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Way to Go Villanova! – Needlepoint

A 3-pointer at the buzzer! Almost too much to believe. The Cats never won the NCAA while I was a student at VU in the Sixties, but basketball season was almost as important as classes. I don’t think I ever missed a home game. Back in those days our student activities fee entitled us to free tickets, and we crowded into our small field house or took the train in Philly to the University of Pennsylvania’s Palestra to cheer on the Cats. I remember several games that ended with a buzzer shot for 2 points. This was long before the 3-pointers and before several of the buidlings on our Campus at Villanova University Belt.

Villanova Basketball Needlepoint Belt

I have yet to stitch this design but will now have to do it and admit to my age — Class of ’69. That wasn’t just before the 3-pointer and new buildings, but before VU was co-ed. I was one of the first women engineers to graduate and proud of it!

P.S.  We also have custom belts for NCAA tournament teams:  North Carolina and Kansas.  And a lot more college campus needlepoint designs here.


Amazing Custom Needlepoint Belts Finished and Delivered

Wow, it has been a month since I’ve been able to post anything on our blog!  The Christmas rush this year was amazing, and we’ve had a LOT of great feedback.  (Timing was tighter than I had hoped, but it worked!)

This post features some of the custom needlepoint belts we stitch for customers this year and our customer’s reactions.  Photo’s first and below them you can read some of our customer’s reactions and find out why needlepoint belts make great gifts!

Golfing Needlepoint Belt

Golfing Needlepoint Belt

Golf Custom Needlepoint Belt

Golf Custom Needlepoint Belt

Thanks Haley and CJ for taking these pictures!

Ole Miss Needlepoint Belt

Ole Miss Needlepoint Belt

Thanks Alyssa for the great review on Etsy and posting your photo!

Preppy Needlepoint Belts

Preppy Needlepoint Belts

Custom Needlepoint Belts

Custom Needlepoint Belts

Here is some of the feedback we received over the holiday season.  We’re delighted to help create products that are unique and well loved.  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll love the design we help you create and the quality of the belt when it is ready.  You can see our 5 star rating on Etsy and read more reviews here.

Amazing quality belt and a pleasure working with Seth at NeedlePainters! We got the belt just in time for a trip for a big game and he got TONS of compliments! Will recommend to anyone looking for a unique gift idea. Definitely worth the wait for such detailed work.  Alyssa 2015-11-25

I love it! Thank you all so very much, turned out even better than expected! When I give it to him I will be sure to take a picture. Thanks again for everything!  Amanda 2015-12-26

Love it! For the price it can’t be beat. The belt looks great, it’s the perfect size (I measured his other belts) and the quality seems well made. I highly recommend and will be using them again. Make sure you plan ahead cause the process takes some time!  Haley 2016-1-12

Thank you so much!! My boyfriend loved his belt and all the detail put into it was so awesome!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!   Emma 2015-12-25

I received the belt and it looks Fabulous!!  You are amazing!  Merry Christmas! Michele 2015-12-23

The belt is perfect. Thank you. I can’t wait to give it to my brother on Christmas.   Ali 2015-12-23

The belt is beautiful! I’m so excited about this and will definitely get some pictures in “the wild”. Thank you for all of your help!  Cassandra 2015-12-23

Thank you! Thank you!  The belt and key fob are exactly what I wanted.  The workmanship is beautiful.  Thanks again for the great job.   Leanne 2015-12-23

Thank you Seth! I just received the belt, and it looks great!! I will definitely send pictures 🙂  Kristen 2015-12-17

Belts were absolutely perfect – beautiful.   Thanks and on time for Christmas  Melissa 2015-12-26

Got my awesome belt today!!! Thanks so much. I will definitely be showing it off!! Thanks again  Scott 2015-11-19

Thank you Seth! I have told all my friends about needle paint and your amazing customer service! Thank you!!!!!

The Fighting Irish on your Waist – Notre Dame Campus Belt

The University of Notre Dame maintains a reputation of being one of the best universities in the United States. Highly renowned, and known around the world, the institution is known for both its rigorous academics and it’s excellent sports teams, celebrated by the leprechaun mascot that represents “The Fighting Irish.” With a reputation like this, we had to make sure the Notre Dame campus belt was just as great as the South Bend school Americans have grown to love.

notre dame campus needlepoint belt

Elegant rendition of the University of Notre Dame’s campus on a belt.

Just as it is on campus, the Main Building with its beautiful golden dome makes an appearance on the belt, making the campus instantly recognizable to those familiar with the campus. This is perfectly accented by the Notre Dame block letter logo, seen on the sports team’s uniforms. Of course, the Notre Dame football stadium makes an appearance on the belt, where students and alumni can remember the many nights they spent there rooting for their favorite sports teams. You can even see the famous touchdown Jesus to the left of the stadium!

As we do with each of our college belts, you can customize your very own Notre Dame campus belt with your favorite buildings, dorms, or campus landmarks. We’re happy to help you design a custom belt showcasing you or your loved one’s extracurriculars, organizations, or teams. Check out our college campus belts page for more inspiration and send us a note to start collaborating on a design.

Each of our belts is custom made for the wearer to the exact specifications set out by the customer. Whether you want your belt finished, or simply want a canvas to work on, Needlepaint has you and your favorite alumni covered!

Americas Cup Needlepoint Belt

It has been a great year at NeedlePaint and I have much to be greatful for.

Desiging needlepoint belts for a living is truly a great job.  And, our most recent design is one of my new favorites!

The Americas Cup Winners Classic Yacht Needlepoint Belt features 7 boats that helped defend one of the longest winning sreaks in sporst.  The yacht names are America, Mischief, Magic, Enterprise, Defender, Intrepid, and Rainbow.

This design is availabe as a fully stitched needepoint belt, or as a DIY needlepoint kit.  And it can be customized!  Add a monogram, yacht club burgee, and change the background color to navy if you don’t like the light blue!

Americas Cup Needlepoint Belt

Americas Cup Winners Classic Yachts Needlepoint Belt

Dive Into Needlepoint – Personalized Scuba Diving Belt

Seasoned scuba divers regularly see some of the most beautiful, rarely seen sights in the world underwater. Each dive is a chance to get away to a personal paradise and enjoy all of the beauty that nature has to offer. As most divers can attest to, a lot of time on land is spent thinking about the next dive. If you’re looking for a great reminder of your next adventure, look no further than the scuba diving needlepoint belt.

scuba diving needlepoint belt

Our custom needlepoint scuba diving belt is perfect for any diving enthusiast!

The belt showcases some of the most majestic sea creatures known to man. From the Black Tip Reef Shark, to the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, and even the Spotted Eagle Ray, the belt will remind you of the animals you’ve seen or hope to see in the future. The animals and the scuba diver on the belt are split with the traditional scuba diving flag, recognizable by aficionados everywhere.

You can customize your scuba diving needlepoint belt with a monogram to make it really yours, or customize it with a friend or family member’s initials to make a perfect gift for any occasion.

If you love to needlepoint and would like to stitch your own scuba belt, you can order the scuba diving needlepoint kit here.

Win a Customer Needlepaint Belt in our Giveaway with Carly from “The College Prepster!”

If you haven’t already heard, we’re hosting a custom needlepoint belt giveaway with our long-time friend Carly of “The College Prepster” blog!

Carly Heitlinger is a preppy blogger who grew up in Florida, began blogging while studying at Georgetown, and now lives in New York City where she continues to find inspiration for her style. Her blog is full of great tips on what to wear, what to see, and what to do!

We recently collaborated with Carly on a custom belt showcasing the landmark sights of South Tampa for her father. Together with Carly, we brought her father’s favorite places to life: from the country club where he golfs, to the University of Tampa, to the high school campus that he and Carly both attended, the essence of each building is captured on the belt.




Carly says she is “obsessed” with the way that the belt came out and said that her “dad’s been wearing it a lot, and all his golf buddies are jealous.” We’re excited to hear that they both are enjoying it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Together with The College Prepster, we’re giving you the opportunity to win your very own custom Needlepaint belt. Simply visit Carly’s website here and enter the giveaway for your chance to win your very own custom belt.

Good luck!


University of Kentucky UK Needlepoint Belt

Finally, the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington is captured on a belt!

Long awaited, the University of Kentucky Needlepoint Belt features some of the historical buildings, basketball stadium, and gardens.  It came out great!  (please click the link above for a rundown on the buildings)

This design is available with the Rupp Arena or commonwealth stadium and comes as a fully stitched belt or a DIY needlepoint kit.  Designs can be personalized (monogram and graduation year is included) and even customized upon request.

If you are interested in ordering from – Please read some testemonial reviews we recieved this month. (see them below the pictures)

University of Kentucky Needlepoint Belt

University of Kentucky Needlepoint Belt


“I just received the belt, and I am BEYOND pleased. Thank you very much for your great customer service and product! I look forward to buying from you all again.” – Kaelyn 2015-09-29

“Thank you so much!  I received the belt today and it is beautiful.  I will definitely pass on the word about Needlepaint.  I have lots of needlepoint friends here in MA.” – Katherine 2015-09-28

“Just got my belt yesterday.  I’m thrilled with how it turned out, it looks awesome!” – Alex 2015-09-15

“I gave it to him tonight and he LOVED it (and so did I)! I think it came out absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for helping me create such a great and sentimental gift!” – Cara 2015-09-14

“Got it. I love it.  Fits great! Thank you” – Chris 2015-09-08

“We received the belt and my son surprised me coming home from West Point for the weekend!  It fit him perfectly and it was beautifully done!!”  Elizabeth 2015-09-02

Fishing Needlepoint Belts

Pulling up to the docks or leaving the waders behind?

Don’t leave the fish on ice, now you can take them with you to the bar for a beer, too!

This week’s blog features two of our favoite fishing belts.  The Tropical Gamefish Needlepoint Belt, and the Moutain Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt.

Our belts are made to order and can be personalized with a monogram.  All designs are also available as DIY needlepoint kits.

Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt

Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt

Tropical Gamefish Needlepoint Belt

Tropical Gamefish Needlepoint Belt


West Point Needlepoint Belt

A few months back, we had a few requests to design the West Point Military Academy campus which sits on high ground overlooking the Hudson River in West Point, New York.

The West Point Campus Needlepoint Belt was really fun, it features an American flag, Mitchie Stadium, the Cadet Chapel, Washington Hall, George Washington Statue, Jefferson Hall Library, Battle Monument overlooking Trophy Point on the Hudson, and a Bald Eagle.

We even have worked on a customized version that featuers a new visitors center that is being built!

West Point Needlepoint Belt

West Point Needlepoint Belt

I also am including in this post some feedback we recieved about our belts recently:

“Yesterday was —’s birthday and he LOVED the belt.  In fact, he said it was
the best gift he has received…  The image of Beezo was particularly good.  I appreciate all your help making this happen.”  Laura 2015-07-23

“the belt looks great, very happy with it.”  Mike  2015-7-11

“The belt arrived and looks FANTASTIC, of course!  Thank you for creating such a memorable gift for my husband… and for your inexhaustible patience.   :)”  Mary 2015-07-10

Quick Open-Stitched Custom Needlepoint Belt Kits

Plate 119, The Needlepoint Book

Plate 119, The Needlepoint Book

If Jo Ippolito Christensen can leave backgrounds unstitched as shown in this piece from the 3rd Edition of  The Needlepoint Book, why shouldn’t I? (Click on the image to view the detail of the background. It is only partially stitched and the printed canvas is exposed.)

I was almost there with my Four Hour Needlepoint Ornament but this is one step further. A belt would be my test piece. Many of our Needlepoint belt designs are ideal for this technique. The backgrounds are solid and the images, like the surfboards and sailboats, are colorful and sharp.

Stitching Detail

Stitching Detail

Stitching these two belts went as fast as riding the waves. The only thing one needs to pay attention to is keeping on the thread ends within the stitched areas because the background will be unstitched canvas through which the thread ends will be visible.

Looking closely at the stitched surfboard, you can see that I also look the liberty of slanting the continental in two different direction. The top slants to the left and the bottom to the right, while in the center I used a straight stitch over one canvas thread. (Note: a straight stitch over one thread needs to be worked very loosely, and only works here because it was worked after the top and bottom of the surfboard was completed.) Working the top and bottom of the surfboard with two different slants has the advantage of giving smooth edges to the circle and rounded edges of the design. I used this technique on some of the surfboards and on part of of the sailboats. I was please with my finished canvases!

Quick Stitch Needlepoint Belts

Quick Stitch Needlepoint Belts