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Merry Christmas, Isaac and Alex – Needlepoint Stockings!


Stocking Deck3

The stocking are ready for Santa with time to spare. The finishing touches on Alex’s stocking were:

  • Silver buttons, blue eyes, and a read nose for the snowman
  • A red glass bead nose for Rodolf and bead eyes for all the reindeer
  • A blue glass bead eye for little penguin.

On Isaac’s stocking I added:

  • Glass bead eyes for the penguin
  • A mouth for the ginger bread man out red glass beads stung together
  • Glass bead eyes for Santa
  • Large red beads for the holly berries on the Santa’s airplane

Each needlpoint piece is with light-weight cotton cut on the bias and then the back of each is wool, also cut on the bias. Both are trimmed with gold braid.

To see more about the stitches I chose, click here, here, and here

And click here to see more personalized needlepoint stocking designs!



Shaded Backgrounds – Needlepoint Stitches

Thinking that it might be nice to have snow falling behind the penguins of the Alexander and Issac stockings, I tried a blue and white mosaic strip as diagrammed below in blue and grey.

TwoColor Sky GridLargePenguin

TwoColorSkyThis was a “NO, NO!” The penguins got lost with the business of the background. I was back to the drawing board. And time to remove the unwanted stitches. (It is good to remember that removing stitches should be done in the reverse of LIFO (last in first out). Unless absolutely necessary, you don’t want to reuse thread, particularly when working with wool. )

I really liked the stitch. It covered the canvas well and was quick to do.  And the added bonus was that the white was easy to take out.LittlePenguin

By changing the white in the photo, to a slightly lighter blue on the Isaac stocking’s large penguin, I got a background that gave some depths and movement.

For the Alexander’s little penguin, I reversed the direction of the stitches (i.e., rotated the diagram 90 degrees) and used a darker blue for the grey stitches.

My fingers were flying and ready of Isaac’s Santa. Santa got a variegated blue sky, the puffy snow for his airplane’s exhaust, and a shiny propeller (more about metallic threads in my next blog).



Let It Snow – Needlepoint Stitches

Of course, the penguins on the Isaac and Alexander stockings have to be walking on snow. Should it be soft and fluffy or icy and crunchy? My answer is both.

The large penguin on Issac’s stocking is walking of soft fluffy snow which is a variation of the oblong cross stitch. I have worked it across only one horizontal canvas thread rather than on two canvas threads as shown  in The Needlepoint Book by Joe Ippolito Christensen.


This diagram shows it done in two different thread colors because it is worked in two separate parts. First worked the light yellow stitches and then the dark yellow stitches, but both with the same slightly off-white thread. I used a slight off-white thread so that the stark white of the penguin would be more pronounced.

The Santa Penguin looks like he is walking on a cloud. Having worked the stitches over just one canvas thread, I got a thick, dense stitch which added a nice dimension.

And yes, he is not finished! He will get an eye for which I will use a glass bead and maybe a tie around his sack.

When I got to the penguin on the Alexander stocking, I decided that I didn’t like him floating in the blue as printed in my design.  I thought that I would put him on some soft snow like Santa penguin. It didn’t work. So, he was bound to get the icy snow. Using a vertical giant knitting stitch, I put him on ice.


Icey Snow

I worked the stitches from left starting at the top of each column of stitches. Since there wasn’t any snow printed on my canvas, I was free to put in an many icy spikes and as irregularly as I wanted. The fact that the printed background was blue, the finish stitches have an even icier feel because a bit of the blue peaks through.

Again I used a slightly off-white thread to contract the little penguins white and he needs an eye, too.




If you look closely at the two penguins, you might notice that the two skies behind the penguins look irregular.  It is not just the lighting, They are! In the next blog, I will explain the stitches and threads I used.

I’ll probably use the same oblong cross stitch for the exhaust of Santa’s plane on Issac’s stocking. What do you think?

New Christmas and Kids Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases

I’ve mentioned her before, but it is aways good to remind our readers.

We have a great painter in the Denver area that will do custom projects for us.

This week I met with her for two projects she painted of kids names spelled out in playful kid shapes.  (see the bottom photo)

While chatting, she also had two projects she had finished for women in her stitching group which I love!  The angel stocking really came out amazing.

Angel Hand Painted Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Canvas

Angel Hand Painted Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Canvas

The santa greetings is just fun, she even had the needlepoint that she stitched years ago with her!

Greetings Santa HandPainted Needlepoint Canvas

Greetings Santa HandPainted Needlepoint Canvas

Greetings Holiday Needlepoint

Greetings Holiday Needlepoint

Kids Alphabet Personalized Name Needlepoint Canvas

Kids Alphabet Personalized Name Needlepoint Canvas




Four New Needlepoint Stockings for Next Christmas

It is never too early to start on a personalized needlepoint christmas stocking.

If you’ve stitched one in the past, you’ll know the projects can stretch out over months, and if you start too late you may have to wait until the following year until it is done and ready for the recipient!

We created four new designs this month.

Two new Avesta designs that are coordinating but different.  These are just ripe for the creative stitcher, but detailed enough that any stitch is going to look great! Colorful Avesta Stocking Kit  Mixed Avesta Stocking Kit  Original Avesta Stocking Canvas

The Lollipop Mixed Stocking Needlepoint Kit coordinates with the Christmas Treats Canvas.

And lastly, the new Santa’s Dove Needlepoint Canvas could coordinate with the Reindeer Stocking and Nutcracker Stocking Needlepoint Kit.  These are not as color matched, but still would work together nicely.

Keep in mind, if you love these designs but want to change the color pallets, just let us know, all of our orders are custom made and of course your names will be put on your stockings and a preview emailed before the canvas is shipped!








Santa's Dove Christmas Stocking Needlepoint Kit

Santa’s Dove Christmas Stocking Needlepoint Kit



Peace on Earth Personalized Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Spread your Christmas wishes and delight a family member with a personalized needlepoint christmas stocking.

Peace on Earth is a dream we all share in hopes for a brighter future.  The lion and the lamb symbolize the coming together of foes and the end of suffering on Earth.

Your Peace on Earth Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Kit is designed to be personalized with the name printed onto the canvas, so you won’t have to free hand anything!

If you want us to commission your own design, just let us know, we’d love to help!

Peace on Earth Personalized Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Peace on Earth Personalized Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Preview

Fair Isle Needlepoint Christmas Stockings

Welcome our latest needlepoint christmas stocking design to our shop!

The Fair Isle needlepoint christmas stocking canvases come in three different colors, or if you have other colors in mind, you can just let us know in the notes on your order, and we can create a custom needlepoint design for you.

Each personalized needlepoint kit is made to order and we will email you a preview of your design for your approval.

You still have enough time to finish a stocking for christmas, but I’d recommend getting started very soon!

Fair Isle Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Blue

Fair Isle Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Blue

Fair Isle Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Red and Green

Fair Isle Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Red and Green

Fair Isle Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Chocolate

Fair Isle Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Chocolate



Personalized Snowman Stocking Needlepoint Kit

We updated our website over the summer to include a shop for needlepoint stocking designs.

What you can’t always tell from a picture, is how great the names come out on the canvas.

Our Personalized Snowman Stocking Needlepoint Kit

This snowman needlepoint stocking design has been quite popular and leaves a lot of ideas to the stitcher to play with the snowflakes.  I can imagine using metallics and fun stitches to make them really pop!

This needlepoint kit was made on 14 mesh canvas and is 19 x 12.35 inches on a 21 x 15.5 inch canvas.

New Personalized Needlepoint Stocking Canvas Design

Peggy’s at it again, already planning for this Christmas.  You’ll see some new modern needlepoint designs coming soon, but this mosaic personalized needlepoint stocking is a good twist on some of our existing traditional designs.

There are complimentary stockings and needlepoint ornaments to this, to see all of our needlepoint canvases, visit our personalized needlepoint kits shop.

Mosaic Needlepoint Stocking Canvas Photo

To buy and personalize this Christmas stocking canvas in our shop, click here.