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Needlepointing Health Benefits Projects are Fun!

The New York Times this week had a great article on the health benefits of knitting, in case you missed it.  And in it, it says this applies to most types of needlework and creative hobbies (such as needlepoint!)

The main thing that seems to come up again and again, is that if you are engaged in creative hobbies and using your hands and mind, that it helps keep your mind sharp, happier, and reduce stress.  I find the second point to be quite true.

I feel lucky to work with customers who truly are almost always nice and patient people.  They are often creating projects not for themselves but giving them to others and thinking about others first.  This makes our work more rewarding, and also enjoyable, so to our customers, a big THANK YOU!

Onto the fun stuff, below are some amazing custom needlepoint projects recently stitched, and below that are some more customer reviews…

American Gothic Needlepoint Pillow next to a Custom Dog Needlepoint Pillow that we stitched

American Gothic Needlepoint Pillow next to a Custom Dog Needlepoint Pillow that we stitched

We stitched this custom needlepoint dog pillow for as a gift for Casey!

Denison Field Hockey and Lacrosse Needlepoint Stool

Denison Field Hockey and Lacrosse Needlepoint Stool stitched by Susan in CT

diagonol giant scotch stitch

She did the background using the Diagonal Giant Scotch stitch.

Custom Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Custom Needlepoint Christmas Stocking by Mary in California

I love the background stitches on the last two projects.  They give extra detail and also make the projects quicker to stitch!

Custom Cat Needlepoint by Erica in Canada

Custom Cat Needlepoint by Erica in Canada

We love to help create new designs, so if you are looking to needlepoint something that does not exist anywhere but your mind, please get in touch with us!

Here are some recent reviews from our customers that came in over the holiday season:

“We received the canvas yesterday. All my husband could say was ‘Oh my! Oh my!!  She’s going to cry. You nailed the gift of the year!!’…

I appreciate you taking the time and special care with such a special gift. Your customer service has been uncommon in these low-personal interaction digital age.”  Tina  2015-12-01

“It arrived and looks great!  Thanks.”  Janet  1-25-2016

“It arrived today!  Looks great.  Will send a picture of the final product.” Colleen  1-13-2016

“Just to let you know the needlepoint arrived, they are great and I can’t wait to get started!”  Laurie  12-15-2015

“It came yesterday!  I love it.  Thanks so much.”  Kippy  12-21-2015

“Canvas has arrived and it lovely.  Can’t wait to start (after the holidays!)”  Joanne  2015-12-10

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the belt canvas yesterday and it looks great! Already started on it! Thanks for all of your help!” – Annie  12-8-2015

“Received!—looks GREAT if a little daunting. Gulp.”  Libby  12-9-2015

“This was perfect! Better than I even imagined!!’  Carly  1-3-2016

“Seth was very responsive! Help me create a custom design for my son! He is so excited about his new belt that his mom is making for him! Will order more for sure!”  12-18-2015

“I cannot wait to start stitching my new belt. It is perfect and exactly what I hoped to receive when I ordered it. Thank you!”  Allison  12-15-2015

“Needlepoint was so easy to work with and accommodated my custom request quickly. Thank you! Beautiful work!”  Jennifer  12-15-2015

“Seth was wonderful! New to needlepoint, wanted to make a belt for my son, just told him ideas and he put it all together! Sent the color chart along with the thread. Looking forward to working with him again! Thank you!”  11-16-2015


Merry Christmas, Isaac and Alex – Needlepoint Stockings!


Stocking Deck3

The stocking are ready for Santa with time to spare. The finishing touches on Alex’s stocking were:

  • Silver buttons, blue eyes, and a read nose for the snowman
  • A red glass bead nose for Rodolf and bead eyes for all the reindeer
  • A blue glass bead eye for little penguin.

On Isaac’s stocking I added:

  • Glass bead eyes for the penguin
  • A mouth for the ginger bread man out red glass beads stung together
  • Glass bead eyes for Santa
  • Large red beads for the holly berries on the Santa’s airplane

Each needlpoint piece is with light-weight cotton cut on the bias and then the back of each is wool, also cut on the bias. Both are trimmed with gold braid.

To see more about the stitches I chose, click here, here, and here

And click here to see more personalized needlepoint stocking designs!



New Christmas and Kids Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases

I’ve mentioned her before, but it is aways good to remind our readers.

We have a great painter in the Denver area that will do custom projects for us.

This week I met with her for two projects she painted of kids names spelled out in playful kid shapes.  (see the bottom photo)

While chatting, she also had two projects she had finished for women in her stitching group which I love!  The angel stocking really came out amazing.

Angel Hand Painted Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Canvas

Angel Hand Painted Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Canvas

The santa greetings is just fun, she even had the needlepoint that she stitched years ago with her!

Greetings Santa HandPainted Needlepoint Canvas

Greetings Santa HandPainted Needlepoint Canvas

Greetings Holiday Needlepoint

Greetings Holiday Needlepoint

Kids Alphabet Personalized Name Needlepoint Canvas

Kids Alphabet Personalized Name Needlepoint Canvas




Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Designs and Testimonials

This week I’m going to start out with some feedback testimonials we got this week, it is fun designing and making projects and getting such good feedback!

“The canvas arrived yesterday! It looks great and we are thrilled. Thank you so much for your help!  I am very impressed with both your website and service, and we will be happy to tell others!”  Susan – 3-4-14

“This turned out PERFECT and he wears it everyday!!! Thank you so much- I have shared your name with others!!!!”  Allie – 3-4-14  (this was for one of our belts)

“I’m enjoying the project so far.  I’ll definitely be ordering another project when I’m finished with this one!”  Robin 3-6-14

Ahh, but you’re not reading this blog to hear you’re here to get inspired!  Below are some of my favorite designs from this week, the descriptions are below the pictures.

Reindeer Stocking and Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Reindeer Stocking and Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Family Crest Needlepoint and Heart with Wing Art Needlepoint

Family Crest Needlepoint and Heart with Wing Art Needlepoint

Episcopal Church Needlepoint Plate Designs

Episcopal Church Needlepoint Plate Designs

Fishing Cabin Mountain and Hunting Needlepoint Belt Designs

Fishing Cabin Mountain and Hunting Needlepoint Belt Designs

Birth Announcement Needlepoint Kit

Birth Announcement Needlepoint Kit

DMC Floss

The DMC rainbow appeared again on our work table!






Friday Favorites – Art Needlepoint – Stockings – Stamps

Here are some of the great needlepoint projects we made this week.

I’m really excited about one of our needlepoint belt designs!  You may be able to guess which one, but it is overshadowed by the large art needlepoint designs we did this week.  If you look closely at the needlepoint belt canvas, you’ll see we did a whole landscape scene.  It came out really well!

Custom Art Needlepoint Canvases and Custom Scene Belt

Large Art Needlepoint Canvases and Custom Scene Belt

The image below shows a custom christmas stocking canvas we did from a photo, an art canvas, and a needlepoint design from a stamp.

Needlepoint Stocking Stamp and Artwork

Needlepoint Stocking, Stamp, and Artwork

Finally, I’m adding some feedback we got from our customers last week!  We get a lot of great feedback that makes me smile but our marketing director said I should be sharing it, too.

I got my canvas and it looks great! – Lee 2/25/14

I’m almost done the “A.”  This is awesome!  Thank you sir – Andrew 2/25/14

I got the canvas last night.  It looks absolutely amazing.  Even better than I could have hoped.  Thank you so much for everything.

Kim 2/19/14


The Needlepoint Stocking of His Dreams

My wife was inspired last year by the “war and peace” stocking Peggy stitched for her granddaughter last year.  After seeing it, she decided she wanted to make our nephew his own needlepoint stocking.

Not being a very experience needlepointer, I’ve been impressed.  At Peggy’s suggestion, we bought the NeedlePoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen, and really had a good time with it.  Rather than doing all tent stitches, she found it a lot more enjoyable to follow Peggy’s lead, and do most of the sections in different stitches.

Max's Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Max’s Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

As time went on, she got better an better, and now with another addition to the family this year, I’ll have to start thinking of a new needlepoint design to make on NeedlePaint!

Christmas Needlepoint Order Deadlines

This year it seems like people are shopping for Christmas needlepoint gifts earlier than ever!

We’ve been preparing for the final rush, but if you’re still looking, have no fear.

All orders placed by December 19th will arrive before Christmas, but for those of you who order after December 12th, we’ll request that you please email us to confirm if express shipping is needed.

If you’ve got quick hands, there is still time to make a Quick Stitch Needlepoint Ornament!

Quick Stitch Candy Cane Needlepoint Ornament

Winterthur Needlepoint Stockings Out for the Season!

Time to spruce up your holiday mantle!  This season the NeedlePaint team decided to put out the Winterthur line so your  needlepoint stockings can coordinate in style.  Each stocking has a unique snowflake pattern and uses the same color palette to give your mantle a uniformly holiday look!  These needlepoint designs furnish your home with some personally stitched love and winter cheer!

Winterthur NeedlePaint stocking canvas

Winterthur stocking line! Spruce up your mantle!

Quick Stitch Belle Noel Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Stitch Guide

Are you running out of time to finish multiple stockings this year?

If so, our Belle Noel Needlepoint Christmas Stocking collection may be just what you need.

Not only do they look great, but Peggy finished this stocking in just two weeks!

Long stiches cover the canvas quicker and give a 3-D texture to your stocking. The wool thread also adds to the textured appearance.

She completed the stocking in a flash using the Continental stitch for the name (white and green), the green and red bands, and the camel (red) and the long stiches shown below:

There are four christmas stockings in the collection, so everyone can get their own version.  Each design is available as a personalized needlepoint kit.

Belle Noel Oasis Personalized Needlepoint Stocking

Belle Noel Stitch Chart

Belle Noel Needlepoint Stocking Collection

Personalized Snowman Stocking Needlepoint Kit

We updated our website over the summer to include a shop for needlepoint stocking designs.

What you can’t always tell from a picture, is how great the names come out on the canvas.

Our Personalized Snowman Stocking Needlepoint Kit

This snowman needlepoint stocking design has been quite popular and leaves a lot of ideas to the stitcher to play with the snowflakes.  I can imagine using metallics and fun stitches to make them really pop!

This needlepoint kit was made on 14 mesh canvas and is 19 x 12.35 inches on a 21 x 15.5 inch canvas.