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where you can design your own Needlepoint!

Official blog of – where you can design your own Needlepoint Kit!

We’ve been quite busy designing personalized needlepoint belts the last few weeks!

I had to share this one, as it really came out well.

The flag and eagle with anchor only repeat once, but I would have had to cut them in half to make the preview accurate, so I left them on both sides so you could see them!

Some of the elements came from our Airplane Needlepoint Belt but new additions were the Eagle with Anchor, the Navy Logo, the Wings, Navy Chapel, and Navy Insignia.

If you have any custom needlepoint ideas, let us know!

Preview of the Navy Needlepoint Belt

Preview of the Navy Needlepoint Belt


The Navy Needlepoint Canvas for a Belt

The Actual Personalized Needlepoint Canvas

Comments on: "Custom Navy Needlepoint Belt Preview" (2)

  1. Christina Slentz said:

    This is a beautiful belt for a Naval Academy grad who goes into Naval Aviation. One correction, however. The wings you have chosen are “air crew,” a valiant group of enlisted sailors who serve within Naval Aviation. The wings worn by Academy grads–therefore Naval Officers–are different. They come in two forms, one is for pilots and the other for Naval Flight Officers (NFO’s) like “GOOSE” in TOP GUN. I would love to find a pilot needlepoint belt with just repeated Navy Wings of Gold in pilot form. Not a Naval Academy grad here. (Notre Dame–so if you have a leprechaun, that would be cool!)

    • Karen Mason said:

      Hi Christina,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      I appreciate your comments, and will have Caroline with our customer service reply directly through her email to help you with a new needlepoint belt.



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