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Beautiful and Cool Custom Needlepoint Pillows

In case you have not seen our updated website, check it out!

We are no longer only selling needlepoint kits, we can now also stitch it and make into a pillow.

These are two custom needlepoint pillows we made a few weeks back, and I love all three of them!

We’re working on an instructional video to help you explain in more detail how to design your own pillow, but the website is actually quite simple so click here and give it a try!

Custom Needlepoint Pillows Photo 1

Custom Needlepoint Pillows Photo 1


Custom Needlepoint Pillow Photo 2

Custom Needlepoint Pillow Photo 2

Custom Logo Pillow Needlepointed and Finished!

We made a needlepoint kit for a stitcher at Canine Assistance that came out wonderfully!

She needlepointed it, and then sent it back to us to make into a pillow.  Our needlepoint pillow finisher stretched, cleaned, and blocked the needlepoint and then did a great job turning it into a pillow in under 2 weeks!

One of the nice things with this project, was that the customer sent us the material for the backing, as matching colors can be a bit tricky, it is always best done by the stitcher.  But, we do have a consistant supply of Black, Red, Burgandy, and Green velveteen fabric.  The picture is a darker green, which we don’t stock.

Custom Logo Needlepoint Pillow for Canine Assistance