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Christmas Needlepoint Order Guidelines and Customer Highlights

Happy Friday!

We’re approaching Christmas again, and I wanted to let you know our timeline this year.

Fully Stitched Needlepoint Belts, Wallets, Dog Collars, and Flask – orders must be placed by November 1st.

Fully Stitched Pillows and Stockings – we cannot finish any new projects before Christmas.

Needlepoint Kits and Canvases (stock designs) – December 12th for free shipping, and Dec 19th for an extra fee.

Hanukkah = same as Christmas this year!

All right, now that is out of the way, onto the fun stuff  🙂  If you’ve worked with us before or follow our blog, you may have noticed that I’ve been lagging behind.  Our customers have been sending me amazing pictures and I have not had time to post them online yet!  Below are two custom needlepoint projects designed from photos:

The first project comes from Chunyen in VA.  She stitched an amazing portrait that she custom designed on our website, she did not skip any details!  Nice work!

Photo to Needlepoint Portrait

Next is a dog portrait turned into pillow by one of our customer’s mothers!  Stunning!

Dog Photo to Needlepoint

Custom House Portrait Needlepoint Pillows

We recently needlepointed two house portrait  custom needlepoint pillows for a customer over the holiday season, and they look amazing!

They emailed us water colors of the two homes that they wanted us to stitch and we worked with them to recreate them in needlepoint.

Whether you want to needlepoint the pillows yourself, or have us make the pillows, we’d love to help!

You can email us, or try turning your own photos into needlepoint on our website

Custom House Needlepoint Pillow

Custom House Needlepoint Pillow

Friday Favorites – Merry Christmas and Fun Needlepoint Treats!

I’m so fortunate do have a great team to work with.  I was aways last week with my family, but Karen kept everything going and ensured that all of our Christmas and Hanukkah orders made it out in time.  Thanks Karen!!!

The first project was a dozen custom designs that will be stitched into two rugs.  They are mountain themed and look like a lot of fun.  We kept the number of colors down and used 14 mesh and wool so there will be a lot of detail  This is a work in progress which we hope to share photos of when it is done!

Also, the customer loves it!  Here is their feedback after giving the gift: “Just wanted to let you know that (…)’s mother loved your work and she was so happy!  Thank you so much!  You did an amazing job!”  Christine 2014-12-17

Winter Mountain Needlepoint Kits

Winter Mountain Needlepoint Kits

Mountain Landscape Needlepoint Kits

Mountain Landscape Needlepoint Kits

If you read our blog regularly, you’ll know that we love designing needlepoint belts!  Below are more DIY needlepoint kits just in time for the holidays (or at least being able to get started and have something fun to work on with the whole family around).

Personalized Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Personalized Needlepoint Belt Canvases including our New Surfing Belt Design!

Last are a lot of personalized needlepoint designs that for sure will be cherished for years to come.

Personalized Needlepoint Kits

Personalized Needlepoint Kits

Large Portriat and Cardinal Photo to Needlepoint Kit

Large Portrait and Cardinal Photo to Needlepoint Kit

Wedding and Baby Needlepoint Kits

Wedding and Baby Needlepoint Kits

Below is some of the feedback we got this week, it really does make us feel great!  Again, big thanks to Karen!

“The canvas arrived today and I love it! Thank you so much!”  Kate 2014-12-17

“I received the belt with time to spare. GREAT JOB !!! GREAT BELT !!!”  Peter 2014-12-17

“We received the belt today and it looks wonderful!  Thank you so very much.  It was a pleasure working with you!”  Michelle 2014-12-20

“It arrived yesterday and it looks great! Thank you”  Elizabeth 2014-12-21

“Got the belt today and it looks great! Can’t wait to see my son’s reaction. I’ll probably be ordering another one in the future for my other son. Your work is great.”  Denise 2014-12-19

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all.  We’ll be working between the holidays, but taking days off here and there, so if we don’t reply to an email right away, please wait a day or two and we’ll be in touch.



Amazing Dogs in Needlepoint

We love our dogs here, and we love to make dog needlepoint kits for our customers, but every once in a while, we get some images that you have to see to believe.

Here are two amazing works recently finished by Dorothy in New York (she stitched Spud) and Linda in California (who stitched Parker).

Needlepointing a photo of your dog can be a challenge, but if you have the patience, it is worth it!

Nice stitching Dorothy and Linda and thanks for sharing!!!

Custom Needlepoint Dog

Parker a Custom Needlepoint Dog Project Finished by Linda

Spud a Custom Dog Needlepoint Project Stitched by Dorothy

Spud a Custom Dog Needlepoint Project Stitched by Dorothy

Spud Original Photo

Spud Original Photo


Friday Favorites Needlepoint Photo Canvases

It is friday, so I wanted to share a photo of some of our favorite needlepoint canvases we made this week!

I took a close up of the cat needlepoint canvas and the needlepoint belt canvases, the mountain belt is our latest design that will go up on the website next week!  Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, but I think you’ll enjoy them!  Happy stitching!

Friday Favorites -The Workshop Table - Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Friday Favorites -The Workshop Table – Custom Needlepoint Canvases

Cool Cat Needlepoint Canvas

Cool Cat Needlepoint Canvas



A Life's Treasurers Canvas and the Blue Ridge Mountains Needlepoint Belt Canvas

A Life’s Treasurers Canvas and the Blue Ridge Mountains Needlepoint Belt Canvas

Photo To Needlepoint Stitched!

Check out the photo needlepoint canvas that one of our customers just finished!

This was done on 18 mesh, and the detail is amazing.  She used a stitch counted canvas, and you can see why I think our photo to needlepoint process really is the best way to stitch a photo.

That said, really it is the stitcher who should be congratulated for her work.  Nice work MJ!!!

(Click this link in case you missed the blog discussing the photo vs stitch counted needlepoint canvases)

photo to needlepoint portrait

The traveling group photo is below, and the finished needlepoint photo portrait is above, Amazing!

Needlepoint Photo Portraits

Stitchers are always looking for fun new projects, and boy do we have great ideas!

This week, I want to show off some of the photo needlepoint portraits that we’ve made recently.

You can see three of the canvases on our workshop table.


Photo Needlepoint Portraits and Other Fun Projects!

Photo Needlepoint Portraits and Other Fun Projects!

There is one important thing if you are creating a photo needlepoint project that these three have in common.  This is that each of these is a close up of a single face or upper body.  This allows you to really catch the detail of the subject and not worry about the background.  In some cases, you can get two people to come out as well as these, but most often a single subject is the best.

If you want help taking your photo to needlepoint, you can try our website and see the preview of your custom needlepoint canvas for free!

If you don’t like how the colors are coming out, or want help cropping or editing your photo, or even want help starting from scratch, you can contact us directly, and we’d be happy to assist.

Also note, we match every kit that is a portrait (both human and animal) to the photo.  So, if the colors seem a little off, don’t worry, we’ll adjust them.  Computers are great tools, but still no substitute for the human eye!