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NeedlePaint Belt Reviews

If you follow the blog, you’ll know that we get good feedback, but this blog post is specific to our needlepoint belts.

Last week we send out some more belts and our customers were delighted.  Here are two testimonial reviews that we got, makes a stitcher feel good!

“We received it and LOVE it!!!!  I want to order another one for my father in law.  His birthday is in mid-July but I suspect it may take longer, which is fine (we can just show him a picture and he can wait!).  I’ll order another now 🙂  Thanks for all your hard work!”  Rachel 5-21-2014

“Just have my husband his belt and he loves it! It turned out so well and it fits perfectly!!! My two sons are so jealous so I will definitely be placing orders for each of them in the near future:) …  Thank you again for making my vision a reality and for creating such a wonderful momento for my hubby!”  Kathryn 5-20-2014

Well, that sums up the whole design process to happy customer.  I always love to put pictures in our posts, so below is a photos we took a while back, but you can see newer belts by going through our blog.

Custom Needlepoint Belts by NeedlePaint

Custom Needlepoint Belts by NeedlePaint

Custom Yachting Needlepoint Belt

Custom Yachting Needlepoint Belt


Yachting Needlepoint Belts

Do you know any sailors or yachties?  We’ve got the perfect gift idea!

Why not get them a personalized needlepoint belt with their yacht name?

This belt features a line diagram of the yacht, the name, the boat company’s logo, a lime, and a martini glass.  Other ideas for a belt are yacht club burgees, nautical flags, state flags, anchors, the possibilities are endless!

Each belt is hand stitched on 18 mesh canvas and uses 100% top grain leather.  Or, you can buy a custom needlepoint kit and stitch it yourself!  If you are interested in either option, go to our website,, and contact us.

Each order is designed to the exact size required, and a digital preview is emailed for approval.

Preview of a Custom Yacht Needlepoint Belt

Preview of a Custom Yacht Needlepoint Belt

Quilt Designs Look Great in Needle Point Too!

Our latest needlepoint kit is a deconstructed quilt.  The geometry of quilt designs can be very inspiring for art work and shape patterns.  I decided to try it on a pillow and it turned out quite nice!  Turn your favorite quilt into a custom needlepoint canvas and make a pillow to match your bedroom.  Or just use our pre-made design and maybe even make a quilt to complement.  A colorful pillow can add some eclectic flare to your room and give it a warm inviting feel.

Photo credit: jessica wilson {jek in the box} / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

This beautiful pillow is part of our bargello series, but may be the start of a quilt inspired series.  Give us your feedback!  Time to start stitching!!

Patchwork Bargello Needlepoint Kit

Making Embroidery Floss Stitch Evenly in Needlepoint

6 Strand Embroidery Floss

We recently had an issue with 6 strand cotton embroidery floss that I think others may find helpful.

A customer told me that they felt the embroidery floss we supply with our needlepoint kits was ‘messy’.  After doing some research (they called the shop owner a Phoenix Needlepoint) they found that if you pull apart the 6 strands, then run them back together in a strait line that the stitches are much neater.

I’ve not heard this before, but I checked with Peggy, and she mentioned that she does something similar.

“After I cut the thread to a 12-15 inch length, I always run it through my fingers to get any twists out of it. This makes it lay flat and even.”

“The other issue might be the direction in which she is doing the stitch. You want whenever possible to bring your thread from the back to the front in a hole that does not already have thread in it…then you go from front to back into the hole with thread. If you come from the back in a hole with thread there is drag on your thread which can cause irregularity.”

The Needlepoint Mini-Brick Door Stop

My great-aunt, Mrs. Jo, loved to do needlepoint. She was prolific! She was always looking for something new to do. My mother, sister, and I would bring her printed pillow tops, bell pulls, and seat covers. When she finished these, and if we were slow in bringing her new projects, she would use the left over yarn to make brick covers with random triangle patterns. The covered bricks were our door stops. So, I didn’t have slamming doors until the covers wore out recently.

Mrs. Jo has been dead for over 30 years. I was on my own to make new ones. Bricks are BIG! On my trip to Home Depot to buy a brick, I discovered that all bricks are not created equal and there is a myriad of size choices, including a small “paver.” I wasn’t sure that the paver would be heavy enough to hold the door open, so I bought one for a test. To my delight, it worked – less time, fewer stitches, less yarn, less canvas. Voila, the mini-brick!

The pavers are 6” x 3” x 1.8”. The overall dimension of the design on my Needlepaintcustom needlepoint canvas was 10” x 7” and the design was inspired by Dover Publications Celtic Art books with CD-ROM.

I framed up my canvas and went to work. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the 14 point canvas worked up, compared to the larger brick I had finished previously. Also, having used a large scroll frame(12” x 12”), the canvas remained square and need very little blocking.

I used a variation of Henry Babcock’s instructions for finishing the brick , which was that I wrapped the brick in flannel to protect my Needlepaint canvas. Then I followed Henry’s directions. Now I have one less door slamming closed.