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I’ve been designing more needlepoint pillows for our ETSY shop.  It is pretty fun!  Taking some pretty simple ideas, and putting them with fun colors brings a fresh feeling.

Christmas Star Needlepoint Kit for 10 x 10 inch pillow

Seafoam Snowflake For Winter Decor

A Christmas Ornament Pillow

Designing needlepoint kits on is fun.  I just came up with a list of ideas, then started to design needlepoint canvases.

My list:  Snow Flakes, Christmas Ornament Needlepoint, Christmas Tree Needlepoint, Angels, Snow Man, Stars

Another fun experiment is below.  See how different these two identical designs feel!

A Traditional Christmas Needlepoint Pillow Design

Modern Christmas NeedlePoint Colors

See!  Colors play such an important role in the holidays.

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