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Explore A Scuba Diving NeedlePaint Project!

NeedlePaint has been inspired by one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world today — scuba diving! With our insatiable attraction to the undersea world, we have designed a selection of scuba themed canvases for you to explore. In addition, sharks remain the object of our fascination and fears, we think you will enjoy these canvases too.

Scuba Diving Flag Needlepoint Belt Canvas
Scuba Flag Needlepoint Belt Canvas

This flag is easily recognized with its bold color and simplistic graphic design.
The scuba diving flag, or diver down flag, is flown from a dive boat
warning other surface watercraft that a diver is in the water.


Scuba Diving Needlepoint Key Fob Canvas

Scuba Flag Needlepoint Key Fob Canvas

Similar to our Scuba Flag belt canvas, the diver down flag also looks great on a key fob canvas.
Feel free to personalize this canvas with your monogram or initials.


Mako Shark Needlepoint Key Fob Canvas

Mako Shark Needlepoint Key Fob Canvas

The Mako shark is viewed by the Maori people of New Zealand as a guardian spirit, and appropriately named Mako; the Maori word for shark. A fun key fob design featuring
a combination of the Mako shark and the scuba diving flag.


Personalized Scuba Diving Needlepoint Belt Canvas

Personalized Scuba Diving Needlepoint Belt

A gallery of underwater adventure is depicted on this scuba diving needlepoint belt design. Images include: a Spotted Eagle Ray, the Scuba Flag, a Hawksbill Sea Turtle,
a Scuba Diver, and a Black Tip Reef Shark.


Shark Needlepoint Belt Canvas

Shark Needlepoint Belt Canvas

The streamlined proportion of this needlepoint belt is a perfect backdrop for the beautiful lines of the shark. On a background color of rich ocean blue, you will see a variety of sharks including: Hammerhead, Black Tip Reef, Great White, Mako and a Tiger Shark.


Great White Shark Needlepoint Dog Collar Canvas

Great White Shark Needlepoint Dog Collar Canvas

A whimsical twist on a traditional dog collar! Our Great White Shark needlepoint dog collar is sure to make your dog feel like a tough guy, even though we all know he’s a real sweetheart.


On our NeedlePaint website, we do offer finishing services for your completed belt, key fob and dog collar needlepoint canvas, as well as other canvas types.

Explore a new NeedlePaint project and try something new: a new stitch, new type of thread, new mesh count, or a new theme. We have a variety of needlepoint canvases and would be happy to help you with any questions you may have at

Happy Stitching!



How To Stitch A Needlepoint Belt Canvas

By Peggy Bond

So you have a 5-inch wide by yard long printed needlepoint canvas for a belt. Where do we go now? To a split rail scroll frame which will keep your canvas relatively square while allowing you to access sections of the canvas without having to remove and reposition it.

The F.A. Edmunds 6” x 12” scroll frame is a great option. 

Before putting the canvas in the scroll frame, create “end stops” along the short sides of the canvas. The end stop is made with a doubled length of thread (i.e., 12 strands of floss or 2 strands of wool). First, do running stitches along one row as shown below. Then stitch over that row with a 2 x 2 Continental stitch. The end stops will prevent the canvas from slipping through the slotted dowel rod of the frame.

End Stop

End Stop Diagram

The narrow ends of the canvas are slid into the slotted dowel rods and should go all the way against the end of the slot. Insert the dowel rods into the frame’s spreader rails as shown below. The spreader rails should be flush with the edges of the belt canvas to reduce warping the canvas while stitching. 

In the Frame

Even when the rails’ wing nuts are not tight, the end stops should not be able to be pulled through the dowels and the frame should be a rectangle. The dowels can be turned to roll the canvas as it is worked. After positioning the canvas to a section for stitching, tighten the wing nuts on the rails.

Read to stitch

Where to start the stitching and in what order to do it is a personal choice. Personally, I prefer to stitch all of the images before attacking the background. There is no reason why images and elements can’t be done together as the canvas is wound on the dowels. The only thing to remember is not to stop the background stitches at the same vertical spot on each row.

Belts are most frequently stitched with the Tent stitches. For the belt shown below, the Continental and Half Cross Tent stitches were used for the images and lettering, and for filling in where the background stitch couldn’t fill. The background stitch is the Upright Cross. 

CTF Belt Section

Look for our future post on background stitches.

Here at NeedlePaint, we have a large assortment of needlepoint belt canvases we know you will love stitching!

NeedlePaint Turns Your Favorite Games Into Your New Favorite Needlepoint Accessories!

Here at NeedlePaint, we’ve been inspired by our favorite games, and have created some new needlepoint accessories you’ll love stitching, as well as using after they are finished. We’ve also discovered that both needlepointing and playing games, share some amazing benefits.

Playing a fun game provides for a break from the routine of day to day life. Games let you reconnect with family and friends, and enable you to enjoy the social aspects of spending time with those, whose company you love. Playing games are also a great way to get everyone involved, young and old, in one single activity.


Rack ’em up! Our new Billiards needlepoint wallet canvas, is fun for both the novice and competitive player. A game of great skill, accuracy, calculated moves, and precision study. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have paid attention in geometry class, as knowledge of angles can really boost your game. Just look out for that eight ball . . . it will always cause you trouble. This wallet will definitely add some color to your back pocket.

Did you know that needlepointing has some of the same benefits as playing billiards? Both improve analytical thinking, require planning, decision making, and are great for your eye-hand coordination.


There’s no spell check in this game!  Our Custom Classic Word Game needlepoint belt canvas, lets you create a custom phrase, spell out a quick message, list your kids names, or use our shown phrase “May the force be with you”. A fun belt to stitch and later to wear on family game night. Obi Wan Kenobi would love wearing this belt!

Needlepointing and word games are well known for keeping your mind sharp, as well as providing exercise for the brain, helping to maintaining memory function. Both require a certain level of singular focus, and concentration. No multi-tasking, necessary. 

Poker Needlepoint wallet

Ante Up! With our Poker needlepoint wallet canvas you will be the envy of all of your poker buddies. This is a game of chance, and it never hurts to have a fair amount of skill. Knowing when to bet and when to fold are crucial to your success of this game. You’ll enjoy opening this wallet and tossing a five spot onto the kitty.

Needlepointing and the game of poker develop logical thinking and develop concentration to help expand your long term ability to focus.

Check Mate! Stitch our Chess Needlepoint belt canvas for the novice or a competition player of the game of chess. We have designed this belt with that familiar game board and all of its pieces: pawns, rooks, knights, bishop, king and the queen. We guarantee stitching this needlepoint belt canvas will be easier than playing the game of chess.

Needlepointing and the game of chess, increase your creativity, exercise both sides of your brain, along with lowering your stress levels and blood pressure.

It’s time to enjoy a little down time, relax, reconnect with family and friends while playing a game; or do a little needlepointing . . . especially if you’ve had too much family togetherness. Calculate your next move and enjoy stitching your new NeedlePaint projects!

Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Belt Kits – Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and More Fun!

Happy Friday!

This week I’m really excited about the latest statue of liberty canvas design!  Look at the bottom left khaki design and you’ll see it.  Actually, look at all these, they are a great assortment of how talented our designers are!

Custom Needlepoint Belt Kits

Custom Needlepoint Belt Kits

Fun “Keep Calm” design from a customer.

Keep Calm Needlepoint

Keep Calm Needlepoint

More fun projects…

Fun Custom Needlepoint Projects

Fun Custom Needlepoint Projects

Custom House Needlepoint Kit

Custom House Needlepoint Kit

Dog Cat and Rabbit Needlepoint

Dog, Cat, and Rabbit Needlepoint

More positive feedback came in this week, too!

“Thanks for the canvas – was a nice surprise waiting for me after a short trip out of town.  It looks wonderful and I am anxious to get started – will be sure to send you some pics when it’s completed!”  Noelle 9-25-2014

“Just opened the canvas…and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  You did such a fabulous job capturing the dogs!!!…..and the thread colors are perfect!

I can’t say enough good things about you and your company…from start to finish you have been a pleasure to deal with.  I’m amazed at the quick turn around from concept ideas to finished canvas and even your packaging and shipping are terrific!    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your website!

I will definitely be a repeat customer and am already thinking about my next canvas!”  Sheila 9-23-2014

“My kit arrived yesterday, and I love it”  Jim 9-23-2014



Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Belts and Nautical Belt Canvases

This week we had so many great projects I’m breaking them up.

Below are some really fun mens custom needlepoint belts.

I am not sure which is my favorite this week, maybe the galloway cow belt canvas.  Let us know if you’ve got one!

Custom Handmade Needlepoint Belts

Custom Handmade Needlepoint Belts

Custom DIY Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom DIY Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Nautical Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Nautical Needlepoint Belt Canvases



NeedlePaint Reviews and Custom Needlepoint Kit Photos

I’m a bit late with this weeks Friday Favorites, but don’t worry, the eye candy has been photographed and can be viewed below!

We got some great reviews from happy customers again this week, so I’m gonna share that here for our new readers, those of you who have worked with us already can scroll down to the pictures.

“Just received the canvas yesterday and was THRILLED!!!  I also loved the fact that you included a color chart and how many stitches in the project!  I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and tell them about your wonderful service.  Thank you so much for everything and expect more orders in the future.”  Mary Ann – 2014-06-18

“I have at long last picked up the belts! This is only because they have been sitting on my desk in London and I haven,t been there till last week to collect them! Anywat they are really great . Thank you.”  Angela 2014-06-16

“Wow oh wow.  It’s arrived and I simply love the canvas and really helpful instructions.  The chart is going to be so helpful in getting the canvas to look exactly like the enclosed colour image.  Itching to get started.  Will be ordering my threads this afternoon.  Wonderful company and service.   Wish I could order hundreds now but in reality this project is not to be rushed but we’ll be showing it to all my friends. A huge thank you from me”  Jilly 2014-05-08

“Got it in the mail yesterday!  Thank you.  Am starting on it today and can’t wait to finish.  I ended up sending a picture of the canvas to ***  so he could see it….  Seeing him on the canvas – and soon on the belt – made him smile.  He can’t wait to wear the belt!  Thanks again,”  Robin 2014-06-10

On to the fun stuff, last week’s custom needlepoint projects!

Life Treasures Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Life Treasures Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases


Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Art Needlepoint Kits

Art Needlepoint Kits

Personalized Wedding Needlepoint Kits

Personalized Wedding Needlepoint Kits



Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Belts and Personalized Needlepoint Kits!

This week we have some great eye candy!

Starting with some custom needlepoint belts that we finished.  I’m really happy with how they turned out, I love the dogs and the horses!

Dog and Horse and Custom Needlepoint Belts

Dog and Horse and Custom Needlepoint Belts

Dog and Horse Close Up Needlepoint

Dog and Horse Close Up Needlepoint

Five Custom Needlepoint Belts

Five Custom Needlepoint Belts

More eye candy for belt lovers, these are unfinished needlepoint canvases for those like us who love to needlepoint!  Note the regatta belt design and the bow tie belt.

Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Last but not least are some really impressive needlepoint projects that I can’t wait to see stitched!

Two Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Two Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Personalized Needlepoint stocking and Custom Photo Needlepoint Canvas for Pillow

Personalized Needlepoint stocking and Custom Photo Needlepoint Canvas for Pillow

Last but not least, a needlepoint belt that is stitched but not put on leather yet.  Nice and strait!  Great stitching Andrew!

Liberty Needlepoint Belt

Liberty Needlepoint Belt Stitched

Liberty Part 2

Liberty Part 2



New Freshwater Fishing Needlepoint Belt Design

This design started as a compilation but as I got closer I realized we needed to make a dedicated freshwater gamefish belt!

Designed for the guys who head out at the crack of dawn in the summer looking for big one, this belt features some of the most popular fish found in midwest and east coast of the United States.  They are a: largemouth bass, bluegill, walleye, northern pike, stripped bass (freshwater), sunfish, perch, and smallmouth bass.

If there is a fish missing that you’d rather see on your needlepoint belt, let us know!

Freshwater Fish Needlepoint Belt

Freshwater Gamefish Needlepoint Belt

(All of our designs are available as a belt or you can stitch it yourself)


New Needlepoint Belt Designs and Christmas Reminder

Custom Needlepoint Belts have been a hot idea for Christmas!

We’ve got lots of new needlepoint belt canvas ideas, so when you’re ready to stitch the belt of your dreams, just let us know what you want, and we’ll create it for you.  Orders placed by Dec. 11th are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas, and orders placed by Dec. 17th can be 2nd day aired for an extra fee to arrive in time, too!

If you are looking for a finished belt, you have until Nov. 21st to email us your design.  We will be away from the office this week, so you will not get an invoice from us until Nov. 19, but don’t fear, we’ll make sure your belt is designed and stitched before Christmas.  Please send us an email or leave a message on our voicemail and we’ll be sure your order is processed in time.  Click here to contact us.

Anyway, back to the needlepoint belts.  The images below feature the canvases we made this week.  Some really fun needlepoint canvases, I can’t wait to see the belts!

custom needlepoint belt canvases

Fluer De Lis, Life Treasures, Texas, Football, Rock and Roll, Mountain, Turtle and another Life Treasures Needlepoint Canvases

Turtle belt, Texas belt, and Rock and Roll Needlepoint Canvases

A close up of the Turtle, Texas, and Rock and Roll Needlepoint Canvases!


The Directory of Needlepoint Belt Graphics

We’ve been creating a lot of graphics, and while we think our  custom needlepoint designs are great, we also want to make them available for you to design your own needlepoint belts!

We love to design custom needlepoint belt canvases!

We love to design custom needlepoint belt canvases!

This list is starting with over a hundred different graphics, but someday we hope to have thousands!

Each file looks very small, but these are stitch counted designs, and they are maximum 22 stitches high.

If you prefer to have us design the belt for you, you can order a Life’s Treasures needlepoint belt canvas in our shop.


Airplane GliderAirplane YF-22 Airplane Airplane BiplaneAirplane 2


Bull and Bear Chipmunk Conch Shell copy Cow Fox Good Fox Mole Monkey 1 Monkey 2 Moose Pig Skunk Squirrel with Palm Tree SquirrelLionElephant 2Penguin

Armed Forces

Army Eagle Army Special Forces Airborn Army Speical Forces Dive School Navy Chapel Navy Eagle Navy Insignia Navy Logo Navy Wings


Baseball bat and ball Baseball Major League



basketball 2 basketball with hoop basketball



Beer Bottle Pilsner Beer Budwiser Beer Cans Beer Coors Light Beer Keg 2 beer keg 3 beer keg Beer Mug 2 beer mug beer red solo cup beer tent





bird bermuda longtail Bird Blue Jay Bird DoveBird Eagle Silhouette Bird Eagle Bird Flying Hunting bird liverpool Bird Pheasant bird quail 2 Bird Woodcock Duck Blue Winged Teal Duck Head Duck Hunting Malard Duck Mallard Flying Duck Mallard Duck Red Headed Duck Wood duckCardinal on Tree Cardinal St. Louis Cardinal


Boat Fishing 3 boat fishing boat boat speedboat Boat Trawler Yacht Fishing Boat


Burgee CYC copy Burgee GLP copyBurgee Naples Yacht Club


Car Hurst Car Land Rover Car Saab 900Car VW JettaCar Audi Car BMWCar Ferrari Car M

Car Mercedes Car PorscheTruck Pickup Dodge Ram


Cat Face Profile Cat



Cooking and Food

Buffalo Wing Burger Sliders Chef Hat Chef Knife Chemex Coffee Maker Wine Glass and Bottle


DAD Block Letters



Deer Browning Deer copy deer head Deer Skull


Dog Beagle Dog Bichon Frise Dog Black and White English Setter Dog Black and White English Setter Dog Black Lab 3 Dog Black Lab 4 Dog Black Lab Head 2 Dog Black Lab Profile Dog Black Lab Dog Bone Dog Brittany Spaniel Dog English Springer Spaniel Head Dog German Shephard Dog Golden Retriever 2 Dog Golden Retriever 3 Dog Golden Retriever Head Dog Golden Retriever Dog Great Dane Dog Hound Dog Newfoundland Dog Pointer Dog pointing dog poodle Dog Schnauzer Dog Shih tzu  Dog St Bernard Dog Terrier Dog White and Brown Setter Dog White English Setter Dog with Bone Dog Yellow Lab 2 Dog Yellow LabDog Springer Spaniel Brown


Drinks and Cocktails

Lime Makers Mark Logo Makers Mark Martini Glass Big Martini Glass Whiskey Bottle Whiskey Bourbon Trail Whiskey Crown Whiskey Jameson Whiskey Makers 2 Whiskey Woodford Reserve Whisky Buffalo Trace Whisky Knob Creek Whisky makers mark small Wine Barrel Wine Rose FlatCoctail Manhattan


Fish Bass Fish Blue Fish Bluegill Fish Bonefish Fish Green Fish Lips Fish Lobster Fish Mahi Mahi Fish Marlin Fish Northern Pike Fish Perch fish redfish Fish Sailfish Fish Smallmouth Bass Fish Southern Tides fish spiney lobster Fish Stripped Bass Fish Sunfish Fish Trout 2 Fish Trout 3 Fish Trout Golden Fish TroutCrab

Fishing Gear

Fish Leur 2 Fishing Boat Fishing Fly 2 Fishing Fly Rod Bag and Trout Fishing Lure copy Fishing Lure Red Yellow Fishing Lure Fishing Rod 2 fishing rod 4 Fishing Rod Big Fishing Rod


American Flag Big flag bermuda 2 Flag British UK Flag California Flag Florida Flag Japan Flag Kentucky State Flag Maryland State Flag Maryland Flag North Carolina Flag Old South Africa Flag State LA Louisiana Flag State Mississippi Flag Sweeden Flag Tennessee Flag TexasIndiana Flag Italy Flag State Alabama Flag


Football 1 Football 2 Football 3 Football Cleveland Browns Football Helment Colgate Football Helmet 2 Football Helmet


Golf Bag Golf Ball and Tee side Golf Balls on Tee Golf Cart Golf Clubs Crossed 2 Golf Clubs with Ball Golf Clubs, Ball, and Tee Golf Green 2 Golf Green Wade Hampton Golf Green Golf Mountains

Guitar and Rock and Roll

Guitar Electric guitar Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rolling Stones


Horese Jockey Jersey Shirt Horse Head 1 Horse Head 2 Horse Head 3 Horse Head 4 Horse Head 5 Horse Head 6 Horse Head 7 Horse Head 8 Horse Head 9 Horse Head 10 Horse Head 11 Horse Head 12 Horse Jockey Jersey Horse Keeneland 2 Horse Keeneland Horse Polo Horse Race Horse shoe 2 Horse with numbers


Barn House ColonialHouse colonnade House Gray


Hunting Gun Revolver Hunting Hand Gun Hunting Shotgun Shell Hunting Shotgun Shells Vertical Rifel 3 Rifel Bullet 30 ot 6 Rifel Shotgun 12 bore Rifel Shotgun Beretta Rifel Shotgun Shell Green Rifel shotguns crossed rifel small Rifel Rifle 4


Baby Stork Banana Man Bat Cowboy Shorty's Dog with Bone Elmo Headphones Kids Blue Fish Kids Cat in Hat Kids Green Fish Kids Lorax Kids Red Fish Kids Silhouette Kids Tiger ladybug Pig 2 Sunglasses 2 Tractor John DeerChainsawBoy Scouts Logo Bulldozer CameraPalm Tree 2 Paw small Peach Rose small Superman UmbrellaElephant Whale Belugairish four leaf clover irish Shamrock


Lacross Helmet Lacross stick Lacross Sticks

Law and Order (Police and Fire, too)

Law Gavel Law Scale Police CarFire Truck Symbol Police Badge scale 2 law Scale

Nautical Flags

Nautical Flag A Nautical Flag B Nautical Flag C Nautical Flag D Nautical Flag E Nautical Flag F Nautical Flag G Nautical Flag H Nautical Flag I Nautical Flag J Nautical Flag K Nautical Flag L Nautical Flag M Nautical Flag N Nautical Flag O Nautical Flag P Nautical Flag Q Nautical Flag R Nautical Flag S Nautical Flag T Nautical Flag U Nautical Flag V Nautical Flag W Nautical Flag X Nautical Flag Y Nautical Flag Z

Nautical Theme

Anchor Heart Anchor compass rose 2 Compass Rose Hurricane Flag Knot Monkeys Fist Light House Jeckle Island Lighthouse 2 Marthas Vineyard Nantucket Nautical Compass Rose Newport Bridge Outer Reef Logo Scuba Flag


Sailboat A sym spinnikar Sailboat E Scow Sailboat Kids Sailboat Opti Sailboat spinnikar Sailboat Spinniker 2


Jackson Hole Mountains Green Mountains Large Skier 2 Skier 3 Skier

State and Country Outlines

Italy Outline State Alabama Outline State Connecticut state conneticut State Florida State Maine State Maui with dive flag State New Hampshire State New Jersey state North Carolina 2 State North Carolina State Ohio State South Carolina State Virginia State West Virginia


Laptop Computer with Pacman Laptop Computer Wall St Stock Chart


Tennis Ball Tennis Court Tennis Player Tennis Racket Old Tennis Racquet and Tennis Club Tennis Racquets with Ball Tennis Racquets


Wedding Hearts Wedding Rings

***Some of these designs are copyright protected and cannot be used for resale.