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This week we’ll start off with some great feedback we received this week:

“Got it in the mail yesterday!  Thank you.  Am starting on it today and can’t wait to finish.  I ended up sending a picture of the canvas to ***  so he could see it – his 14 year old blind and deaf dog – who he rescued in 2002 from the shelter, died yesterday.  Seeing him on the canvas – and soon on the belt – made him smile.  He can’t wait to wear the belt!  Thanks again,”  Robin 06-10-14

“Thank you. I sent your info to my 3 sisters and a few needlepointer friends. Love your service.” Amy 06-06-14

“Just received it!  Can’t wait!” Andrew – 06-09-14

“I received the belt and it looks really cool… If any of his peers want to order one, I’ll send them to you.”  Sarah 06-11-14

“I finally got the belt and it looks amazing!! I love it!” Ashley 06-09-14


Next, is a picture of a the green mountain needlepoint belt that one of our customers just finished (and we just designed a new canvas for).  Great stitching Kaity!

Green Mountain Needlepoint Belt

Green Mountain Needlepoint Belt

Another fun project we worked on is a custom needlepoint christmas stocking.  The stitcher wanted to feature Shrek in the design as the recipient is a big fan.  I think it came out amazing!

Shrek Needlepoint Stocking

Shrek Custom Needlepoint Stocking Canvas


And last this week are a bunch of custom designed needlepoint belt kits that we did.  If you look closely, you’ll see some really great ideas in there.  I love the Mt. Rainier design!  (sorry for the blurry pics, the light was getting low, but I think the ideas come across well enough to enjoy)

Custom Sporting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Sporting Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Life Treasurers Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Life Treasurers Needlepoint Belt Canvases


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