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At the Wedding – The Ring Bearer Pillow

One of our March Posts was Seth’s ring bearers pillow. I was out of town and he was going to take on the needlepointing himself. Well, running Needlepaint and wedding plans got the better of him and I returned in time to get it done.

Custom Needlepoint Ring Bearer Pillow

A Custom Needlepoint Ring Bearer Pillow

I stitched most of the needlepoint canvas with the continental stitch, and added a braided stitch to make the knot stand out and a tied stitch for the inner light blue boarder. It was fun!

With the stitching completed, I headed to the local fabric store for pillow backing, polyester filling, piping, and ties for the rings. Since the wedding was to be on the beach in Cape Cod. I opted a navy backing and piping. For a more formal indoor wedding I would probably have picked a white brocade or satin. I also spent a lot of time decided on what to use for the ring ties. I was sorely tempted to get metallic cord, but it was rough and easily unraveled. The this white polyester braid worked wonderfully and looked great. It was easy to untie lest the Best Man find himself entangled in unraveling, scratchy thread.

E-how has a good tutorial for how to finish your pillow. OR ADD FINISHING SERVICE………  PLEASE CONTACT US ABOUT  OUR CUSTOM NEEDLEPOINT PILLOW PRICES.

Needlepoint a Dog Collar for Man’s Best Friend

Looking for a small needlepoint project, consider making a dog collar. The needlepointing itself went quickly on a 1 in. x 17.5 inch, 18-point  needlepoint canvas and your choice of colors will allow you to match your dog’s personality.

After needlepointing the canvas, I blocked it, trimmed the excess canvas  leaving a ½ in. border, folded back the canvas, steamed it in place, and finished the edges with a binding or edge stitch. There are several binding techniques. The quickest is a loop stitch worked over the last completed row of needlepoint and the adjacent vacant row. But, the most elegant is the braided binding stitch shown in this video:Binding Stitch Video

The Neeplepoint kits come with thread and matching canvas.  Email us if you would like a Clip and D ring shown in the images.  Position the finished collar in the center of the polyester strap. There should be 6 inches on each side of the collar. Sew in collar in place. Insert the left end of the strap into the side of the buckle with a single bar. Adjust so that the finished needlepoint is snug with the face of the buckle. Sew through all thicknesses as close to the buckle as possible. Side the D-ring onto the collar and position approximately 2 inches from where the collar is attached to the buckle. Sew through all thickness on each side of the D-ring.

The other side of the buckle can be adjustable when threaded as shown below. Optionally it can also be sewn making the collar a fixed size.

Horse Needlepoint Canvases

Needlepaint Picture of the Week

Last week, we made a really beautiful custom horse needlepoint canvas.  
The horse is really beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!

A Custom Horse Needlepoint Canvas

Tiger Needlepoint Canvases and Needlepoint Kits

I was inspired by an order for a tiger needlepoint canvas a few months ago.  It was such an amazing photo that I had to put something together for the rest of the needlepointing world!  The customer is busy finishing their project, and will email us photo’s when it is done 🙂

Tiger Needlepoint Canvas 8 x 6 inches on 18 mesh canvas

Tiger Needlepoint Canvas 8 x 6 inches on 18 mesh canvas

You can buy this canvas at our ETSY needlepoint shop.

More animal needlepoint canvases are at our shop, but check out the Leopard!

leopard needlepoint canvas

Leopard Needlepoint Canvas 10 x 7.5 inches on 18 mesh canvas


Social Websites for Needlepoint

Do you like to share your needlepoint works of art with others?  Then the internet is the perfect place for you.  There are lots of websites now were stitchers can share their projects, needlepoint photos, and discuss new needlepoint ideas!

We’ve been looking and sharing and discussing and have come up with a list of a few of our favorites:  If your favorite site is not listed, please list it in the comments section or contact us.

Our list is broken into 2 parts, one is for Sharing, one is for Learning and Looking.


Sharing:  – This website has about 650 group members only focused on Needlepoint.  It is great because it allows people to easily add their own photos and talk about them. – this network is based out of the UK but has over 3000 very active members – with over 200,000 members, look for the needlework portion of this group –


Learning and Looking: – Cheryl Fall keeps her eyes open for great needlepoint as well as offering free stitch charts every week! – Janet Perry has been keeping the most up to date website covering topics that will keep beginners and experts busy for months. – Denise Felton keeps readers coming back by posting beautiful needlework every day.



The biggest social network in the world is a great place to connect and share your passion for stitching!

Many of the sites above also have Facebook pages including NeedlePaint.



There are so many needlepoint blogs, if you look at the links on right side of