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We had a customer looking for a one of a kind needlepoint belt featuring the Academical Village / Pavilions at the University of Virginia.

With confidence I told him I thought we could make something that will make his friends jealous.  I think we nailed it!

University of Virginia Academical Village Needlepoint Belt

University of Virginia Academical Village Needlepoint Belt

This design is now available as a personalized needlepoint belt.  We can adjust the monogram and graduation year to order.  Or, it is also available as a stitch it yourself needlepoint kit!

Below I took a photo of the whole belt.  The waviness and blurry spots are due to the “panorama effect” trying to move across the belt and shoot the picture in one shot using my phone.  Still a great picture of a great belt!

We specialize in custom college campus needlepoint belt designs, so if you have a school you’d like us to design a belt for, let us know!

Custom College Campus UVA Belt Whole Design

Custom College Campus UVA Needlepoint Belt Whole Design

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  1. kevin cook said:

    Nice Post.

    • Karen Mason said:

      Thanks Kevin!

      Let us know if we can ever be of help with a needlepoint belt for you.


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