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Custom Coat of Arms Needlepoint Kit

We made this coat of arms custom needlepoint kit a few weeks back and it came out great!  The customer really loves it, and was looking forward to getting started on the project.

Coat of Arms are one of the most popular needlepoint designs we make.  Since most of NeedlePaint’s orders are for custom needlepoint kits, we really excel on projects like this.

If you have a coat of arms you would like to stitch (it can be from a family or a university you attended), you can mail or email us the picture and we’d be happy to make a preview for you.  And, if you want our help looking up a coat of arms, we are here and happy to assist!  Also, if you find the website is not getting the design and colors to look as well as good as you would like, just email us and we will fix it up!

Coat of Arms Needlepoint Kit

NeedlePaint Reviews

OK, every week we get good feedback, but a few special needlepoint kits we shipped out got really good needlepoint reviews that I figured I would share.

“We’ve been out of town for several days and just returned last night.  Your canvas was waiting for me when we got back, and I absolutely could not be more delighted!  I’ve already started stitching, and will send a photo as soon as it’s done.  Thanks so much for doing this marvelous canvas for me and for getting it to me so quickly.  I also appreciate your personal touch:  you color changes were square on. 

I will definitely be ordering more personal canvases in the future and look forward to working with you again and again.”

Gloria – Atlanta, GA

One more–


So happy! Will definitely be back and will send photos of the finished work.”

Christopher – NY, NY

Well, this is probably a boring post for most, but we love to get feedback, and as a reminder, we have a 60 day return policy here at so if you are not happy with your canvas for any reason, we offer full refunds.

Happy Stitching!

Friday Design Inspiration – New Needlepoint Kits This Week

We make so many great custom needlepoint kits, that I realized that we should be sharing them with our readers!  (With their permission of course)

This week a customer designed a needlepoint canvas that not only looks amazing, but has a great story behind it.

These red shoes took her around Croatia, after connecting with relatives from the “old country”.  The story behind them, is that they were lent to her durning a rainy  week by her cousin, and her daughter took a picture of them before returning them.

What a great picture, and think about how great is this going to look when it is stitched!

Red Walking Shoes Modern Needlepoint Canvas


Flower Needlepoint Kits

We have designed some stunning flower needlepoint kits.

We made this flower needlepoint canvas yesterday and I had to take a picture of it!  We will be adding it to our website store soon, but if you are interested in ordering it, please contact us at info (at)

Do you have your own photos of flowers you want to stitch?  Try to design your own needlepoint canvas from a photo at

Red Daylily Flower Needlepoint Canvas

An Elegant Finished Edge

I was cleaning out the attic the other day (I  know, it isn’t the time for Spring cleaning, but with3 feet of snow on the ground cleaning the attic sounded like more fun than shoveling the driveway) and I found the original test needlepoint kit which we did for Needlepaint.  It was languishing away because we hadn’t really thought the end product through. The needlepoint canvas was a strange size, 6″ x 7″, so it didn’t fit in a standard frame.

By coincidence that colors matched the decor of my granddaughter’s bedroom. It would work on a pillow. My original idea was to use it an an insert, but after looking through my favorite needlepoint book The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen, I decided that if I used Jo’s binding technique I would get a finish edge in a contrasting color. The stitch is a variation of the fern stitch that is worked over two threads of the canvas instead of three.

The Needlepaint piece could then be sewn onto the pillow and could then be removed easily if the pillow needed washing.


  • Do not trim the canvas before doing the binding.
  • Block the canvas if necessary before binding.
  • Fold back and steam waste canvas in place before binding.
  • Trim waste canvas to 1/2″ after binding.
  • It may be desirable to reblock after binding

Coming soon, the finished pillow!

Silk Sails – Sailboat Needlepoint

Over the weekend NeedlePaint attended the TNNA Winter Show in Phoenix.  This tradeshow is one of the largest events for needlepoint stores each year.

I was lucky enough to be across from River Silks, silk ribbon for needlepoint and embroidery.  The ladies there were quite busy, but as the afternoon hours extended and the traffic drew down, we got to chatting.  They gave me a piece of canvas and some silk.  Once I started playing with the silk ribbon, I loved it!  It really is easy to use, and the coverage looks great.

Quickly I came up with a fun idea to work on during the slower times.  There was a sailboat custom needlepoint canvas on display, which I took down, and decided to make silk sails.

The silk ribbon is flowing with the wind

Just to do the creative stitchers that have used River Silk some justice, I’m going to include some amazing pictures of needlepoint that has been done using silk.

Roadside designed by Anne Cram, stitched by Lynn K. Bayer

Electric Zebra from Julia’s Needleworks

These and many more River Silks needlepoint kits can be ordered through your local needlepoint retailer or through!  Also, if you want to have your own custom needlepoint kits matched with silk from River Silks, we can do that, too!

Baseball Player Needlepoint Kits

Zainab Al-Chalabi recently created this beautiful needlepoint kit of a Evan Longoria.  Her exquisite stitching and framing capture a great memory in Florida baseball.

Evan Longoria in Needlepoint

A few things I want to mention.  #1.  The picture is cropped very close so the details of the face and body show up really well.  #2.  The colors on the face had very good lighting.  This can be adjusted, if you are uploading a portrait to make a needlepoint canvas and having trouble, feel free to email us and we will adjust the colors on your image in Photoshop.

Currently, we are working on a portrait of a customers grandchild that is a portrait from their sports team.  It looks like another fantastic project!

Lovely Needlepoint Pillows

These two lovely needlepoint pillows were emailed to by Hala Alfi last week.  The pillows are very well stitched and they are a great way to display your talent!

Marine Crest Needlepoint Pillow

Marine Crest Needlepoint Pillow

Cute Dog Needlepoint Pillow

Cute Dog Needlepoint Pillow

The Four Hour Needlepoint Ornament

With less than a month to do to Christmas, I was getting challenged to finish my goal of 9 personalized needlepoint ornaments. I needed to cut dramatically the time it took to needlepoint the ornaments. Could I do one in 4 hours?

Looking at the needlepoint design choices, I selected the Snowflake Design — not too complex and only 3 colors, but there is a lot of background. If I were to meet my 4-hour goal, I had to come up with something even quicker than the open work I did on Santa in his sleigh .

To the drawing board — the custom needlepoint canvas has a rich dark green background so why cover it up? Add red running stitches in alternating columns of over 3 rows and under one. It looked great and added a new dimensions to the otherwise plain background.

And, canvas on stretcher, I headed off to my flight from Denver to Boston — 3.5 hours. When I landed in Boston, I had finished all but 2 square inches of the background. It only took me another 15 minutes to finish up when I got time at my destination and then another 20 minutes to sew it onto the green fabric stuff it and tie it up. Success!!!

As you can see, I used the same technique on the blue snowflake ornament with light blue on the dark blue background.

Thanksgiving is not here and I am done with the ornament!!

Christmas Needlepoint Cat Pillow Finishing

Hightail and Tagger

Hightail and Tagger Christmas Needlepoint Cat Pillow

We just got a pillow back from our needlepoint finisher, and I have to share the pictures of it!

Helen Dixon stitched this pillow using a custom needlepoint kit she purchased on  She mailed us back the mostly finished canvas and requested the black velvet frame and backing, with red velvet piping, and it looks amazing!

Just in time, this needlepoint Christmas pillow still look sophisticated.  The needlepoint pillow is 12 x 12 inches.  If you are interested in having your needlepoint kit turned into a pillow, please feel free to contact us, our prices are great, and our pillow finisher has over 30 years of experience!

Cool Needlepoint Cat Pillow for Christms

Close Up, the Needlepoint Cat Pillow, Just In Time for Christmas!

All customers get a discounted rate, and if they let us know that they may want to have us finish the pillow for them, we will include a return label with their shipment so they can mail us back the canvas after they have done the stitching.  (We do also offer needlework finishing if needed, in this case we finished the cats).