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Large House Needlepoint Kit from Photo

Last week we designed and made a needlepoint kit for a stitcher who’s son recently purchased a new home.

The size she wanted to stitch was 23 inches by 13 inches.  The tricky part was that she could not get the two doors of the house to show up in the same image.  She emailed me 4 images, and I took two of the angles that I thought would work, and stitched them together.

It came out looking muddy due to the colors and lighting of the day, so after reviewing it with her, we decided I would “touch up” the canvas to make it easier to stitch.  The touch up included removing the grill and trash cans, along with a lot more things she didn’t think were needed.  We even added a new sky above the house.  After sending her the touched up preview, she loved it!  She received the canvas and was thrilled, which is always nice to hear  🙂

Even if your needlepoint photo is not perfect, if you contact us, we can probably help!  Visit our website to get our phone number and email address.

Photo of the House Needlepoint Kit

Original NeedlePaint Preview of the Stitched Photo



Really Cute Dog Needlepoint Kit

We made a new needlepoint kit for a friend, and I just have to share it.

Our friend is a photographer and shared this picture of his dog, and look at how well the dog needlepoint canvas came out!

Using photos for needlepoint is easy, if you want to create a custom needlepoint kit, go to our website, and try it out.  If you want help, email us at info (at) or check out our needlepoint design help blog.

Beautiful Dog Needlepoint Kit

Double Mesh Penelope Needlepoint Kit

This custom needlepoint kit project came in last week, and is being flown half way around the world!  The customer contacted us to see if we can do our stitch counted needlepoint process from a photo of artwork from a museum in Paris.

Lucky for us, we have just started experimenting with penelope canvas (sometimes known as double mesh) and found that while not as good as mono, it does come out pretty well.  See the attached images!

Double Mesh Needlepoint Kit Close Up

Double Mesh Needlepoint Kit

The issue to be aware of with the stitch counted needlepoint on penelope canvas is that we can’t single out the petit point stitches.  But, this was OK for our past few customers as they just prefer to work on penelope canvas and said they will add small details if they think it is needed.

Fun Custom Needlepoint Belt Kit

We love making custom needlepoint kits here, and a few weeks ago, we had a fun summer needlepoint design come up.

The customer wants to make a needlepoint belt for her husband, and after seeing what was available, she really wanted to stitch something special and personal.

She emailed us a bunch of her husband’s favorite golf clubs and we took it from there.  Take a look at how well her custom needlepoint canvas turned out!

Belt canvases run around $50.00 and if you want us to do the design there may be an additional $15.00 design fee.

Close up of the NeedlePoint Belt Canvas

Entire needlepoint best with monogram and repeating pattern

Beautiful Needlepoint Flower Inspiration

I was going through my camera over the weekend and came across one of the beautiful needlepoint canvases we made a few months back.

The color on these lilies came out really well, I am looking forward to seeing this needlepoint kit finished!

Personalized Hand Painted Kids Needlepoint Canvases

We’ve added more hand painted needlepoint designs to the website!

The Custom Name Creations are each as individual as the person they are designed for. Choose from a wide variety of designs for kids, and customize with favorite animals, objects and colors.  Customer input is welcome for color preferences or content.

Each personalized needlepoint canvas can be purchased alone or with floss as a needlepoint kit.

Right now, we are featuring kids needlepoint designs, but in the future we will be adding more types hand painted needlepoint designs.  If you have any requests, please let us know!

You can view all of our personalized needlepoint designs here.

Girlie Things Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

Cartoon Cars Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

Timeless Needlepoint Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow

One of our customers just finished her needlepoint ring bearer pillow and we love it!

The needlepoint kit is was our gray timeless design but what I really love is how she framed the pillow and made a box edge.  Also, the charcoal gray velevet looks great!

Finally, see if you can notice the extra Bling she added!

Gray Timeless Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Front View

Gray Timeless Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Side View

Custom Logo Pillow Needlepointed and Finished!

We made a needlepoint kit for a stitcher at Canine Assistance that came out wonderfully!

She needlepointed it, and then sent it back to us to make into a pillow.  Our needlepoint pillow finisher stretched, cleaned, and blocked the needlepoint and then did a great job turning it into a pillow in under 2 weeks!

One of the nice things with this project, was that the customer sent us the material for the backing, as matching colors can be a bit tricky, it is always best done by the stitcher.  But, we do have a consistant supply of Black, Red, Burgandy, and Green velveteen fabric.  The picture is a darker green, which we don’t stock.

Custom Logo Needlepoint Pillow for Canine Assistance

An Elegant Finished Edge

I was cleaning out the attic the other day (I  know, it isn’t the time for Spring cleaning, but with3 feet of snow on the ground cleaning the attic sounded like more fun than shoveling the driveway) and I found the original test needlepoint kit which we did for Needlepaint.  It was languishing away because we hadn’t really thought the end product through. The needlepoint canvas was a strange size, 6″ x 7″, so it didn’t fit in a standard frame.

By coincidence that colors matched the decor of my granddaughter’s bedroom. It would work on a pillow. My original idea was to use it an an insert, but after looking through my favorite needlepoint book The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen, I decided that if I used Jo’s binding technique I would get a finish edge in a contrasting color. The stitch is a variation of the fern stitch that is worked over two threads of the canvas instead of three.

The Needlepaint piece could then be sewn onto the pillow and could then be removed easily if the pillow needed washing.


  • Do not trim the canvas before doing the binding.
  • Block the canvas if necessary before binding.
  • Fold back and steam waste canvas in place before binding.
  • Trim waste canvas to 1/2″ after binding.
  • It may be desirable to reblock after binding

Coming soon, the finished pillow!