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Friday Favorites – Custom Needlepoint Designs and Testimonials

This week I’m going to start out with some feedback testimonials we got this week, it is fun designing and making projects and getting such good feedback!

“The canvas arrived yesterday! It looks great and we are thrilled. Thank you so much for your help!  I am very impressed with both your website and service, and we will be happy to tell others!”  Susan – 3-4-14

“This turned out PERFECT and he wears it everyday!!! Thank you so much- I have shared your name with others!!!!”  Allie – 3-4-14  (this was for one of our belts)

“I’m enjoying the project so far.  I’ll definitely be ordering another project when I’m finished with this one!”  Robin 3-6-14

Ahh, but you’re not reading this blog to hear you’re here to get inspired!  Below are some of my favorite designs from this week, the descriptions are below the pictures.

Reindeer Stocking and Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Reindeer Stocking and Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Family Crest Needlepoint and Heart with Wing Art Needlepoint

Family Crest Needlepoint and Heart with Wing Art Needlepoint

Episcopal Church Needlepoint Plate Designs

Episcopal Church Needlepoint Plate Designs

Fishing Cabin Mountain and Hunting Needlepoint Belt Designs

Fishing Cabin Mountain and Hunting Needlepoint Belt Designs

Birth Announcement Needlepoint Kit

Birth Announcement Needlepoint Kit

DMC Floss

The DMC rainbow appeared again on our work table!






How to Choose the Right Needlepoint Canvas

We get a fair amount of orders from people who are purchasing custom needlepoint projects as gifts for other people (especially around Christmas).

One of the most common questions we get is what is the “correct” mesh count to purchase and how “easy” is the design.

To start out, there is no “correct” mesh count as different stitchers prefer different counts.  

For a newbie learning about needlepoint, the mesh count stands for the number of stitches in one linear inch.  That means you measure 1 inch along a line on the canvas, and count the number holes.  A 10 mesh count means there are 10 holes per inch.  A 18 mesh count canvas means that there are 18 holes per inch.  This may not sound like a lot, but to a stitcher it is a HUGE difference.  If you consider that 10 mesh count canvas has 100 stitches in a square inch and 18 mesh count has 324 stitches per sq. in. that means that the stitcher has a LOT more stitching to do if you order 18 mesh count canvas.  Thus, I suggest not ordering 18 count canvas on any design that is wider or taller than 12 inches.  For smaller canvases it is OK to use 18 mesh count because it allows the design to show a lot more detail. Some stitchers do prefer more detail at larger sizes, so this is just a guideline for reference.

Things to consider when choosing mesh count:

  • The stitchers eyesight.  18 count has more stitches per inch, so the holes are a lot smaller and harder to see.  10 mesh has the largest holes.  If she has weakening eyesight, you may want to avoid 18 mesh count canvas.  14 or larger should be OK.
  • Fiber preference.  Needlepointers love to work with a lot of different fibers, the most common are wool, cotton, and silk.  13 and 14 mesh count canvas will work with almost any fiber and are the most commonly used canvas today.  If the stitcher prefers wool, you may want to use a canvas with 14, 12, or 10 mesh count.  With 18 count canvas we only supply cotton, but there are other fibers that will work, just not as many.
  • The design details.  Higher mesh counts (18 and 14) will show more detail than the larger mesh counts (12 and 10).  Belt canvases often come on 18 mesh count canvas because you need the extra stitches to show designs on an area that is so limited in height.  If your design is very detailed or you want to fit a lot into a smaller area, you will want to use 18 mesh count.  But, if you try the 14 mesh count option on the website and still think it looks good, you can use that too.
  • The design size. If you find that you need more detail but have to use larger holes, you can always increase the overall size of the design, this an alternative way to increase the detail, but does add to the cost of the project.  Typically I think the sweet spot for design size is around 12 x 8 inches.
  • To see how to adjust the mesh count and height, watch our how to design a pillow instructional video.
Carrots of Many Colors 10 mesh count vs 18 mesh count canvas

Carrots of Many Colors 10 mesh count vs 18 mesh count canvas. The 18 mesh is on the right and shows a lot more detail.

Next we have the “easy” question, or degree of difficulty.

This is very subjective, but there are some obvious guidelines that can help you determine how difficult a project will be to stitch.

  • The number of colors.  Often, the more colors there are on a canvas the trickier it will be to stitch.  This is especially true with photo needlepoint canvas designs.  The shadowing and gradients get harder to see the more colors there are.  Also the thread colors get very close, so even they get hard to tell apart.  When stitched this looks amazing, but a beginner stitcher may find this very tedious.  Typically I recommend keeping the number of colors below 20 if possible.  If you are using the website and want help, feel free to email us, we’d be happy to help!
  • The nature of the design.  If you are using a photo there is often a lot of intricacy in the placement of the stitches.  Easier canvases will group the colors together in larger blocks, so the stitcher does not need to change thread every third stitch.  Designs and artwork with plain colors and patterns often are the easiest to stitch as the contrast between the colors is big and the patterns are simple to follow.  The dog needlepoint designs we have on our website range from moderate to difficult, the new stitcher can do a moderate design, but it will take them a while.  The original artist needlepoint designs we have licensed are easy to moderate, mostly they go in the easy category.  And our baby and kids designs all are also in the easy realm.
Carrots of Many Colors 25 colors vs 11 colors

Carrots of Many Colors 25 colors on left vs 11 colors on right.  Notice the white carrots loose detail.  Not a very big difference to the eye, but to the stitcher 25 colors would be significantly harder.

If you decide to reduce the number of colors, but notice something that you would like adjusted, go ahead and place your order and email us the image you used, we can touch up the design for you!

Friday Favorites – Weddings Dogs Belts and Art Needlepoint

Another great week at NeedlePaint!  Lots of fun projects are on their way…

Two of these dog needlepoint canvases are in our shop, the other two are custom!

Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Dog Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Below are a Bird Hunting, Life Treasures Custom Belt Canvas, and a Track and Field canvas.

Needlepoint Belt Designs Track Hunting and Life Treasures

Needlepoint Belt Designs Track Hunting and Life Treasures

Here is a Poitiers Ring Bearer Canvas and a blue version of the Taza Wedding Pillow Canvas

Custom Ring Bearer Pillow Canvases

Custom Ring Bearer Pillow Canvases

A few more fun custom art needlepoint designs created this week!

Art Needlepoint Canvases

Art Needlepoint Canvases



Amazing Dogs in Needlepoint

We love our dogs here, and we love to make dog needlepoint kits for our customers, but every once in a while, we get some images that you have to see to believe.

Here are two amazing works recently finished by Dorothy in New York (she stitched Spud) and Linda in California (who stitched Parker).

Needlepointing a photo of your dog can be a challenge, but if you have the patience, it is worth it!

Nice stitching Dorothy and Linda and thanks for sharing!!!

Custom Needlepoint Dog

Parker a Custom Needlepoint Dog Project Finished by Linda

Spud a Custom Dog Needlepoint Project Stitched by Dorothy

Spud a Custom Dog Needlepoint Project Stitched by Dorothy

Spud Original Photo

Spud Original Photo


Friday Favorites – Custom Belt Needlepoint Canvases – Marilyn Monroe – Dogs

I know it is no longer Friday, but these images were taken then, and I’m just trying to keep up with the holiday orders.

I’m excited we sold our first Marilyn Monroe needlepoint canvas from New York Needleworks.  It came out very well!

Marilyn Monroe Needlepoint Canvas

Marilyn Monroe Needlepoint Canvas

Of course I had to share an image of our custom needlepoint belt canvases, every week brings new challenges and creative new concepts that will end up on a lucky person’s waist.

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

And last but certainly not least, we have a spread of custom dog needlepoint canvases from photos and one from artist Fowler Ruffin.  Holiday season is here, and keep in mind you have until Dec. 10th to guarantee arrival before Christmas without any domestic shipping surcharge.  (Dec. 17th is the hard cutoff).

Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Friday Favorites – Dogs, Newborns, Handpainted Needlepoint, and More!

Cute dogs and a newborn are some of our favorite needlepoint kits from this week.

dog needlepoint baby needlepoint

Cute dogs and a newborn! Super fun needlepoint canvases!

Our painter has been busy lately, this project was commissioned from some vintage shell designs!

Custom Hand painted Needlepoint Shell Canvases

Custom Handpainted Needlepoint Shell Canvases

Lovely DMC colors on our workshop table, I had to take a picture.

DMC floss

DMC floss

Friday Favorites – Pug Love Needlepoint and Art Needlepoint

So many great projects this week, but I do love the dog needlepoint kits we make!

We had 5 dog needlepoint kits and four of them were pugs!

The other images are of art needlepoint kits, one is a vintage stamp and the other is a customer’s project for a school, they look fantastic!

Custom needlepoint projects are so much fun, why not stitch your own ideas!

Pug Needlepoint Canvases

Pug Love! Pug Needlepoint Canvases

Art Needlepoint Canvas

Art Needlepoint Canvases


Golden Retriever Needlepoint Kit

We started a great collation of dog needlepoint canvas designs about a year ago, and I just wanted to show off a photo of a golden retriever needlepoint canvas we made last week!

The design is available on our website (click the link above), or if you would like to needlepoint a photo of your dog, try our custom neeedlepoint designer on our website!

I always suggest trying to stay below 20 color if possible and making the widest dimension at least around 12 inches wide, and if you’re having trouble getting the design to come out how you would like it, email us the photo, and we’d be happy to help!

Golden Retriever Needlepoint Canavas

Golden Retriever Needlepoint Canvas 13 x 8.9 with 14 colors on 14 mesh

Sorry the photo does not show the background dark green as well as it looks in person, but taking pictures while making orders does mean I kinda have to rush to finish in time to ship  🙂

If you have any needlepoint design ideas you’d like to stich, but can’t find anywhere, please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help.

Greek Key Border Around Custom Needlepoint Photo

I think all of our readers will appreciate how well this custom needlepoint canvas turned out this week!

Our customer requested a greek key border to go around their dog, and to remove the background so they could needlepoint the dog in the photo.

If you have a photo to needlepoint, we can help!  Just email us the photo and your ideas, and we’ll make a digital preview for you.

This custom needlepoint canvas is surrounded by a greek key boarder

This custom needlepoint canvas features a Golden Retriever surrounded by a greek key border

Needlepoint Dog Days of Summer

It has been HOT in Denver, real hot, so hot I think we broke almost every record…  So dog gawn hot!  Our pooches have been enduring in the work shop with lots of cool water, and sleeping.

Well, that is not really what this post is about.  I just had to share the lovely dog needlepoint canvases we made this week!  The dog needlepoint kits were all made from photos, so why not try to stitch your own dog?

Dog Days of Summer – This weeks orders