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Beautiful Sunset Needlepoint

I was looking at Janet Perry’s fantastic website, nuts about needlepoint, today and came across one of the best looking projects I’ve seen in months!  The Naoshima Sunset was stitched by Lois Kershner and she won a prize at one of the ANG seminars last year for this!

This is custom needlepoint at it’s best.  The background is congress cloth, which was then stitched using light stitches and exposed canvas to achieve this effect.

Naoshima Sunset by Lois Kershner

Naoshima Sunset by Lois Kershner

If you have every wanted to needlepoint a photo, we’d be happy to help.  We specialize in making custom needlepoint canvases, and we use: (mono) 10, 12, 14, 18, interlock 14, and congress cloth.  You can preview the design on our website   I also see potential with cross stitch here with exposed canvas.

But, if you can take a class from Lois, she’ll teach you new techniques to use!  You can see here needlepoint class schedule for 2013 here.

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