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Last week we designed and made a needlepoint kit for a stitcher who’s son recently purchased a new home.

The size she wanted to stitch was 23 inches by 13 inches.  The tricky part was that she could not get the two doors of the house to show up in the same image.  She emailed me 4 images, and I took two of the angles that I thought would work, and stitched them together.

It came out looking muddy due to the colors and lighting of the day, so after reviewing it with her, we decided I would “touch up” the canvas to make it easier to stitch.  The touch up included removing the grill and trash cans, along with a lot more things she didn’t think were needed.  We even added a new sky above the house.  After sending her the touched up preview, she loved it!  She received the canvas and was thrilled, which is always nice to hear  🙂

Even if your needlepoint photo is not perfect, if you contact us, we can probably help!  Visit our website to get our phone number and email address.

Photo of the House Needlepoint Kit

Original NeedlePaint Preview of the Stitched Photo



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  1. Robert H. Clark said:

    I’m looking for a country sceen 6′ long x 3′ wide

    • Hi, unfortunately we can only make needlepoint canvases up to 40″ x 40″.

      I’d like to say I know a company who makes these size projects, but I have not seen many canvases this large at the shows I went to.

      Good luck! Seth

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