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NeedlePoint Kits and Canvas Designs | Design your own Needlepoint Kit!

written by Peggy Bond

Our beginner-friendly needlepoint kits are designed especially for new needlepointers! Check out our entire Simple Stitch Beginner Collection; featuring a series of needlepoint kits on 14 mesh canvas, designed to spark your passion for stitching, while providing a satisfying and stress-free crafting experience. 

Simple Teacher Apple Needlepoint Ornament Kit

Dancing Bands Simple Needlepoint Key Fob Kit

These kits are stitch counted and we recommend that they are stitched using the continental stitch with one strand of Waverly wool. Stitches are worked from the right to left as shown in the figure below.

I like to start stitching with a length of knotted yarn on the right side of the canvas about 1-inch from my first stitch. The thread on the underside will be covered by the stitches and the knot can be carefully cut off and covered with the next stitches. 

When ending a length of yarn, thread the yarn under the solidly worked area on the underside and trim.

One of simplest of our beginner-friendly kits is the Pink Diagonal Stripe Key Fob which has only two colors. I would start with the dark pink working the first strip on the top right corner. Then, stitching the second strip which is a light pink. Alternate the dark pink and light pink stripes across. Finally, there are only the short light pink and dark pink stripes to finish on the right. Done!

Pink Diagonal Stripe Simple Needlepoint Key Fob Kit

A little more complicated is the Pretty Pink Simple Needlepoint Eyeglass Case which has a monogram. For this canvas, I would stitch the monogram first and then proceed with the pink stripes as described above.

Pretty Pink Simple Needlepoint Eyeglass Case Kit

I always use a stretcher frame to keep my canvases from warping. My favorite frames are Frank A. Edmunds Split Rail Scroll Frames which are also available on line and at many retail stores. 

If this is your first needlepoint project and you have a stretcher frame, I strongly recommend that you order the kit with the “taped edges” option.

Candy Cane Four Inch Needlepoint Ornament Kit

Chevron Blue Simple Needlepoint Key Fob Kit

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Happy Stitching!

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