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Friday Favorites – Pug Love Needlepoint and Art Needlepoint

So many great projects this week, but I do love the dog needlepoint kits we make!

We had 5 dog needlepoint kits and four of them were pugs!

The other images are of art needlepoint kits, one is a vintage stamp and the other is a customer’s project for a school, they look fantastic!

Custom needlepoint projects are so much fun, why not stitch your own ideas!

Pug Needlepoint Canvases

Pug Love! Pug Needlepoint Canvases

Art Needlepoint Canvas

Art Needlepoint Canvases


Needlepoint Dog Days of Summer

It has been HOT in Denver, real hot, so hot I think we broke almost every record…  So dog gawn hot!  Our pooches have been enduring in the work shop with lots of cool water, and sleeping.

Well, that is not really what this post is about.  I just had to share the lovely dog needlepoint canvases we made this week!  The dog needlepoint kits were all made from photos, so why not try to stitch your own dog?

Dog Days of Summer – This weeks orders

Flower Needlepoint Kits

We have designed some stunning flower needlepoint kits.

We made this flower needlepoint canvas yesterday and I had to take a picture of it!  We will be adding it to our website store soon, but if you are interested in ordering it, please contact us at info (at)

Do you have your own photos of flowers you want to stitch?  Try to design your own needlepoint canvas from a photo at

Red Daylily Flower Needlepoint Canvas

Lovely Needlepoint Pillows

These two lovely needlepoint pillows were emailed to by Hala Alfi last week.  The pillows are very well stitched and they are a great way to display your talent!

Marine Crest Needlepoint Pillow

Marine Crest Needlepoint Pillow

Cute Dog Needlepoint Pillow

Cute Dog Needlepoint Pillow

NeedlePoint Dog Canvases

One of our favorite projects we see almost every week is the dogs.  Two weeks ago, we actually had 5 dog needlepoint canvas orders, along with two cat needlepoint canvases.

Some of the dogs are below.  You can see that the close up images look great.  Also, we’ve been working on finding more dog breeds to add to our Etsy shop.  You can browse more dog needlepoint canvases there, or upload your own needlepoint photo to create a custom needlepoint kit at our website!

Super Cute Puppy Needlepoint Canvas for a Pillow

I worked on this puppy needlepoint canvas with a customer last week, and had to share it!

Cute Puppy Needlepoint Canvas

We cropped the image, and changed the background to be all blue and green.  The size was 13.3 inches by 9.2 inches, on 14 mesh zweigart canvas.  We also changed some of the floss colors on the puppy to off whites and browns to match the photo better.

What is great about this picture is how close up it is, and of course the puppy, it will be an amazing pillow when it is finished!

Puppy Needlepoint Canvas "Stitched Preview"

Needlepoint a Dog Collar for Man’s Best Friend

Looking for a small needlepoint project, consider making a dog collar. The needlepointing itself went quickly on a 1 in. x 17.5 inch, 18-point  needlepoint canvas and your choice of colors will allow you to match your dog’s personality.

After needlepointing the canvas, I blocked it, trimmed the excess canvas  leaving a ½ in. border, folded back the canvas, steamed it in place, and finished the edges with a binding or edge stitch. There are several binding techniques. The quickest is a loop stitch worked over the last completed row of needlepoint and the adjacent vacant row. But, the most elegant is the braided binding stitch shown in this video:Binding Stitch Video

The Neeplepoint kits come with thread and matching canvas.  Email us if you would like a Clip and D ring shown in the images.  Position the finished collar in the center of the polyester strap. There should be 6 inches on each side of the collar. Sew in collar in place. Insert the left end of the strap into the side of the buckle with a single bar. Adjust so that the finished needlepoint is snug with the face of the buckle. Sew through all thicknesses as close to the buckle as possible. Side the D-ring onto the collar and position approximately 2 inches from where the collar is attached to the buckle. Sew through all thickness on each side of the D-ring.

The other side of the buckle can be adjustable when threaded as shown below. Optionally it can also be sewn making the collar a fixed size.

Dog Needlepoint Canvases

We’ve been searching the internet for great pictures of dogs to offer as stock needlepoint canvases and needlepoint kits.

We found some great ones!


Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Canvas 18 mesh, 8" x 5.5", 12 colors

Beagle Needlepoint

Border Collie Needlepoint

Boston Terrier Needlepoint

Bullmastif Needlepoint

Chocolate Lab Needlepoint

Cocker Spaniel Needlepoint

Coonhound Needlepoint

Daschund Needlepoint

German Shepherd Needlepoint

Boston Terrier Needlepoint Canvas (Colors can be adjusted when ordered)

Golden Retriever Needlepoint

Jack Russel Terrier Needlepoint

Nova Scotia Duck Terrier Needlepoint

Pomeranian Needlepoint

Schnauzer Needlepoint

Scotch Terrier Needlepoint

Shetland Sheepdog Needlepoint

Yellow Lab Needlepoint

***More to come!

Also, check out our vintage dog needlepoint

Vintage German Shepherd Dog Needlepoint - Customize with your dogs Name!

Vintage Collie

Vintage Fox Terriers

Vintage German Shepherd

Vintage Puli

Vingate Pumi

Vintage Vizsla

St Patrick’s Day NeedlePoint

Instead of just needlepointing a normal photo, this week I was thinking that it could be fun to add a theme around an image on a custom needlepoint kit.

St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity!

I was thinking a clover with your dog in the middle would look pretty cool!  It took me a little while to find what I wanted, but as I’m learning to edit photos better, I found that taking the face works pretty well.

St Patricks Day Doggie Artwork

Below, we have just 10 colors on a 12” square canvas.  I did 18 mesh in this case, to catch the details in the dogs eyes.

St. Patricks Day Needlenoint Doggie Kit

Of course the ideas here are unlimited!

If you are interested in having us help to design a background photo, please contact us, we’d be happy to talk over some ideas and help create your design for you.  We offer this service free of charge on orders larger than 12 x 12”.