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Those of you who are looking for help creating the perfect needlepoint belt for that special someone in your life should see the latest designs from last week!

You’ll see a custom college campus, lots of life treasures, a personalized nautical flag, and a custom duck hunting belt.

Some of the designs came out so well that I had to feature them in close up images.  I love the water skier and the 1956 Mercedes.

Please keep in mind that we sell fully stitched needlepoint belts AND for those who want to do the needlepoint themselves, we design and make needlepoint canvases for belts.

Also note, now is the time to get started on a design for Christmas!  If you like these designs, please share them!

Custom Needlepoint Belt Layout

Custom Needlepoint Belt Layout

Needlepoint Belt Details

Needlepoint Belt Details – Check out the 1956 Mercedes

Custom Needlepoint Belt Design Details

Custom Needlepoint Belt Design Details – Love the Water Skier!

Custom Needlepoint Belts Full Layout

Custom Needlepoint Belts Full Layout




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