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Dive Into Needlepoint – Personalized Scuba Diving Belt

Seasoned scuba divers regularly see some of the most beautiful, rarely seen sights in the world underwater. Each dive is a chance to get away to a personal paradise and enjoy all of the beauty that nature has to offer. As most divers can attest to, a lot of time on land is spent thinking about the next dive. If you’re looking for a great reminder of your next adventure, look no further than the scuba diving needlepoint belt.

scuba diving needlepoint belt

Our custom needlepoint scuba diving belt is perfect for any diving enthusiast!

The belt showcases some of the most majestic sea creatures known to man. From the Black Tip Reef Shark, to the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, and even the Spotted Eagle Ray, the belt will remind you of the animals you’ve seen or hope to see in the future. The animals and the scuba diver on the belt are split with the traditional scuba diving flag, recognizable by aficionados everywhere.

You can customize your scuba diving needlepoint belt with a monogram to make it really yours, or customize it with a friend or family member’s initials to make a perfect gift for any occasion.

If you love to needlepoint and would like to stitch your own scuba belt, you can order the scuba diving needlepoint kit here.

Nantucket Needlepoint Belt

We just finished a new Nantucket needlepoint belt design this week.  The timing is perfect for the upcoming holiday!  This design features a silhoutte of Nantucket combined with the American flag.  If you live on another island or would like us to incorporate an American flag into a state silhoutte, let us know, we’d love to help!

Nantucket Needlepoint Belt

Nantucket Needlepoint Belt

The image below features the Nantucket design and 3 other American favorites from our shop.  Just in time for the 4th of July!

The other designs are the Stars and Stripes Belt, 4th of July Flag Belt, and the personalized Airforce Belt.

4th of July Needlepoint Belts

4th of July Needlepoint Belts

New Custom Needlepoint Belt Design Details

Those of you who are looking for help creating the perfect needlepoint belt for that special someone in your life should see the latest designs from last week!

You’ll see a custom college campus, lots of life treasures, a personalized nautical flag, and a custom duck hunting belt.

Some of the designs came out so well that I had to feature them in close up images.  I love the water skier and the 1956 Mercedes.

Please keep in mind that we sell fully stitched needlepoint belts AND for those who want to do the needlepoint themselves, we design and make needlepoint canvases for belts.

Also note, now is the time to get started on a design for Christmas!  If you like these designs, please share them!

Custom Needlepoint Belt Layout

Custom Needlepoint Belt Layout

Needlepoint Belt Details

Needlepoint Belt Details – Check out the 1956 Mercedes

Custom Needlepoint Belt Design Details

Custom Needlepoint Belt Design Details – Love the Water Skier!

Custom Needlepoint Belts Full Layout

Custom Needlepoint Belts Full Layout




Friday Favorites – Needlepoint from a Photo and Belt Canvases

If you’ve ever wanted to make a needlepoint canvas from a photo, below are some inspiring new projects!

You can easily create your own design on

Again this week we has some great feedback from our customers:

“Thank you so much for all of your help with this! I truly appreciate it!” – Gretel 3-11-14

“I received the belt today, thank you so much! I love it!! I will recommend you to my fellow stitchers!”  Sarah 3-10-14

Needlepoint Canvases from a Photo

Needlepoint Canvases from a Photo

Also, more personalized needlepoint belt canvases feature some great life details.

Personalized Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Personalized Needlepoint Belt Canvases

A final note, we will be away next week, so emails and calls will not be answered until March 24th.  Orders will be shipping on March 28th.  If you have any questions between now and then, feel free to write or call and leave a message, we will get back to you.

Beautifully Stitched Kids Needlepoint Belt

One of our customers recently shared with us some fantastic pictures a needlepoint belt we designed with her and that she stitched for her son.

Really this post is all about the pictures she took and the great colors.  She went to the store to hand pick the colors and really took the design to a new level.  (you can see the original colors on our Needlepoint Belt Design’s Post)  Great work Sloan!

Custom Designed Kids Needlepoint Belt

Custom Designed Kids Needlepoint Belt

Custom Navy Needlepoint Belt Preview

We’ve been quite busy designing personalized needlepoint belts the last few weeks!

I had to share this one, as it really came out well.

The flag and eagle with anchor only repeat once, but I would have had to cut them in half to make the preview accurate, so I left them on both sides so you could see them!

Some of the elements came from our Airplane Needlepoint Belt but new additions were the Eagle with Anchor, the Navy Logo, the Wings, Navy Chapel, and Navy Insignia.

If you have any custom needlepoint ideas, let us know!

Preview of the Navy Needlepoint Belt

Preview of the Navy Needlepoint Belt


The Navy Needlepoint Canvas for a Belt

The Actual Personalized Needlepoint Canvas

Yachting Needlepoint Belts

Do you know any sailors or yachties?  We’ve got the perfect gift idea!

Why not get them a personalized needlepoint belt with their yacht name?

This belt features a line diagram of the yacht, the name, the boat company’s logo, a lime, and a martini glass.  Other ideas for a belt are yacht club burgees, nautical flags, state flags, anchors, the possibilities are endless!

Each belt is hand stitched on 18 mesh canvas and uses 100% top grain leather.  Or, you can buy a custom needlepoint kit and stitch it yourself!  If you are interested in either option, go to our website,, and contact us.

Each order is designed to the exact size required, and a digital preview is emailed for approval.

Preview of a Custom Yacht Needlepoint Belt

Preview of a Custom Yacht Needlepoint Belt