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Back to Christmas Needlepoint Stockings

(Written by Peggy Bond)  I had a little more time this year than I had with the War and Peace stocking. Time is not the issue but the challenge is two needlepoint stockings for my nephew’s twins Alex and Isaac – same but different designs are the order of the day.

isaac-stocking_final alexander-stocking_14

With plenty of time this season, I decided to experiment with some texture and color variations while stitching.  For example, I dressed up the Christmas present in the heel of Isaac’s with a green and yellow checkerboard pattern.


And, then I stitched the background in an oblong reversed cashmere box stitch, but in two different shades of yellow.


For the background diagram above, I have accentuated the yellow color differences. The finished stitching is below. Unless you are aware of the slight variation in the yellows, you probably wouldn’t notice it. However, it does give the finished stocking an added dimension. It almost looks like variegated thread.

Close up of Present Needlepoint Stitches

Close up of Present Needlepoint Stitches


More information on these stitches can be found in The Needlepoint Book by Joe Ippolito Christensen.

I am now working on the Isaac’s penguin walking along the powdery snow, and will post my progress in a day or so…

Friday Favorites – NeedlePaint Reviews – New Needlepoint Designs and Custom Projects

This week we’ll start off with some great feedback we received this week:

“Got it in the mail yesterday!  Thank you.  Am starting on it today and can’t wait to finish.  I ended up sending a picture of the canvas to ***  so he could see it – his 14 year old blind and deaf dog – who he rescued in 2002 from the shelter, died yesterday.  Seeing him on the canvas – and soon on the belt – made him smile.  He can’t wait to wear the belt!  Thanks again,”  Robin 06-10-14

“Thank you. I sent your info to my 3 sisters and a few needlepointer friends. Love your service.” Amy 06-06-14

“Just received it!  Can’t wait!” Andrew – 06-09-14

“I received the belt and it looks really cool… If any of his peers want to order one, I’ll send them to you.”  Sarah 06-11-14

“I finally got the belt and it looks amazing!! I love it!” Ashley 06-09-14


Next, is a picture of a the green mountain needlepoint belt that one of our customers just finished (and we just designed a new canvas for).  Great stitching Kaity!

Green Mountain Needlepoint Belt

Green Mountain Needlepoint Belt

Another fun project we worked on is a custom needlepoint christmas stocking.  The stitcher wanted to feature Shrek in the design as the recipient is a big fan.  I think it came out amazing!

Shrek Needlepoint Stocking

Shrek Custom Needlepoint Stocking Canvas


And last this week are a bunch of custom designed needlepoint belt kits that we did.  If you look closely, you’ll see some really great ideas in there.  I love the Mt. Rainier design!  (sorry for the blurry pics, the light was getting low, but I think the ideas come across well enough to enjoy)

Custom Sporting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Sporting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Life Treasurers Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Life Treasurers Needlepoint Belt Canvases


Four New Needlepoint Stockings for Next Christmas

It is never too early to start on a personalized needlepoint christmas stocking.

If you’ve stitched one in the past, you’ll know the projects can stretch out over months, and if you start too late you may have to wait until the following year until it is done and ready for the recipient!

We created four new designs this month.

Two new Avesta designs that are coordinating but different.  These are just ripe for the creative stitcher, but detailed enough that any stitch is going to look great! Colorful Avesta Stocking Kit  Mixed Avesta Stocking Kit  Original Avesta Stocking Canvas

The Lollipop Mixed Stocking Needlepoint Kit coordinates with the Christmas Treats Canvas.

And lastly, the new Santa’s Dove Needlepoint Canvas could coordinate with the Reindeer Stocking and Nutcracker Stocking Needlepoint Kit.  These are not as color matched, but still would work together nicely.

Keep in mind, if you love these designs but want to change the color pallets, just let us know, all of our orders are custom made and of course your names will be put on your stockings and a preview emailed before the canvas is shipped!








Santa's Dove Christmas Stocking Needlepoint Kit

Santa’s Dove Christmas Stocking Needlepoint Kit



Friday Favorites – Cool Custom Belt Needlepoint Canvases and Personalized Needlepoint Stockings

OK, so I did not get this weeks orders ready until Saturday and am posting on Monday, but Friday Favorites just sounds better!

Anyway, these are some of my favorite canvases we made last week!

Here are some links to the belts, but for the canvases, click on the first link and scroll through.  Custom Needlepoint BeltsLife TreasurersThe Jolly RogerColoradoNautical FlagsFly Fishing

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

One of the stockings below is a custom design, the others are the Winterthur Stocking and the Fair Ilse.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Personalized Christmas Stockings



The Needlepoint Stocking of His Dreams

My wife was inspired last year by the “war and peace” stocking Peggy stitched for her granddaughter last year.  After seeing it, she decided she wanted to make our nephew his own needlepoint stocking.

Not being a very experience needlepointer, I’ve been impressed.  At Peggy’s suggestion, we bought the NeedlePoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen, and really had a good time with it.  Rather than doing all tent stitches, she found it a lot more enjoyable to follow Peggy’s lead, and do most of the sections in different stitches.

Max's Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Max’s Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

As time went on, she got better an better, and now with another addition to the family this year, I’ll have to start thinking of a new needlepoint design to make on NeedlePaint!

Quick Stitch Belle Noel Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Stitch Guide

Are you running out of time to finish multiple stockings this year?

If so, our Belle Noel Needlepoint Christmas Stocking collection may be just what you need.

Not only do they look great, but Peggy finished this stocking in just two weeks!

Long stiches cover the canvas quicker and give a 3-D texture to your stocking. The wool thread also adds to the textured appearance.

She completed the stocking in a flash using the Continental stitch for the name (white and green), the green and red bands, and the camel (red) and the long stiches shown below:

There are four christmas stockings in the collection, so everyone can get their own version.  Each design is available as a personalized needlepoint kit.

Belle Noel Oasis Personalized Needlepoint Stocking

Belle Noel Stitch Chart

Belle Noel Needlepoint Stocking Collection

Personalized Snowman Stocking Needlepoint Kit

We updated our website over the summer to include a shop for needlepoint stocking designs.

What you can’t always tell from a picture, is how great the names come out on the canvas.

Our Personalized Snowman Stocking Needlepoint Kit

This snowman needlepoint stocking design has been quite popular and leaves a lot of ideas to the stitcher to play with the snowflakes.  I can imagine using metallics and fun stitches to make them really pop!

This needlepoint kit was made on 14 mesh canvas and is 19 x 12.35 inches on a 21 x 15.5 inch canvas.

Personalized Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Shop

Today announced today that we have launched a new personalized needlepoint shop!  In this shop there are many pre-designed Christmas needlepoint canvases to which customers can add their own names and also have the shop modify the colors before printing.  Some of the designs even allow for the customer to add their own photos into the canvas design!

We have already posted about a few of these projects in our blog, but now we have made it easy to order them at the personalized needlepoint shop!

New Designs for Personalized Needlepoint Stockings and Ornaments

This month we are featuring Christmas stockings and needlepoint ornament designs. In the past, personalized needlepoint stocking kits have required the stitcher to actually use a stencil and draw in a name, with very plain letters. Customers buying from have their choice of over 100 styles of letters and 400 colors.  Customers will also be happy to know that their names will be printed onto the canvas, and that the needlepoint kits will include not only the canvas and thread, but they will also come with a counted stitch guide, counted color aid, and DMC matched color guide.

Our blogs explain how to make these so follow the links below:

Needlepoint Christmas Ornaments Using Quick Stitches

How to make Needlepoint Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Needelpoint Chrismas Stocking

Personalized Needelpoint Chrismas Stocking

It is never too early to start planning for Christmas particularly if there are several little ones in your family. There are nine little ones in my extended family circle, and each now has his or her custom needlepoint Chirstmas stocking printed by Needlepaint and lovingly stitched by me.

I had some assistance from Needlepaint’s designer, who created two designs to which I could add the individual names. (Luckily there are only 2 little ones per family and they live in different parts of the world.)

My first two stockings were stitched with the traditional Continental  Stitch. After that I got creative and used a variety of different stiches as shown in the completed stocking below.

To finish the stockings, I lined the canvas with red cotton and then made the back of the stock out of red wool cut on the bias so there was some give to allow for more goodies to be stuffed in by Santa.

These design are available on our Etsy NeedlePaint Shop and can be customize with your name(s) on the checkout page. Please limit names to 12 letters. Stocking design is printed on Zweigart Mono 14 point , and is 16” x 10.25″.

And more designs are coming soon!