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Seven Swans Swimming and Eight Maids Milking Christmas Needlepoint

By: Peggy Bond

We’re continuing our 12 days of Christmas Needlepoint Projects!  (See other posts for all 12 projects!)

Day 7, Seven Swans a-Swimming

The swan is the last of the birds. The only fancy feathering here is on the wings.

Seven Swans o-Laying Christmas Needlepoint Kit

Seven Swans a-Laying Christmas Needlepoint Kit

Seven Swans Swimming Stitch Chart

L Wing Stitch Detail

The pink “L”s in the wing are done with two Cashmere 2×4 stitches – one worked horizontally and the other vertically. The “L”s are surrounded by brown “L”s where space permits and then the remainder of the wing is done in Continental as shown below.





Wave Stitch DetailThe main portion of the wave is the Double Parisian with the peaks done with left and right slanting Continental.

Slanted Straight Stitch NeedlepointAnd, the background Slanted Straight stitch is done over three canvas threads working right to left. It is quick and easy.

Day 8, Eight Maids a-Milking

Our Maid is done with her work and is carrying her milk home from a job well done.

Eight Maids a-Milking Christmas Needlepoint

Eight Maids a-Milking Christmas Needlepoint

Eight Maids Christmas Stitch Chart

Eight Maids Christmas Stitch Chart

Needlepoint Vest DetailHer vest and pocket of flowers require some explanation.

The center of the vest of worked in Slanted Gobelin 3×3 working left to right and right to left to form the lower points of the vest. The edges are Continental and button French knots.





Pocket Stitch DetailThe pocket is done in a manner similar to the heart of the Day 2 and the flowers are a satin stitch.

The Milanese stitch, like the Medieval Mosaic stitch, is quick and easy to do after getting it established.

Now on to Dancing Ladies and Leaping Lads…

A Very Needlepoint Christmas to All

Christmas and Hanukkah are almost here!  Our little workshop has shipped over a hundred belts this past week and almost as many needlepoint kits.  We hope they all arrive and bring smiles to families across the country.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, and are looking forwards to 2017.  We’ll be offering some new services for our needlepointers and for our customers who are looking for fully stitched products.

Those of you thinking of taking up a new hobby, please check out what an art needlepoint really is.  You’re in for a treat, we have a Customer Spotlight at the bottom of this post.

Needlepoint Christmas Belt

Our first Big announcement for 2017 is that we’re now selling fully stitched custom needlepoint stocking!  We’ve sold some over the years, but finally have put a listing online in our Etsy shop.  Our designers are here to work with you, whether you’re trying to match an heirloom needlepoint stocking, or looking for an updated needlepoint design, needlepoint stockings truly are timeless.

Personalized Nutcracker Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Our Fully Stitched Nutcracker Needlepoint Stockings in wool with velvet backing.

What better to give than a gift of personal memories!  These custom needlepoint pillows are going to a fishing lodge, but I had to sneak some pictures under the tree.

Needlepoint Fishing Pillows

Needlepoint Fishing Pillows

And those of you who made it this far are in for a treat.  Lisa, in New York just finished her second project ever.  She stitched this amazing Clara Nutcracker Stocking!  It is the same design as above (we did customize the background a bit), but you can see her talent in selecting her own colors and especially choosing fun stitches and embellishments that add even more depth and texture to the stocking.  Nice work Lisa!

Needlepoint is Fun and amazing. I hope you share these images with your friends and help inspire them to learn to needlepoint in 2017!

Fun Stitch Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Fun Stitch Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Christmas Needlepoint Ideas

Are you looking for that special gift that will be cherished for generations to come?

We’ve got a LOT of ideas here that are sure to not only show off your talent as a needlepointer, but that are all sure to be loved by the younger generations who often seem to be too busy to learn the art of needlepoint.

For the beginner stitcher.  We’ve recently added some great Christmas Needlepoint ideas that are smaller and simple, but for the experienced stitcher, leave plenty of space for fancy stitches to spice up.

Needlepoint Ornaments are small and quick.  Our custom needlepoint ornament listing lets you decide what to stitch!  Think of a favorite photo, pet, old home, sport, or cherished memory.

Christmas Needlepoint Ornament Ideas

Christmas Needlepoint Ornament Ideas

A Custom Needlepoint Belt will be a huge hit under the tree.  We offer custom designed needlepoint belt kits, or fully stitched needlepoint belts.

Custom Needlepoint Golf Belt

Custom Needlepoint Golf Course Belt

Needlepoint Wallets and needlepoint Flasks are both easy projects for beginners and we now offer leather finishing as optional extra.

And the my personal FAVORITE, a Custom Needlepoint Stocking!  We’re now happy to offer fully stitched and custom needlepoint stocking kits.  We’ve got dozens of designs under our Christmas Needlepoint theme that are made to be personalized, and of course we’d love to design something custom for you!

Custom Christmas Needlepoint Stockings

Custom Christmas Needlepoint Stockings

Last but not least, for the more experienced stitcher, you can Needlepoint your own Photo!  Most popular are dogs and cats.  We’ve also done hundreds of homes, landscapes, and art needlepoint projects.  These can be turned into a pillow or hung up on a wall.  We now offer Pillow Finishing and if you don’t needlepoint, even offer fully stitched custom needlepoint pillows.

***Custom needlepoint kits available with standard shipping until Dec. 12th.  Our order deadline for fully stitched products in 2016 was Nov. 1st.  But we do offer custom designed Gift Cards that show your design that is being stitched, so you would not be empty handed if you decide to give the gift of needlepoint but don’t have the time to stitch it yourself.

Also, a special thanks to Jen in VA, who stitched the two custom needlepoint projects below!  Thanks and happy holidays to all!

Custom Needlepoint House and Cats

Custom Needlepoint House and Cats

Merry Christmas, Isaac and Alex – Needlepoint Stockings!


Stocking Deck3

The stocking are ready for Santa with time to spare. The finishing touches on Alex’s stocking were:

  • Silver buttons, blue eyes, and a read nose for the snowman
  • A red glass bead nose for Rodolf and bead eyes for all the reindeer
  • A blue glass bead eye for little penguin.

On Isaac’s stocking I added:

  • Glass bead eyes for the penguin
  • A mouth for the ginger bread man out red glass beads stung together
  • Glass bead eyes for Santa
  • Large red beads for the holly berries on the Santa’s airplane

Each needlpoint piece is with light-weight cotton cut on the bias and then the back of each is wool, also cut on the bias. Both are trimmed with gold braid.

To see more about the stitches I chose, click here, here, and here

And click here to see more personalized needlepoint stocking designs!



Shaded Backgrounds – Needlepoint Stitches

Thinking that it might be nice to have snow falling behind the penguins of the Alexander and Issac stockings, I tried a blue and white mosaic strip as diagrammed below in blue and grey.

TwoColor Sky GridLargePenguin

TwoColorSkyThis was a “NO, NO!” The penguins got lost with the business of the background. I was back to the drawing board. And time to remove the unwanted stitches. (It is good to remember that removing stitches should be done in the reverse of LIFO (last in first out). Unless absolutely necessary, you don’t want to reuse thread, particularly when working with wool. )

I really liked the stitch. It covered the canvas well and was quick to do.  And the added bonus was that the white was easy to take out.LittlePenguin

By changing the white in the photo, to a slightly lighter blue on the Isaac stocking’s large penguin, I got a background that gave some depths and movement.

For the Alexander’s little penguin, I reversed the direction of the stitches (i.e., rotated the diagram 90 degrees) and used a darker blue for the grey stitches.

My fingers were flying and ready of Isaac’s Santa. Santa got a variegated blue sky, the puffy snow for his airplane’s exhaust, and a shiny propeller (more about metallic threads in my next blog).



Friday Favorites – Christmas Needlepoint Ideas – Custom Dogs – and Cute Kids Projects!

Labor day is here, and while it is sad to see summer coming to a close, we’re feeling very blessed and happy to help design more great new needlepoint projects.

Here is some feedback from our customers last week:

“My needlepoint came this afternoon.  It looks awesome. Hopefully I don’t mess it up too badly. Thanks for all of your help.”  Lynette 8-25-2014

“Loved my belts  They were on my doorstep today” Becky 8-25-2014

“I love them~!” Anna 8-25-2014

“I have finished the canvas and love how it came out. Thanks for your help!” Margo 8-24-2014

Before we get to the Christmas ideas, I want you to see the new fish we designed for needlepoint belts this week.  They are amazing!

If you love to fish, let us know your favorites and we can do a custom needlepoint belt design for you!  Available as DYI needlepoint kit or as a fully stitched needlepoint belt.

Amazing Fishing Needlepoint Belts and More

Amazing Fishing Needlepoint Belts and More

Onto the Christmas Needlepoint ideas.

Georgia Bulldogs Christmas Needlepoint

Georgia Bulldogs Christmas Needlepoint

Christmas Stocking and Vintage Santa Needlepoint Canvases

Christmas Stocking and Vintage Santa Needlepoint Canvases

Below are some fun kids projects we did, we can personalize the rainbow to any name!

Kids Rainbow and Balloons Needlepoint Canvases

Kids Rainbow and Balloons Needlepoint Canvases

The Pomeranian needlepoint canvas is available in shop, click the following link to see more needlepoint dogs!

Pomeranian and Dog Playing Needlepoint Kits



New Christmas and Kids Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases

I’ve mentioned her before, but it is aways good to remind our readers.

We have a great painter in the Denver area that will do custom projects for us.

This week I met with her for two projects she painted of kids names spelled out in playful kid shapes.  (see the bottom photo)

While chatting, she also had two projects she had finished for women in her stitching group which I love!  The angel stocking really came out amazing.

Angel Hand Painted Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Canvas

Angel Hand Painted Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Canvas

The santa greetings is just fun, she even had the needlepoint that she stitched years ago with her!

Greetings Santa HandPainted Needlepoint Canvas

Greetings Santa HandPainted Needlepoint Canvas

Greetings Holiday Needlepoint

Greetings Holiday Needlepoint

Kids Alphabet Personalized Name Needlepoint Canvas

Kids Alphabet Personalized Name Needlepoint Canvas




Friday Favorites – NeedlePaint Reviews – New Needlepoint Designs and Custom Projects

This week we’ll start off with some great feedback we received this week:

“Got it in the mail yesterday!  Thank you.  Am starting on it today and can’t wait to finish.  I ended up sending a picture of the canvas to ***  so he could see it – his 14 year old blind and deaf dog – who he rescued in 2002 from the shelter, died yesterday.  Seeing him on the canvas – and soon on the belt – made him smile.  He can’t wait to wear the belt!  Thanks again,”  Robin 06-10-14

“Thank you. I sent your info to my 3 sisters and a few needlepointer friends. Love your service.” Amy 06-06-14

“Just received it!  Can’t wait!” Andrew – 06-09-14

“I received the belt and it looks really cool… If any of his peers want to order one, I’ll send them to you.”  Sarah 06-11-14

“I finally got the belt and it looks amazing!! I love it!” Ashley 06-09-14


Next, is a picture of a the green mountain needlepoint belt that one of our customers just finished (and we just designed a new canvas for).  Great stitching Kaity!

Green Mountain Needlepoint Belt

Green Mountain Needlepoint Belt

Another fun project we worked on is a custom needlepoint christmas stocking.  The stitcher wanted to feature Shrek in the design as the recipient is a big fan.  I think it came out amazing!

Shrek Needlepoint Stocking

Shrek Custom Needlepoint Stocking Canvas


And last this week are a bunch of custom designed needlepoint belt kits that we did.  If you look closely, you’ll see some really great ideas in there.  I love the Mt. Rainier design!  (sorry for the blurry pics, the light was getting low, but I think the ideas come across well enough to enjoy)

Custom Sporting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Sporting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Life Treasurers Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Life Treasurers Needlepoint Belt Canvases


Friday Favorites – Cool Custom Belt Needlepoint Canvases and Personalized Needlepoint Stockings

OK, so I did not get this weeks orders ready until Saturday and am posting on Monday, but Friday Favorites just sounds better!

Anyway, these are some of my favorite canvases we made last week!

Here are some links to the belts, but for the canvases, click on the first link and scroll through.  Custom Needlepoint BeltsLife TreasurersThe Jolly RogerColoradoNautical FlagsFly Fishing

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

One of the stockings below is a custom design, the others are the Winterthur Stocking and the Fair Ilse.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Personalized Christmas Stockings