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Tooth Fairy Approved Needlepoint Pillows and Kits!

With a fun modern twist, NeedlePaint’s fresh new tooth fairy needlepoint pillow designs are sure to delight your child and the tooth fairy! It is believed that if a lost baby tooth is placed under the child’s pillow at bedtime, the tooth fairy will replace it with some sort of treasure before the child awakens in the morning. There is always great anticipation to see what has been left! Available as needlepoint canvases that you can stitch yourself, or as fully finished needlepoint pillows. 

Tooth Fairy Monkey Needlepoint Pillow Kit

He swings from tree to tree, with an ear to ear smile! He’ll go the extra mile to include a thoughtful note, generously thanking the tooth fairy for the treat she left last night! 

Tooth Fairy Shark Needlepoint Pillow Kit

My smile is big, my smile is bright and the most lovely shade of white.
I’m really not so frightening, and the tooth fairy finds my teeth quite a delight! 

Tooth Fairy Princess Needlepoint Pillow Kit

She’s flying smoothy through the night, carrying that large tooth you left for her tonight!

Tooth Fairy Alligator Needlepoint Pillow Kit

This friendly alligator shows off her big pearly whites,
and is hoping for good tidings from the tooth fairy tonight!

Tooth Fairy Beaver Needlepoint Pillow Kit

My what big front teeth I have! But with one gone missing,
it’s time to rest, and wait for another day to build my next home.

Tooth Fairy Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Underneath this pillow, you’ll find a teeny, tiny tooth of mine.
I placed it there for you to keep.
Please leave me a gift while I’m asleep!

We would love to help with all of your needlepoint needs.
Please contact us with any questions that you may have at:

Tooth Fairy approved needlepoint designs!

New Spring Blossoms at NeedlePaint!


NeedlePaint Flower pillow blog 1

This time of year I become very anxious for signs of spring and some fresh new color. The “winter like” weather still teases us with one warm beautiful sunny day, only to wake up the next day, with blizzard like conditions.

Spring is full of new beginnings! Why not learn how to needlepoint or teach a beginner how to needlepoint. If you’re a veteran stitcher, learn a new stitch or try a new type of thread. Here at NeedlePaint, we have needlepoint projects for all skill levels.

To welcome in spring, we have taken inspiration from those blooms; we are so anxiously awaiting to appear in our gardens. We have created some needlepoint canvases for you to enjoy stitching, and add that much needed color you may have been craving. You’ll love stitching one or all of these three new pillow designs!

Sunflower Needlepoint pillow canvas

“The sunflower is mine, in a way.” — Vincent Van Gogh

Sunflower Needlepoint Pillow Canvas
Truly brilliant and joyful, sunflowers say summer like no other flower!
In the language of flowers; sunflowers represent adoration, loyalty and strength.

Tulip Needlepoint pillow canvas

“A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose.
It doesn’t have to. It is different. And there’s room in the garden for ever flower.”
— Marianne Williamson

Lacy Tulip Needlepoint Pillow Canvas
Awakening from a long winters nap, and gently announcing springs arrival;
the tulip is always a welcome sight for the new season!

Peony Needlepoint pillow canvas

Marco Polo described peony blossoms as “roses as big as cabbages”.

Peony Needlepoint Pillow Canvas
Layered, fluffy and papery, the peony has an unusually giant blossom. In the language of flowers;
peonies represent romance, prosperity, a happy marriage, riches, honor and compassion.

NeedlePaint Flower pillow blog 2

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold,
when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” — Charles Dickens

Remember we are here to help you with all of your needlepoint needs! We do offer a pillow finishing service, creating a finished pillow with your stitched canvas. Feel free to contact us with any of your questions at:

We hope your spring is full of new beginnings — and many colorful skeins of thread!


“There’s No Place Like Home” With NeedlePaint’s New Compass Rose Needlepoint Pillow

Ah, the places you’ll visit, the places you’ll see . . . . but when the trips over, where will you be?  

You like to travel, explore new places, and see new things. You also love returning to the place, where you can hang your hat, when the adventure is over. When back at home, the dust has settled and your bags are unpacked. Now it’s time to cozy in and stitch NeedlePaint‘s new Compass Rose needlepoint pillow canvas. This design is available as a needlepoint canvas for you to stitch, or as a fully finished needlepoint pillow.


This compass rose design, represents the place you call “Home Sweet Home”. Personalize it with your family name and city, along with your latitude and longitude location. We can also change the colors to match any decor. 

There is comfort in where you live, a special spot you can call your own. A place where you can stop the hustle and bustle of everyday life: do “nothing” (if that’s an option), carve out some time to think, regroup, recharge, dream about plans for the next adventure, and do a little needlepointing.  

“There’s no place like home” . . . . happy stitching!

Customer Spotlight – Childrens Artwork in Needlepoint

We have a great project to share this week, from Becky in Virgina.

The custom needlepoint projects came to us as scans of her childrens’ artwork, and we converted them into needlepoint kits.

The rest is really all her!  I love the colorful framing around the needlepoint.  Her whole family loves the needlepoint pillows!

Please share this and let Becky know how much you enjoy her work!

Needlepoint Kids Art Pillow

Needlepoint Kids Art Pillow

Needlepoint Kids Art

Needlepoint Kids Art

Kids Art

Original Kids Art

Needlepoint Childrens Art Pillow

Needlepoint Childrens Art Pillow

Childrens Art

Original Childrens Art





Custom Family Crest and Wedding Needlepoint Pillows

Are you looking for a unique gift or something special for your own house?

Check out our new Custom Family Crest Needlepoint Pillows!

You email us your crest and we will incorporate it into one of our knight designs.   Or, if you have something else in mind, we love to work on custom projects!

Custom Family Crest Needlepoint Pillow

Custom Family Crest Needlepoint Pillow

If you’ve got another idea in mind, check our wedding pillows.  They are designed to be personalized, and if you would like a larger size than shown on our website, please email us and we’ll get back to you with other size options.  The pillow below is a larger version of the Grenelle needlepoint pillow.

Custom Wedding Needlepoint Pillow

Custom Wedding Needlepoint Pillow

Please keep in mind, these designs are available as DIY needlepoint kits or as fully stitched custom needlepoint pillows.



Custom Needlepoint Pillows

Here is a little more eye candy this week!

We made these pillows and had to get them delived in time for Chrismtas, so the photo are not the greatest, just some quick shots before we wrapped them up.

Have a look and let us know what you think!  I love the two monogram pillows, and the G pillows are a family treat.

Click here to design your own custom needlepoint pillow!  Previews are Free

Custom Wedding Monogram Pillows

Custom Wedding Monogram Pillows


Custom College Needlepoint Pillows

Custom College Needlepoint Pillows

Needlepoint Pillows Custom – Cats and Dogs – and more are needlepoint kits

I promised more photos this week and here they are!

Also, some more great feedback from customers, but I’ll put that in with next week’s posts.

Please note, we’ll be away the rest of the week, so if you call or email, replies will be coming early next week.

Have a great week!

Custom Cat Needlepoint Pillow and Flower Needlepoint Pillow

Custom Cat Needlepoint Pillow and Flower Needlepoint Pillow

Chihuahua Needlepoint Kit

Chihuahua Needlepoint Kit

Happy Dogs Needlepoint Canvases

Happy Dogs Needlepoint Canvases

Custom needlepoint kit from photo

Custom needlepoint kit from photo




Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows and Custom Needlepoint German Shepherd Pillows

If you’ve never seen a custom needlepoint pillow before, then this post may open your eyes to the lovely look and texture that only needlepoint allows. (Be sure to zoom in all the way and to the stitching!)

First off, we have the Taza and Poitiers pillows, both are elegant designs especially designed for weddings.

Custom Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

Custom Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

Taza Needlepoint Wedding Pillow

Taza Needlepoint Wedding Pillow

The other project we finished this week was two custom german shepherd needlepoint pillows from photos.  Don’t they look amazing!

Needlepoint German Shepherd

Needlepoint German Shepherd Pillows



Custom Kids Train Needlepoint Pillow

Another fun kids pillow design we created this week.

The kids needlepoint train pillow is a classic, but it not only looks great but is educational!  How many toys do you see with the child’s name spelled out on it?

All our designs are made to order, so if you want to change something on this, just let us know!



Three New Custom Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

Needlepoint pillows are elegant, it is that simple.

Our hand stitched custom wedding ring bearer pillows feature the bride’s and groom’s names and their wedding date.

These three new wedding needlepoint designs can also be purchased as needlepoint canvases and you can stitch them yourself!

Flowers and Hearts Custom Needlepoint Pillow

Flowers and Hearts Custom Needlepoint Pillow


Plaid Personalized Ring Bearer Pillow

Plaid Personalized Ring Bearer Pillow


With This Ring Personalized Wedding Pillow

“With This Ring” Personalized Wedding Pillow