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All About Photo Needlepoint Kits Dogs N Cat

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know how much we love our pets!

NeedlePaint probably has the best looking custom needlepoint kits for working needlepoint from photo.

Have a look at our workshop table last Friday (see below) these are some fun projects!

Our kits come with either Waverly wool or DMC floss, hand made and matched to your pet.  Or if you prefer matching your own colors or working in a different fiber, our needlepoint canvases still come with a counted stitch guide and color chart matched to one of the two fiber options.  I suggest using the DMC color palate if you are buying your own fiber, as there are many free color conversion charts available online.

If you would like to see needlepoint dog breeds, we have some favorites on the website.  Or, if you prefer to stitch your own pet, you can needlepoint a photo using our online designer.  You can customize the design size, mesh count, number of colors and fiber type with the click of a button!  There is no fee to try out needlepoint designer so why not give it a try!

***If you are looking to stitch a graphic illustration, poem, or name, please contact us, our website is optimized for photos, but we can manually adjust your design so it comes out looking sharp.

Dog Needlepoint Kits from Photos

Dog Needlepoint Kits from Photos

Delavan Yacht Club Custom Needlepoint Pillow

Shopping for somebody’s birthday that already seems to have everything can be hard!

Well, this got me thinking about a custom needlepoint pillow.  (Making needlepoint kits does have its perks!)

I took the DLYC yacht club logo, and created a stitch counted version that is 14 x 14 inches, on 10 mesh canvas.

The first version is more traditional and used the yacht clubs colors, the second version is customized to match the living room colors!

If you have a custom needlepoint pillow idea contact us about our pillow finishing service and FREE needlepoint design service (on orders over $100).

Delavan Lake Yacht Club Needlepoint Pillow Preview

Delavan Lake Yacht Club Needlepoint Pillow Preview Tan

Delavan Lake Yacht Club Needleopint Pillow Preview Blue

Delavan Lake Yacht Club Needlepoint Pillow Preview Blue


Grandma’s House Needlepoint

What a treat when our customers send back pictures of their custom needlepoint projects fully finished!

This project was based off a water color painting of their childhood house.

The stitcher took some liberties with the flowers below, and really made this a stunning needlepoint house!

Grandma's House Needlepoint 18 x 11.7 inches on 14 mesh canvas

Grandma’s House Needlepoint 18 x 11.7 inches on 14 mesh canvas

The original watercolor we used to create the canvas design.

The original watercolor we used to create the canvas design.


Waverly Needlepoint Wool Custom Needlepoint Kits

If you have been on our website today, you will notice three changes.

#1.  We now offer Waverly needlepoint wool for our custom needlepoint kits.  This is a 3 ply wool that is similar to Paternayan.  The main difference with Waverly, is that all three plys are the same thickness.  It is made by the Brown Sheep Company right next door in Nebraska.  The wool is actually raised in our home state of Colorado!

Waverly Needlepoint Wool

Waverly Needlepoint Wool

#2.  10 and 12 mesh canvas are available on our online needlepoint designer. (see below)

#3.  The maximum needlepoint canvas size is no longer 13 x 19 inches, we’ve increased the maximum size to 40 inches wide!

This is brand new and we are still testing it, so if you encounter any problems, please email us.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Needlepoint Canvas Mesh Count

Beautiful Sunset Needlepoint

I was looking at Janet Perry’s fantastic website, nuts about needlepoint, today and came across one of the best looking projects I’ve seen in months!  The Naoshima Sunset was stitched by Lois Kershner and she won a prize at one of the ANG seminars last year for this!

This is custom needlepoint at it’s best.  The background is congress cloth, which was then stitched using light stitches and exposed canvas to achieve this effect.

Naoshima Sunset by Lois Kershner

Naoshima Sunset by Lois Kershner

If you have every wanted to needlepoint a photo, we’d be happy to help.  We specialize in making custom needlepoint canvases, and we use: (mono) 10, 12, 14, 18, interlock 14, and congress cloth.  You can preview the design on our website   I also see potential with cross stitch here with exposed canvas.

But, if you can take a class from Lois, she’ll teach you new techniques to use!  You can see here needlepoint class schedule for 2013 here.

New Fleur De Lis Needleopint Belt Patterns!

I was flipping through some magazines last weekend and came across a beautiful tie for men.

The idea was simple and classic, but with a modern twist.  A violet background leaning towards red, with a bright pink fleur de lis repeating up the tie every once in a while.

The idea is so simple, it really is the colors that make this needlepoint design special.  So I figured why not design our own fluer de lis needlepoint belts.  Why not standout this year with your own custom needlepoint belt!

Yellow and Blue Fleur De Lis Needlepoint Belt

Yellow and Blue Fleur De Lis Needlepoint Belt Preview

More Color Ideas for the Fluer De Lis Needlepoint Pattern

More Color Ideas for the Fluer De Lis Needlepoint Pattern

We can adjust to any color you like, add a monogram, words, or really anything you’d like to see.  Each belt is made to order, so we’ll fit the size to you!

New Needlepoint Kits for Bike Lovers!

Our newest design here at Needlepaint is out and ready for stitching. This new kit is for the cyclist in your life. Spread the bike love with this pillow accenting your sofa or chair.  We can do it in any color to fit in with your decor.  Above is an example of a colorway that can be used for this needlepoint pillow.  Let us know your color choices and we’ll send you the canvas and thread to make it happen.

Check out the funky room below!

photo credit: <a href=””>indigo_jones</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Vintage Needlepoint Design Gets a Facelift!

I’ve been scouring used bookstores looking for needlepoint books.  It’s so much fun and among them I’ve  found found some great needlpoint designs.  What better than to give them new life in our needlepoint kits.  These old books can be so inspiring and I love making something new from something old.  Our Ambert Pillow kit is the first  example of design inspired from these vintage books.

All of our pillow kits can be personalized in your own color choice to fit in whatever cozy setting you are plan to create with them. The image below includes two different color options but we are happy to customize this kit to your color needs!

Do you have an idea for a needlepoint pillow kit or just want to share with us a awesome pillow, belt, or stocking?  Post to our facebook account!   We would love to hear your feed back and make other stitching friends!  Needle Paint is  constantly adding new designs so check out our website whenever you can! Happy stitching…

Vintage Needlepoint books, great inspiration!

This Ambert pillow design looks great in 2 different colorways.


Bargello Pillows

Who knew this funky popular 60’s design originated in Italy with a line of chairs.  The Bargello castle in Florence, Italy housed these beautiful patterns first designed by Hungarian stitchers in the 17th century.  The long lines work perfectly for needlepoint pillows and prove to be a challenging stitch.

examples of Bargello patterns

Pillows work as a perfect canvas to express these Bargello designs and beautiful colors.    The needlepoint patterns often mimics a wave or flame but of course more geometrically in needle point.  I have been working on designs that utilize colors that will work in a modern home but pay homage to the beautiful art form.

The image  below shows the antique version of Bargello in a wall covering.

wallcovering from the Bargello Palace, Florence, Italy

Add some spice to your room and get stitching with these designs.  These pillow designs can be found on Needle Paint.  They work well alone or paired together. The colors can be changed out to accomodate your room or season.  The color pallette I chose for this pairing is a fall medley.

Barapur and Puebla Needle Paint designs.

Stay tuned for new designs from Needle Paint!  We have been at the drawing board and will have something new for you each week!

Great Needlepoint Picture Frames and Design Ideas

Often people ask what size their needlepoint canvas should be for their project.  We recommend sizes that are commonly available in stores as picture frames.  This project was one of them, and the customer created needlepoint designs to fit in 8 x 10 inch picture frames.

We shipped two custom needlepoint kits to her, and what I really love, is how she used a multiple image frame for the one with her boy  The second photo has less reflection and show her needlepoint much better.  Simple custom needlepoint designs look great!

The Multiple Image Frame for Needlepoint – Looks Great!!!

Simple Needlepoint Designs Look Great!

In case you are wondering, the most common frame sizes are:

For Rectangles:  5 x 7, 6 x 8, 8 x 10, 8.5 x 11, 9 x 12, 11 x 14

For Squares:  8 x 8, 10 x 10, and 12 x 12

JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s Crafts both carry large selections of affordable frames that can be used for your needlepoint projects.

For more needlepoint framing information, go to Janet Perry’s needlepoint framing post.