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Personalize a Nautical Flag Needlepoint Pillow For Your Family

I’ve driven by the same local shopping center for over twenty years. When they first moved in, I thought their nautical theme a bit strange as we are located in “landlocked” Denver. Not a location where serious boating happens, but a place where family time is spent skiing down the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. This shopping center’s sign proudly displayed their name “Marina Pointe” flanked with colorful graphic squares, of which I assumed had something to do with boating. I didn’t think much more about this sign, until I noticed all of the nautical belts that customers order here at NeedlePaint. As the placement of these flags varied, I soon realized they were spelling out a message, not just randomly placed; and then the idea for a personalized nautical flag needlepoint pillow began.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 1.29.12 PMNautical Flag Alphabet

After further exploration (and some help from Seth’s sailing expertise), I discovered these colorful nautical signal flags began before short wave radio, as an easy and safe way to relay messages to other boats and people on shore. Each of these flags represents a letter of the alphabet or a phrase.

IMG_0314Sketching some new ideas for a nautical pillow.

In today’s busy world, it’s important to connect with family members, whether it be spending quality “unplugged” time together at home or through outdoor activities like boating or sailing. When your not sailing, creating a comforting tranquil home environment, and surrounding yourself with the things that are meaningful is key. Incorporating personal items your grandmother made, your kids created in school, or that you have hand stitched; help save the memories your family has created together. This is truly what makes a living space “a home”.

1823022233953342Our new needlepoint design for a personalized nautical pillow.

We’ve created this nautical pillow to remind you of the times your family has spent on the water together. Personalized with your last name and the coordinating nautical flags that represent each letter. Available as a needlepoint canvas for you to stitch, or if you prefer we will do the stitching and create your pillow. Happy Sailing!


Butterfly Needlepoint Kits

Two is better than one, right?

This month we created a new butterfly design called Butterfly Joy.  This needlepoint kit is complimentary to the butterfly bliss needlepoint pillow design.

So, if you’re looking to brighten up your room, consider the butterfly needlepoint kits.  Both designs are open enough for a lot of stitch creativity!

Butterfly Joy Needlepoint Canvas

Butterfly Joy Needlepoint Canvas

Butterfly Bliss Needlepoint Kit

Butterfly Bliss Needlepoint Kit


New Baby Birth Announcement Needlepoint Design

Is there a new addition to the family? Needlepoint a personalized birth announcement that will be cherished for a lifetime.

The Baby and Moon Baby Needlepoint Canvas design is a new addition to our shop!  Inspired by some children’s books, this new design is sure to fit in well with most nurseries.

Every personalized needlepoint design is made to order and a digital preview will be emailed for your review and approval before your canvas is made!

Please include the name, birth date, and time.  Weight, town, and length can also be included.  Colors, font types, and details can all be changed at no extra charge.

The Baby and Moon Personalized Needlepoint Canvas is 10 x 10 inches on 14 mesh canvas

The Baby and Moon Personalized Needlepoint Canvas is 10 x 10 inches on 14 mesh canvas

Preppy Gingham Custom Dog Needlepoint Belt Design

I was at a wedding last week in Nantucket, and after going shopping and looking for ideas for needlepoint belts, I came across a lot of gingham patterns in the shops.

This idea had been lingering in the back of my mind, so when a customer wanted a poodle needlepoint belt, I decided to put in the time and make it happen.  While this is not the design that was right for the person she is making it for, she loved it and may order it for her husband!

This needlepoint design will be customized to order.  We can change the color, dog breed, and monogram.  To see pricing click the following link for the custom preppy dog gingham needlepoint belt canvas.  And contact us directly for finished custom belt pricing.

Green Gingham Dog Needlepoint Belt Preview featuring a silver Poodle!

Green Gingham Dog Needlepoint Belt Preview featuring a silver Poodle!

Custom Golf Needlepoint Belts

Have you been looking for a great project or gift your favorite golfer ? (not the professional one, but the one who you live with 🙂 )

Consider a custom needlepoint golf belt.  These are great projects to learn how to needlepoint, as they are fast, easy, and the needlepoint belts looks amazing!

If you love the idea, but do not have the time, we can make it for you! (Contact us for pricing)

Ideas for what to put on the custom belt are:  Monogram, Favorite Golf Club Logos (see our needlepoint belt design library), Golf Balls, Golf Clubs, or anything else you can think of!

Designing your own custom belt is easy, simply purchase the golf belt needlepoint canvas in’s shop, and then email us the designs, colors, and other items you would like to be included, and we will create a digital preview for your approval.  If you don’t love our designs, you will not be charged!

Custom Needlepoint Golf Belt Canvas

Custom Needlepoint Golf Belt Canvas

Finished Preview of a Custom Golf Needlepoint Belt

Finished Preview of a Custom Golf Needlepoint Belt

Please note, on the actual belt, the buckle will cover up more of the background color than in the preview.  And the golf clubs in the upper right are followed by the tree on the lower left.


Delavan Yacht Club Custom Needlepoint Pillow

Shopping for somebody’s birthday that already seems to have everything can be hard!

Well, this got me thinking about a custom needlepoint pillow.  (Making needlepoint kits does have its perks!)

I took the DLYC yacht club logo, and created a stitch counted version that is 14 x 14 inches, on 10 mesh canvas.

The first version is more traditional and used the yacht clubs colors, the second version is customized to match the living room colors!

If you have a custom needlepoint pillow idea contact us about our pillow finishing service and FREE needlepoint design service (on orders over $100).

Delavan Lake Yacht Club Needlepoint Pillow Preview

Delavan Lake Yacht Club Needlepoint Pillow Preview Tan

Delavan Lake Yacht Club Needleopint Pillow Preview Blue

Delavan Lake Yacht Club Needlepoint Pillow Preview Blue


Personalized Wisconsin Ring Bearer Pillow

I love weddings, and what better gift to give a friend than a custom needlepoint ring bearer pillow!

This needlepoint design is heavily inspired by our nautical themed “The Knot” ring bearer pillow design.  But my lovely wife found a wedding invitation with a state on it, so I decide to make a new design that can feature any state.

Everything in this design is customizable, and all of our pillows can be personalized   We can even turn a wedding invitation into a pillow!

Contact us if you are interested in us having us create a custom pillow and check out our personalized ring bearer pillow shop to see more needlepoint kits.

Wisconsin Needlepoint Ring Bearer Pillow Peview

Wisconsin Needlepoint Ring Bearer Pillow Preview

The Needlepoint Stocking of His Dreams

My wife was inspired last year by the “war and peace” stocking Peggy stitched for her granddaughter last year.  After seeing it, she decided she wanted to make our nephew his own needlepoint stocking.

Not being a very experience needlepointer, I’ve been impressed.  At Peggy’s suggestion, we bought the NeedlePoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen, and really had a good time with it.  Rather than doing all tent stitches, she found it a lot more enjoyable to follow Peggy’s lead, and do most of the sections in different stitches.

Max's Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Max’s Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

As time went on, she got better an better, and now with another addition to the family this year, I’ll have to start thinking of a new needlepoint design to make on NeedlePaint!

New Fleur De Lis Needleopint Belt Patterns!

I was flipping through some magazines last weekend and came across a beautiful tie for men.

The idea was simple and classic, but with a modern twist.  A violet background leaning towards red, with a bright pink fleur de lis repeating up the tie every once in a while.

The idea is so simple, it really is the colors that make this needlepoint design special.  So I figured why not design our own fluer de lis needlepoint belts.  Why not standout this year with your own custom needlepoint belt!

Yellow and Blue Fleur De Lis Needlepoint Belt

Yellow and Blue Fleur De Lis Needlepoint Belt Preview

More Color Ideas for the Fluer De Lis Needlepoint Pattern

More Color Ideas for the Fluer De Lis Needlepoint Pattern

We can adjust to any color you like, add a monogram, words, or really anything you’d like to see.  Each belt is made to order, so we’ll fit the size to you!

Palm Coast Needlepoint Belt Design

We made a new needlepoint design last week, again for a belt.  It seems our recent blog on needlepoint belts has really drawn some interest in more custom designed belt needlepoint canvases.

The project was pretty simple, the customer wanted to stitch a monogram belt for her husband.  When we spoke, she mentioned that they have two kids and recently moved to Florida.  I got the idea to add two palms to represent the kids and sent her the preview, she loves it!  The canvas came out really well, see below…

The Palm Coast Belt Needlepoint Canvas