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Last Weeks Favorites – Handpainted Needlepoint Chinese Emperor and the Workshop Table

Recently we had a project that needed the talent of an artist to interpret.  Our painter sure did a wonderful job!

The two Chinese figures are based of antique images that are going to go in the living room of the stitchers home.

The other image is of some other printed custom needlepoint canvases we made last week.  Such fun, can wait to see them stitched!

Handpainted Needlepoint Chinese Emperor and Empress

Handpainted Needlepoint Chinese Emperor and Empress

custom needlepoint canvases

The workshop table last Friday – new custom needlepoint canvases


Some Favorite Custom Needlepoint Canvases from this week!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll notice we post a lot of new designs.

But, when I see the great custom needlepoint canvases we make, I often want to share those pictures, too.You should see my phone!

Sorry the pictures are not the best quality, but the canvases look great and will look even better when they are finished!

Below are some some needlepoint canvases we made yesterday…

Custom Nantucket Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

Custom Nantucket Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

Almost Heaven, Custom Golf, Life's Treasures and another Custom Golf Belt Needlepoint Canvases

Almost Heaven, Custom Golf, Life’s Treasures and another Custom Golf Belt Needlepoint Canvases

Custom Word Pillow Needlepoint Design (Bases on our Welcome Pillow Canvas)

Custom Word Pillow Needlepoint Design (Bases on our Welcome Pillow Canvas)

Most of these designs are available in the NeedlePaint shop, and the nantucket pillow is coming soon…

Hand Painted Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Occasionally we get requests to make hand painted custom needlepoint canvases.

Normally we make stitch counted canvases that are printed, and for a number of reasons, think they are often better (see the image of this needlepointed photo done from a stitch counted canvas ) but, our painter just finished two projects this week, and they are wonderful!

One woman thought the Orangutan was gonna walk right off the canvas!

Hand Painted Orangutan Needlepoint Canvas

Hand Painted Orangutan Needlepoint Canvas

Hand Painted Sydney Opera House Needlepoint Canvas

Hand Painted Sydney Opera House Needlepoint Canvas

Those Red Shoes Needlepoint Pillow

Do you remember the custom needlepoint canvas I loved and posted about a while back?

If you don’t remember, here is the link.

The customer said it was a labor of love, but totally worth it!  Look at the pillow she made and tell her if you love it!

Thanks for sharing the photo Gloria, and great stitching!

Red Shoes Needlepoint Pillow

Red Shoes Needlepoint Pillow


Custom Sailing Belt

Who’s ready for summer? I know we are!

Check out our new Custom Sailing Belt, perfect for a summer hobby! Needlepoint it for your favorite sailor today!

This is a perfect project to do while relaxing and soaking up the sun!

If you like the idea of the belt, but do not have time to needlepoint it yourself, contact us for pricing.

This belt is customizable, so you can use the sailor’s initials, name, or the name of your boat to customize it for your needs!

This belt is available on our website now!

Custom Sailing Belt

New Needlepoint Kits for Bike Lovers!

Our newest design here at Needlepaint is out and ready for stitching. This new kit is for the cyclist in your life. Spread the bike love with this pillow accenting your sofa or chair.  We can do it in any color to fit in with your decor.  Above is an example of a colorway that can be used for this needlepoint pillow.  Let us know your color choices and we’ll send you the canvas and thread to make it happen.

Check out the funky room below!

photo credit: <a href=””>indigo_jones</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Vintage Needlepoint Design Gets a Facelift!

I’ve been scouring used bookstores looking for needlepoint books.  It’s so much fun and among them I’ve  found found some great needlpoint designs.  What better than to give them new life in our needlepoint kits.  These old books can be so inspiring and I love making something new from something old.  Our Ambert Pillow kit is the first  example of design inspired from these vintage books.

All of our pillow kits can be personalized in your own color choice to fit in whatever cozy setting you are plan to create with them. The image below includes two different color options but we are happy to customize this kit to your color needs!

Do you have an idea for a needlepoint pillow kit or just want to share with us a awesome pillow, belt, or stocking?  Post to our facebook account!   We would love to hear your feed back and make other stitching friends!  Needle Paint is  constantly adding new designs so check out our website whenever you can! Happy stitching…

Vintage Needlepoint books, great inspiration!

This Ambert pillow design looks great in 2 different colorways.


Quilt Designs Look Great in Needle Point Too!

Our latest needlepoint kit is a deconstructed quilt.  The geometry of quilt designs can be very inspiring for art work and shape patterns.  I decided to try it on a pillow and it turned out quite nice!  Turn your favorite quilt into a custom needlepoint canvas and make a pillow to match your bedroom.  Or just use our pre-made design and maybe even make a quilt to complement.  A colorful pillow can add some eclectic flare to your room and give it a warm inviting feel.

Photo credit: jessica wilson {jek in the box} / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

This beautiful pillow is part of our bargello series, but may be the start of a quilt inspired series.  Give us your feedback!  Time to start stitching!!

Patchwork Bargello Needlepoint Kit

Free Needlepoint Contest Winner’s Needlepoint Design

We picked a winner for our free needlepoint canvas contest back on June 6th.  We finished the canvas last week, and we wanted to show what great ideas for needlepoint designs can be made using!

Needlepoint kits can be made from photos, royalty free artwork, or designed using your favorite computer programs. If you have an idea and want help, just call or email us, and we’ll get started.  You don’t pay until after the design and price have been approved!

The Winner’s Custom Needlepoint Canvas

Another view fo the Needlepoint Canvas with the Stitch Guides

Custom Flower Needlepoint Pillows

One of our customers, Hala Alfi, just finished two of her custom needlepoint canvases into beautiful pillows.

These designs were made using needlepoint kits from  where you can upload your own photo to design needlepoint canvases online.

I love the framed box edges on the pillows, they give an elegant look, while adding extra size to the pillow.

Many thanks Hala!  Keep up the beautiful work!

Custom Colorful Flower Needlepoint Pillow with a Box Edge

A Second Beautiful Flower Needlepoint Pillow