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Paddle Your Way To Our Handsome New NeedlePaint Projects!

Are you a paddle enthusiast? Whether it be paddling around a quiet lake, or perhaps you prefer letting someone else do the hard work while you dip your toes in the water? Here at NeedlePaint, we have designed a new collection of needlepoint canvases featuring some very handsome and colorful paddles. Our needlepoint pillow, flask, wallet and belt are all available as needlepoint canvases for you to stitch, or if you prefer we’ll do the stitching for you. Remember, when you’re finished stitching your needlepoint canvas, we are here to help you with our needlepoint finishing services.

Preppy Paddle Needlepoint Pillow

Our Preppy Paddle needlepoint pillow canvas will look great in your home, summer home or cabin. When you have completed stitching this needlepoint pillow canvas, we would be happy to help you turn your canvas into a pillow, with our pillow finishing service

“Exploration and Recreation” — Needlepointing and paddling are both great activities. Whether your exploring a new stitch or taking a new direction on the lake . . . . quietly stitching a new needlepoint canvas, and paddling through nature, are both relaxing activities you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Preppy Paddle Needlepoint Flask

Our Preppy Paddle needlepoint flask canvas, will be the perfect accessory to stitch for yourself or as a unique gift idea. After stitching your needlepoint flask canvas, we do offer a flask finishing service complete with leather and a metal flask. Don’t forget to slip this new flask into your picnic basket on the next rowing adventure!

“Tranquility at its finest” — Stitching a needlepoint canvas, creates a tranquil “zen like” feeling, similar to slowly paddling and gliding through the water of a crystal clear lake. Notice the intense colors of the thread, or the vivid colors in nature, not to mention the quiet and subtle sounds of both activities (or lack there of) can be oh, so soothing.

Preppy Paddle Needlepoint Wallet

You’ve spent the day fishing among the beauty of nature, but still haven’t caught any fish? Not to worry, there is a grocery store down at the base of the mountain. Simply pull out your new Preppy Paddle needlepoint wallet and pay for those little beauties, no one will be the wiser. After stitching your Preppy Paddle needlepoint wallet canvas, we do offer a wallet leather finishing service to turn your beautiful stitched canvas into a wallet.

Preppy Paddle Needlepoint Belt Canvas

You’ll look great on your boat wearing this belt! Our Preppy Paddle needlepoint belt canvas is the perfect project to stitch for the paddle enthusiast or for yourself. When you have completed stitching this needlepoint belt canvas, we would be happy to help you finish your belt, with our belt leather finishing service. 

Remember we are here to help you with all of your needlepoint needs! Whether it be providing you with a canvas to stitch, a finished product or to complete your stitch canvas with our finishing services. Feel free to contact us with any of your questions at:

Happy Stitching!

NeedlePaint Turns Your Favorite Games Into Your New Favorite Needlepoint Accessories!

Here at NeedlePaint, we’ve been inspired by our favorite games, and have created some new needlepoint accessories you’ll love stitching, as well as using after they are finished. We’ve also discovered that both needlepointing and playing games, share some amazing benefits.

Playing a fun game provides for a break from the routine of day to day life. Games let you reconnect with family and friends, and enable you to enjoy the social aspects of spending time with those, whose company you love. Playing games are also a great way to get everyone involved, young and old, in one single activity.


Rack ’em up! Our new Billiards needlepoint wallet canvas, is fun for both the novice and competitive player. A game of great skill, accuracy, calculated moves, and precision study. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have paid attention in geometry class, as knowledge of angles can really boost your game. Just look out for that eight ball . . . it will always cause you trouble. This wallet will definitely add some color to your back pocket.

Did you know that needlepointing has some of the same benefits as playing billiards? Both improve analytical thinking, require planning, decision making, and are great for your eye-hand coordination.


There’s no spell check in this game!  Our Custom Classic Word Game needlepoint belt canvas, lets you create a custom phrase, spell out a quick message, list your kids names, or use our shown phrase “May the force be with you”. A fun belt to stitch and later to wear on family game night. Obi Wan Kenobi would love wearing this belt!

Needlepointing and word games are well known for keeping your mind sharp, as well as providing exercise for the brain, helping to maintaining memory function. Both require a certain level of singular focus, and concentration. No multi-tasking, necessary. 

Poker Needlepoint wallet

Ante Up! With our Poker needlepoint wallet canvas you will be the envy of all of your poker buddies. This is a game of chance, and it never hurts to have a fair amount of skill. Knowing when to bet and when to fold are crucial to your success of this game. You’ll enjoy opening this wallet and tossing a five spot onto the kitty.

Needlepointing and the game of poker develop logical thinking and develop concentration to help expand your long term ability to focus.

Check Mate! Stitch our Chess Needlepoint belt canvas for the novice or a competition player of the game of chess. We have designed this belt with that familiar game board and all of its pieces: pawns, rooks, knights, bishop, king and the queen. We guarantee stitching this needlepoint belt canvas will be easier than playing the game of chess.

Needlepointing and the game of chess, increase your creativity, exercise both sides of your brain, along with lowering your stress levels and blood pressure.

It’s time to enjoy a little down time, relax, reconnect with family and friends while playing a game; or do a little needlepointing . . . especially if you’ve had too much family togetherness. Calculate your next move and enjoy stitching your new NeedlePaint projects!

Christmas Needlepoint Order Guidelines and Customer Highlights

Happy Friday!

We’re approaching Christmas again, and I wanted to let you know our timeline this year.

Fully Stitched Needlepoint Belts, Wallets, Dog Collars, and Flask – orders must be placed by November 1st.

Fully Stitched Pillows and Stockings – we cannot finish any new projects before Christmas.

Needlepoint Kits and Canvases (stock designs) – December 12th for free shipping, and Dec 19th for an extra fee.

Hanukkah = same as Christmas this year!

All right, now that is out of the way, onto the fun stuff  🙂  If you’ve worked with us before or follow our blog, you may have noticed that I’ve been lagging behind.  Our customers have been sending me amazing pictures and I have not had time to post them online yet!  Below are two custom needlepoint projects designed from photos:

The first project comes from Chunyen in VA.  She stitched an amazing portrait that she custom designed on our website, she did not skip any details!  Nice work!

Photo to Needlepoint Portrait

Next is a dog portrait turned into pillow by one of our customer’s mothers!  Stunning!

Dog Photo to Needlepoint

Dive Into Needlepoint – Personalized Scuba Diving Belt

Seasoned scuba divers regularly see some of the most beautiful, rarely seen sights in the world underwater. Each dive is a chance to get away to a personal paradise and enjoy all of the beauty that nature has to offer. As most divers can attest to, a lot of time on land is spent thinking about the next dive. If you’re looking for a great reminder of your next adventure, look no further than the scuba diving needlepoint belt.

scuba diving needlepoint belt

Our custom needlepoint scuba diving belt is perfect for any diving enthusiast!

The belt showcases some of the most majestic sea creatures known to man. From the Black Tip Reef Shark, to the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, and even the Spotted Eagle Ray, the belt will remind you of the animals you’ve seen or hope to see in the future. The animals and the scuba diver on the belt are split with the traditional scuba diving flag, recognizable by aficionados everywhere.

You can customize your scuba diving needlepoint belt with a monogram to make it really yours, or customize it with a friend or family member’s initials to make a perfect gift for any occasion.

If you love to needlepoint and would like to stitch your own scuba belt, you can order the scuba diving needlepoint kit here.

Bowdoin College Campus Needlepoint Belt

We’ve finished designing another stunning custom college campus needlepoint belt!

Bowdoin College is know for the outstanding liberal arts education it provides and the beautiful campus in Brunswick, Maine. Friendships and relationships that are started here endure and grow.  The Bowdoin College campus needlepoint belt will hopefully bring back some of those memories.

The campus design features:  Hubbard Hall, Museum, VAC, Searles Science Building, Memorial Hall, Massachusetts Hall, the Chapel, Maine Hall, and Baxter House.

We’d be happy to add a monogram and / or the graduation year on either side of the buckle if you’d like.  This is available as a fully stitched needlepoint belt, or as a DIY needlepoint kit.  It would make a great gift for somebody who seems to have everything!

Bowdoin College Campus Needlepoint Belt

Bowdoin College Campus Needlepoint Belt

Friday Favorites – Christmas Belt Deadline – Stockings – Belts – Reviews and More

This week was really busy, it seems like the Christmas has arrived and we’d like to announce our deadlines.

Needlepoint Belts – We need orders to be place by Nov. 1 to guarantee they will arrive before Christmas.  We are also offering an express order option to be place by Nov. 17, there will be a $100 fee for this service and only a available for a few belts, we just don’t have enough stitchers.

Needlepoint Kits – Orders placed by Dec. 11 are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.  Orders placed by Dec. 16th will have the option to pay for 3 Day air to guarantee on time arrival.  (We will use FedEx over Christmas, FedEx 3 day air is a $10 surcharge, Priority Mail may arrive in time, but we cannot guarantee this)

Needlepoint Pillows – Already Past.

Onto the fun stuff!  Here are some reviews that came in this week:

“LOVED the License Plate Canvas! Thanks so much.”  Sarah 2014-10-15

“Got the canvas yesterday!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It looks amazing!  I can’t wait to start it (and finish it!!!!).  I’m so happy to have found you and look forward to doing business with you again soon!!!!!  Thanks again!!!”  Tenley 2014-10-15

“I got my canvas in the mail today and it looks awesome! I am so excited to start working on it but also very nervous to mess it up!”  Halie 2014-10-14

Since we’re on the topic of Christmas, we do love to personalized designs.  You can see the two stocking canvas designs below in the Christmas Needlepoint section of our shop.  If you have an idea for a stocking but don’t see anything similar in our shop, let us know we’d be happy to commission a new design for you!

Personalized Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Canvas

French Horn and Christmas Tree Personalized Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Canvas

Next up are lots of needlepoint belt kits!  There are a lot of notable designs, too many to name…  Again, many are available in our needlepoint belt shop section.  These are going to look amazing once they are stitched!

Duck Hunting - Lobsters - Jockey Silks - American Flag Needlepoint Belt Kits

Duck Hunting – Lobsters – Jockey Silks – American Flag Needlepoint Belt Kits

Alabama Campus, Trout, and Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Alabama Campus, Trout, and Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Those of you who follow our website know that we specialize in needlepoint animal portraits created from your own photos!  Too cute!

Dog Portrait Needlepoint Kits

Dog Portrait Needlepoint Kits

Next is a Jackson Hole needlepoint pillow design.

Jackson Hole Wyoming Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Jackson Hole Wyoming Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Last are more custom projects that came out really well!

Custom Needlepoint Kits

Custom Needlepoint Kits






Fresh Stitches – New Custom Needlepoint Belts

Two new custom needlepoint belts fresh from our stitchers!

The first is a Life Treasures design, simple but classic colors and a lot of team pride!

Custom Needlepoint Belt 1

Custom Needlepoint Belt 1

Custom Needlepoint Belt 2

Custom Needlepoint Belt 2

Custom Needlepoint Belt 3

Custom Needlepoint Belt 3

Second we have a custom golf needlepoint belt design…

Custom Golf Belt 1

Custom Golf Belt 1

Custom Golf Needlepoint Belt 2

Custom Golf Needlepoint Belt 2





Friday Favorites – Peacock – Boats Cars and Motorcycle Belts – Reviews and More

Happy Weekend!

We’ve gotten some great feedback again this week, and even better projects to show you!  If you just want to see the fun needlepoint canvases, please skip over the rest of the text below and go strait to the pictures.  I got a little long winded today…

First are 3 positive reviews and one ANGRY customer.

“It came in the mail today.  I love it!” – Marsha – 2104-09-15

“Got it yesterday! It looks great – going to start on it tonight! Thanks again! I’ll definitely spread the word about Needle Paint!” Mary – 2014-09-16

“Received,the painted canvas today. It looks great.  Thank you very much.  I’m sure I will have something else to be painted in the near future.  Thank you again” – Susan – 2014-09-15

And on to the ANGRY customer (this was for the cat canvas that was featured in last week’s Friday Favorites).  Have you ever felt like somebody can YELL at you through email?  Well this customer loved to use the caps lock.  The gist of the problem, was that when we made the canvas, it did not show the pink in the cat’s ears or the green in the cat’s eyes.  The customer had said the wool colors were not correct.  After a few emails with a lot of UPPER CASE ANGER, I finally figured out that the customer actually did not order any wool from us.  Thus I can understand some frustration.

Now, we think that sugar is the answer to solving problems, so, every email I requested to know what we could do to fix it.  We want to be sure our customers are happy with their projects.  We even guarantee the quality of all of our canvases, including custom designs.  So, I was a little confused as to why I kept getting ANGRY EMAILS back.  I offered to remake the canvas with the adjustments, but this seemed to induce MORE ANGER.  The end result is that they seem to be keeping it as is.

The reason I’m writing about this email, is I believe it may be helpful to others.

#1.  What you see on the computer screen is what your canvas will look like.  If you want us to adjust the canvas, all you have to do is email us, and we will email you a new preview with the adjustments.

#2.  We do not hand match fiber colors on orders that are for the canvas only.  It takes us a long time to kit a custom project.  The computer offers a good starting point, but, when stitching animals, we often find that those colors need to be tweaked to match the animal better.  We always do this when we ship a kit that includes fiber, and will request a photo if we have any questions about the design.  But, for stitchers who are purchasing their own fiber, they should be able to do this on their own when they are rummaging through their stash or at the needlepoint store.

#3.  If you are not happy with the way your canvas came out, please don’t get angry with us.  Just let us know what you’d like us to do to fix the problem and we will take care of it!  Our motto is happy customers = repeat customers and we want you to enjoy your projects.  We work with a lot of needlepointers who have ordered 5+ canvases from us and keep coming back.  Every customer is important to us and we will do all that we can to make sure you love your project.  Worst case that happens, is that you can send back your project and we will refund it.

OK, so onto the fun stuff!  Our first order for the classic car needlepoint belt canvas was timed well with two other custom projects that have boats, cars, scooters, and motorcycles.  Also, a lot more fun needlepoint projects below, including a giant peacock that came out really well!

Boats, Cars, and Motorcycle Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Boats, Cars, and Motorcycle Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Opti Ornament, Nautical Key FOB, and Telluride Needlepoint Canvases

Opti Ornament, Nautical Key FOB, and Telluride Needlepoint Canvases

Giant Peacock Needlepoint Kit

Giant Peacock Needlepoint Kit (The design is 28 inches high on a 32 inch high canvas!)

Jack Russel and Custom Brick Cover Needlepoint Canvases

Jack Russel and Custom Brick Cover Needlepoint Canvases




Classic Sports Cars Needlepoint Belt

Wow, another fantastic design we’ve made available in our shop today!

The Classic Sports Cars Needlepoint Belt features some of the most incredible examples of our passion for speed and great looking cars.

The design from left of the buckle to the right are the: Ferrari 240 gt, 1959 Ford Thunderbird, Porche 356, 1959 Corvette, Mercedes 300sl, Jaguar XJE, 1967 Ford Mustang, and the Aston Martin DB5.

This design is customizable.  If you, or somebody you know have a car you’d like put into the design, we’d love to make this a gift that will be talked about for years to come.

We do monograms for free and background colors are also customizable.  If you would like to stitch it yourself click here for the needlepoint canvas.

Classic Sports Cars Needlepoint Belt

Classic Sports Cars Needlepoint Belt

Friday Favorites – Custom Cummerbund Needlepoint Kit – Custom Belts – Chihuahua

Welcome back, this week we’ve got a new type custom of project that we designed and I think looks great!

It is a custom needlepoint cummerbund canvas.  You can see it in the bottom right corner of the picture below.  It measured 15.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches high.  I can’t wait to see pictures when it is done!

Cummerbund Needlepoint Kit - Bargello Long Stitch Pillow - Flowers and Art Needlepoint

Cummerbund Needlepoint Kit – Bargello Long Stitch Pillow – Flowers and Art Needlepoint

Next is a beautiful Chihuahua that is going to be stitched into a pillow, using needlepoint for the back and the front!

Chihuahua Needlepoint Pillow Canvases

Chihuahua Needlepoint Pillow Canvases

And last this week are some more great custom needlepoint belt canvases!  There are limitless possibilities and we’re here to help create the perfect belt, so when you get inspired, let us know!

Custom Needlepoint belt Kits

Custom Needlepoint belt Kits