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A Very Needlepoint Christmas to All

Christmas and Hanukkah are almost here!  Our little workshop has shipped over a hundred belts this past week and almost as many needlepoint kits.  We hope they all arrive and bring smiles to families across the country.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, and are looking forwards to 2017.  We’ll be offering some new services for our needlepointers and for our customers who are looking for fully stitched products.

Those of you thinking of taking up a new hobby, please check out what an art needlepoint really is.  You’re in for a treat, we have a Customer Spotlight at the bottom of this post.

Needlepoint Christmas Belt

Our first Big announcement for 2017 is that we’re now selling fully stitched custom needlepoint stocking!  We’ve sold some over the years, but finally have put a listing online in our Etsy shop.  Our designers are here to work with you, whether you’re trying to match an heirloom needlepoint stocking, or looking for an updated needlepoint design, needlepoint stockings truly are timeless.

Personalized Nutcracker Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Our Fully Stitched Nutcracker Needlepoint Stockings in wool with velvet backing.

What better to give than a gift of personal memories!  These custom needlepoint pillows are going to a fishing lodge, but I had to sneak some pictures under the tree.

Needlepoint Fishing Pillows

Needlepoint Fishing Pillows

And those of you who made it this far are in for a treat.  Lisa, in New York just finished her second project ever.  She stitched this amazing Clara Nutcracker Stocking!  It is the same design as above (we did customize the background a bit), but you can see her talent in selecting her own colors and especially choosing fun stitches and embellishments that add even more depth and texture to the stocking.  Nice work Lisa!

Needlepoint is Fun and amazing. I hope you share these images with your friends and help inspire them to learn to needlepoint in 2017!

Fun Stitch Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Fun Stitch Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

High Quality Custom Needlepoint Belts Delivered in Time for Christmas

We’ve got more pictures from this year’s Christmas orders!  This blog post features pictures and reviews of our custom needlepoint belts.

We’ll start with one review and put the rest at the bottom of this post.

“The belts arrived today.  As my sons will soon be saying, “These are AWESOME!”  They are indeed  gorgeous.  Thx. Very much.”  Paul 2014-12-23

Those of you looking for 2015 Christmas Gift ideas, please note that these custom needlepoint belts were ordered at the end of October and very early November, so please try to plan ahead!

High Quality Quality Custom Needlepoint Belts

High Quality Quality Custom Needlepoint Belts

Christmas Gift Custom Needlepoint Belts

Christmas Gift Custom Needlepoint Belts

Now on to some more detail!

Scuba Diving, Country Flag, and Bowdoin College Needlepoint Belts

Scuba Diving, Country Flag, and Bowdoin College Needlepoint Belts

Custom Hand Stitched Needlepoint Belt

Custom Hand Stitched Needlepoint Belt

Last as promised is some of the feedback we got this week from customers who ordered these belts:

“The belt arrived safely and was a huge success!  Thanks so much for getting it there on time!   …PS – and I will suggest this to a couple of other wives as a gift – it is so wonderful”  Ward 2014-12-23

“I received the belt tonight, it looks fabulous!” Alicia 2014-12-22

“The belts are beautiful! I can’t wait to have them open them-thanks again. Just an awesome job:)!”  Kathryn 2014-12-19

“I received the belt and it looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to give it to him tomorrow. Thanks to you and your team for such an awesome job”  Molly 2014-12-22

“The belt is here and it’s fabulous! Thank you SO MUCH for making this happen before Christmas.”  Connie 2014-12-22

“Got the belt It looks great!!!!”  Elizabeth 2014-12-22

“We received the belt today and it looks wonderful!  Thank you so very much.  It was a pleasure working with you!”  Michelle 2014-12-20

“Got the belt today and it looks great! Can’t wait to see my son’s reaction. I’ll probably be ordering another one in the future for my other son. Your work is great.”  Denise 2014-12-19

“I received the belt with time to spare. GREAT JOB !!! GREAT BELT !!!”  Peter 2014-12-17