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Wedding Ornament Needlepoint Kits

Wedding bells are ringing again!
There are a lot of “firsts” for a newly married couple, and the celebration of a first Christmas together is definitely on top of the list. NeedlePaint has designed some new wedding ornament canvases for you to stitch; which are great to go with a wedding gift, or as a gift for Christmas. Weddings are full of tradition, superstitions, and good wishes.
Stitch something special for that very lucky couple!

Hope Doves Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
If a bride tucks a sugar cube into her glove,
the sugar will sweeten the wedding union” — according to Greek culture.

Wedding Doves Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress means good luck.

Wedding Doves Needlepoint Pillow Canvas
Wednesday is considered the best day to marry, although
Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health” — according to English tradition.

Formal Wedding Attire Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“The tradition of a groom carrying his bride across the threshold,
will bravely protect her from evil spirits lurking below.”

Peace Doves Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“Saturday is the unluckiest wedding day, oddly enough it’s the most popular day
of the week to marry” — according to English folklore.

Our First Christmas Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“When a bride puts a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother
in each shoe, it will ensure that she’ll never be without money
” — according to Swedish tradition.

Snow Couple Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“Rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck” — according to Hindu tradition.

Tree of Life Birds Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“For a bit of good luck, Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day.”

Wedding Sampler Needlepoint Ornament Canvas
“Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because
it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.”

Tree Of Life Birds Needlepoint Pillow Canvas
In Holland, a pine tree is planted outside of a newly married couple’s home,
as a symbol of luck and fertility.

Create a needlepoint keepsake for a newly married couple!
We would love to help with your wedding ornament or pillow canvases
and do offer finishing services. Please contact us with any questions
you may have at

After all, handmade gifts are the gifts that are remembered!

Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows and Custom Needlepoint German Shepherd Pillows

If you’ve never seen a custom needlepoint pillow before, then this post may open your eyes to the lovely look and texture that only needlepoint allows. (Be sure to zoom in all the way and to the stitching!)

First off, we have the Taza and Poitiers pillows, both are elegant designs especially designed for weddings.

Custom Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

Custom Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

Taza Needlepoint Wedding Pillow

Taza Needlepoint Wedding Pillow

The other project we finished this week was two custom german shepherd needlepoint pillows from photos.  Don’t they look amazing!

Needlepoint German Shepherd

Needlepoint German Shepherd Pillows



Friday Favorites – Kids Belt – Dog Needlepoint – Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Canvas

One picture shows a lot of fun to needlepoint!

Kids Belt Dog Needlepoint and Wedding Pillow Needlepoint Canvas

Kids Belt, Dog Needlepoint, and Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Needlepoint Canvas

Also, this week we got some great feedback from our customers

“Just got the package….it looks great!”  Amy 4-22-14

“Just wanted to let you know that the canvas and yarn arrived today.  Looks fabulous! ” Judy 4-15-14

Have a great weekend everybody!

Personalized Taza Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows and Needlepoint Canvases

Our design team came out with a fantastic pattern for a new wedding ring bearer pillow!

Inspired by some trending patterns, the Taza needlepoint ring bearer canvas works both traditional and modern.

Needlepoint ring bearer pillows make great gifts and will be a cherished part of any new couples’ home and will always remind them of their special day.

Each order is printed on a personalized needlepoint canvas and a digital proof will be emailed to you for your approval before your canvas is made.  If you are interested in having a needlepoint pillow made, please contact us, it takes us about 8 weeks to stitch and finish an order.

Nice work Tracey!

Taza Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Needlepoint Preview

Taza Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Needlepoint Preview

Yellow Taza Ring Bearer Pillow Neeldepoint Canvas

Yellow Taza Ring Bearer Pillow Neeldepoint Canvas