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Welcome in the joy of spring with our fresh needlepoint collection inspired by the colorful miracle of nature’s elegant tobacco leaf — with fresh and timely floral glam! Featuring pillows, stockings, ornaments, an eyeglass case, door hanger, trifold wallet and belt, a special kit to delight everyone.

Tobacco Leaf Please Leave By Nine Needlepoint Kit

Subtle and polite, it’s okay to let the guests know when to leave tonight!

Tobacco Leaf Grace Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Graceful and delicate blooming elegance! 

Tobacco Leaf Joy Needlepoint Ornament Kit

Add some colorful flora to your holiday festivities

Tobacco Leaf Stocking Needlepoint Kit

Break with the red and green tradition
this holiday by adding rich botanical color!

Tobacco Leaf Regal Needlepoint Ornament Kit

Regal blooms dance with nostalgic elegance!

Tobacco Leaf Mini Stocking Needlepoint Kit

Botanical joy captured in every curl and contour!

Tobacco Leaf Grace Needlepoint Ornament Kit

Fresh and timeless design!

Tobacco Leaf Trifold Wallet Needlepoint Kit

Exquisite and stylish, bursting with color!

Tobacco Leaf Needlepoint Belt Kit

Nature’s elegance is traditional and timeless!

Tobacco Leaf Needlepoint Eyeglass Case Kit

Graceful and classic!

Tobacco Leaf Joy Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Exquisite and stylish!

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Fresh and timely needlepoint glam!

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