage Snowman Needlepoint Ornament Kit
5.22″ x 5.22″ on 18 mesh canvas

“Frosty the Snow Man has gone away, where all snow men go on a sunny day.”

Vintage Snowman Needlepoint Pillow Kit
12″ x 12″ on 14 mesh canvas

“Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!”

Swirling Snow Needlepoint Stocking Kit
12.43″ x 19″ on 14 mesh canvas

Cool and crisp, yet warm and friendly; the swirling winter wind sparkles with magic!

Swirling Snow Pine Needlepoint Ornament Kit
5.22″ x 5.22″ on 18 mesh canvas

Winter is welcoming, with a dusting of snow on a newly decorated pine!

Swirling Snow Needlepoint Ornament Kit
5.22″ x 5.22″ on 18 mesh canvas

This swirling winter wind is a favorite of this friendly snowman! 

Vintage Santa Needlepoint Stocking Kit
12.43″ x 19″ on 14 mesh canvas

“His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow, and the beard on his chin was as white as the snow!”

Vintage Santa Needlepoint Ornament Kit
5.22″ x 5.22″ on 18 mesh canvas

“His eyes how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!”

Vintage Santa Needlepoint Pillow Kit
12″ x 12″ on 14 mesh canvas

“He had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook, when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly!” 

Stitch a little nostalgia, this holiday season!

Feel free to contact us with any questions,
or if our designers can create a special holiday memory for you to stitch,
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Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Belts – Pillows – Artwork – Christmas Deadlines

Happy Friday!

We’re halfway thought the holiday season already, just two more week!  Orders placed by Tuesday Dec. 9th will ship by the 13th and still make it in time for Christmas.  (This is for needlepoint canvases only, and does not necessarily include personalized designs).  Orders placed by Dec 16th will need to use FedEx to guarantee delivery by the 24th.  We will email customers the details about your orders if is shipping that week.  If you are ordering a Life Treasures Belt design, please order ASAP, as it takes us 2 – 3 days extra to create your preview.

We’ve been having a great holiday season this year and really appreciate feedback from our customers.  Here is some we received recently.

“The belt came today. It is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Thank you so much. I am thrilled with it. I will update you after the gift has been received.” Ellie – 2014-12-04

“it took me awhile to finally finish these belts, but my sons love the way they came out.  Thanks very much for designing them…” Karyl – 2014-11-30

“I am very proud of the finished article but wouldn’t have achieved it without the fine canvas!”  Beth – 2014-11-30  See her work below!

“I got it (a needlepoint belt) late yesterday.  LOVE IT.  I hope my son loves it as much.”  Meg – 2014-11-29

“Got it!  Thanks so much Seth for the super service!!!” Eric – 2014-11-24

“I love my canvas! Can’t wait to get started on it!”  Betsy – 2014-11-26

Now is time for a real treat!  Below is a project one of our customers stitched recently.  It was created off a piece of art called Lady with a Letter.  You can see Beth’s very positive feedback above.  Please let her know if you love it as much as I do!

Lady With A Letter Needlepoint

Lady With A Letter Needlepoint

Onto some custom needlepoint belts we finished stitching this week…

Needlepoint Belt Monograms

Needlepoint Belt Monograms

Custom Needlepoint Belt Details

Custom Needlepoint Belt Details

Custom University Needlepoint Belts

Custom University Needlepoint Belts

Finally, a needlepoint pillow that we stitched capturing a happy moment of true friendship.

Custom Dog Needlepoint Pillow

Custom Dog Needlepoint Pillow



Where’s the Color Come From?

We have some new needlepoint designs that use similar color choices and that is every bit intentional!  I like to get color concepts and trends from historic, vintage and even ancient art.  So here’s a bit about where the color is coming from this week…

The latest needlepoint pillow kits use the same color seen in ancient Turkish Iznik art.  Cobalt blue, red, and white are the main colors used and these beautiful designs.   The Iznik design can be seen tiled above doors and painted on pottery.   Sometimes lighter shades of blue and a bit of green are added into the mix, making a balanced blend of bright colors.  We loved the intricacy of the patterns in Iznik art and the colors seem to pop nicely for an accent pillow!

Iznik plate design

Iznik flower motif

These designs are even seen  adorning walls, walkways and doors.  I thought it could be quite fun and challenging to try to stitch one of these in needlepoint.  Below is Needlepaint’s take on the Iznik color.  Enjoy!