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We’ve been thinking of what other projects are great for custom needlepoint, and realized that the answer is laying at our feet!

A custom needlepoint dog collar can be beautiful and make a great gift for your furry friends.

Peggy is currently working on a project for her son who asked for a ‘tough looking’ collar for his male dog, Jack.

I worked on designing this and created a simple design that looks great!  And is very tough 🙂

1.25" x 17" Needlepoint Design for Jack

Now, look again, and see how ‘tough’ becomes girly when I change the colors!

1.25" x 17" Custom Pink Needlepoint Design for a Dog Collar

This project is just underway, we hope to have lots of designs and complete needlepoint dog collar kits on our Etsy needlepoint shop soon.  All designs are customizable, please contact us if you would like us to design your dog’s needlepoint collar!

Some ideas worth considering:  Stitch in a phone number, extra wide collars

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