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Needlepoint a Dog Collar for Man’s Best Friend

Looking for a small needlepoint project, consider making a dog collar. The needlepointing itself went quickly on a 1 in. x 17.5 inch, 18-point  needlepoint canvas and your choice of colors will allow you to match your dog’s personality.

After needlepointing the canvas, I blocked it, trimmed the excess canvas  leaving a ½ in. border, folded back the canvas, steamed it in place, and finished the edges with a binding or edge stitch. There are several binding techniques. The quickest is a loop stitch worked over the last completed row of needlepoint and the adjacent vacant row. But, the most elegant is the braided binding stitch shown in this video:Binding Stitch Video

The Neeplepoint kits come with thread and matching canvas.  Email us if you would like a Clip and D ring shown in the images.  Position the finished collar in the center of the polyester strap. There should be 6 inches on each side of the collar. Sew in collar in place. Insert the left end of the strap into the side of the buckle with a single bar. Adjust so that the finished needlepoint is snug with the face of the buckle. Sew through all thicknesses as close to the buckle as possible. Side the D-ring onto the collar and position approximately 2 inches from where the collar is attached to the buckle. Sew through all thickness on each side of the D-ring.

The other side of the buckle can be adjustable when threaded as shown below. Optionally it can also be sewn making the collar a fixed size.

Custom Needlepont Dog Collar

We’ve been thinking of what other projects are great for custom needlepoint, and realized that the answer is laying at our feet!

A custom needlepoint dog collar can be beautiful and make a great gift for your furry friends.

Peggy is currently working on a project for her son who asked for a ‘tough looking’ collar for his male dog, Jack.

I worked on designing this and created a simple design that looks great!  And is very tough 🙂

1.25" x 17" Needlepoint Design for Jack

Now, look again, and see how ‘tough’ becomes girly when I change the colors!

1.25" x 17" Custom Pink Needlepoint Design for a Dog Collar

This project is just underway, we hope to have lots of designs and complete needlepoint dog collar kits on our Etsy needlepoint shop soon.  All designs are customizable, please contact us if you would like us to design your dog’s needlepoint collar!

Some ideas worth considering:  Stitch in a phone number, extra wide collars