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We made this coat of arms custom needlepoint kit a few weeks back and it came out great!  The customer really loves it, and was looking forward to getting started on the project.

Coat of Arms are one of the most popular needlepoint designs we make.  Since most of NeedlePaint’s orders are for custom needlepoint kits, we really excel on projects like this.

If you have a coat of arms you would like to stitch (it can be from a family or a university you attended), you can mail or email us the picture and we’d be happy to make a preview for you.  And, if you want our help looking up a coat of arms, we are here and happy to assist!  Also, if you find the website is not getting the design and colors to look as well as good as you would like, just email us and we will fix it up!

Coat of Arms Needlepoint Kit

Comments on: "Custom Coat of Arms Needlepoint Kit" (20)

  1. I am interested in doing a large needlepoint of the first image on this website. Please send canvas image with price. Thank you.

  2. I am interested in a large needlepoint of a family crest, last name is D’ Angelo,Can you please send me pricing. Thank you.

  3. need particulars on family coat of arms for SAMPSON.

    I am interested in making one for my brother’s 75th birthday

    Thank you

    Judy Mentink

    • Hi Judy, I just emailed you.

      If you already have a coat of arms, please email it to me and we’ll work on translating that into needlepoint. If not, let me know and I’ll see what we can do.

      Thanks! Seth

  4. Pls send pricing list for coat of arms needlepoint to email

  5. Deborah L. Rash said:

    Would like to see if there is coat of arms for my maiden name, Salinger, and if so could I get it patterned so I can do it in needlepoint?
    I have no idea how much the research and pattern would cost but would like to know.

    Thank you.

  6. Mary Pierce Todd said:

    I am interested in doing needlepoint coat-of-arms pillows for Todd and Wilcox. Would appreciate your help.

  7. Clayton Bacon said:

    I would like to make a needlepoint of the Bacon coat of arms to compliment the one my grandmother made for the Maxwell surname. That needlepoint is approximately 14-1/2″ x 17″. The one I have seen is from House of Names.

  8. Leigh Loveday said:

    I am looking for a needlepoint kit for Loveday coat of arms. Thanks

  9. Can you all make a crest for a pillow of Hampden Sydney?
    A fraternity crest on a cummerbund?
    Thank you

  10. Clayton Bacon said:

    I was wondering if you could produce a Bacon Coat of Arms needlepoint. I have one for Maxwell and it measures about 14″ X 18″. I want this one to match in size so I can display them together for both of my parents.

  11. ELLEN L SANDFER said:

    I am interested in doing a large needlepoint of the AIKMAN family name including the motto. Please email me the price and time it would take to get it to me.

    The version of the crest that I prefer is of a hand holding an oak branch showing both the branch and leaves.

    Ellen Sandfer
    Kuna, Idaho, US

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