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The Needlepoint Mini-Brick Door Stop

My great-aunt, Mrs. Jo, loved to do needlepoint. She was prolific! She was always looking for something new to do. My mother, sister, and I would bring her printed pillow tops, bell pulls, and seat covers. When she finished these, and if we were slow in bringing her new projects, she would use the left over yarn to make brick covers with random triangle patterns. The covered bricks were our door stops. So, I didn’t have slamming doors until the covers wore out recently.

Mrs. Jo has been dead for over 30 years. I was on my own to make new ones. Bricks are BIG! On my trip to Home Depot to buy a brick, I discovered that all bricks are not created equal and there is a myriad of size choices, including a small “paver.” I wasn’t sure that the paver would be heavy enough to hold the door open, so I bought one for a test. To my delight, it worked – less time, fewer stitches, less yarn, less canvas. Voila, the mini-brick!

The pavers are 6” x 3” x 1.8”. The overall dimension of the design on my Needlepaintcustom needlepoint canvas was 10” x 7” and the design was inspired by Dover Publications Celtic Art books with CD-ROM.

I framed up my canvas and went to work. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the 14 point canvas worked up, compared to the larger brick I had finished previously. Also, having used a large scroll frame(12” x 12”), the canvas remained square and need very little blocking.

I used a variation of Henry Babcock’s instructions for finishing the brick , which was that I wrapped the brick in flannel to protect my Needlepaint canvas. Then I followed Henry’s directions. Now I have one less door slamming closed.