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Chicago Needlepoint Belt Design and Hip Colorado Belt

I was working on some new needlepoint designs for needlepoint belts, and there has been one in the back of my mind for my home state.

Just adding a simple extra line in the colorado flag takes the colorado needlepoint belt design from good to great.

Hip Colorado Needlepoint Belt Preview (this is only half the belt, the design repeats)

I liked the idea so much, that it hit me today, while eating deep dish pizza, that we need to make a Chicago needlepoint belt.  One that Cubbies fans will appreciate…

Chicago Needlepoint Belt Design (the pattern repeats and is custom fitted to your size)

These designs can also incorporate a number or monogram.  Do you have a belt idea but can’t find it online?  Contact and we’ll design something for you.

Horse Needlepoint Pillow Canvases

We were recently contacted by a horse lover to help her design needlepoint pillows for her house.

Well, she was actually only looking to buy one pillow, but she liked both designs so much, we ended up doing two needlepoint canvases!

We started with the words: “Horses are who we are not what we do”

That, and she was looking for a clean “Ralph Lauren” feeling design. Below are two options we emailed to her.

Clean Needlepoint Pillow Design for Horse Lovers (option 1)

Prancing Horse Needlepoint Pillow Design (option 2)

The customer loved the first option, but after seeing the prancing horse, she mentioned that she had been looking for a custom needlepoint canvas with a horse jumping over an oxer for years.   This project took a bit more effort, as first I had learn what an oxer was (the first try was not an option, as the form was bad, and the picture is actually a vertical single fence)

Needlepoint Design of Horse Jumping (first attempt)

The second attempt took more skill in the digital design, using photoshop.  But, this one came out perfect.  The best part of the project is that I was watching the Olympics equestrian team jumping and knew exactly what they were talking about!  The horses are amazing!

Horse Jumping Oxer Needlepoint Design

The canvases came out so well, I wanted to be sure you got see them.  Also note, that we added an extra 3 stitches around the sides so when this gets turned into a pillow, the design will not be cropped.

Horse Lover Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

Horse Jumping Over an Oxer Needlepoint Canvas

***If you are interested in buying a custom needlepoint pillow but don’t stitch, please contact us!  We have great prices on finished pillows, but are also happy to help beginner stitchers learn.


Free Needlepoint Contest Winner’s Needlepoint Design

We picked a winner for our free needlepoint canvas contest back on June 6th.  We finished the canvas last week, and we wanted to show what great ideas for needlepoint designs can be made using!

Needlepoint kits can be made from photos, royalty free artwork, or designed using your favorite computer programs. If you have an idea and want help, just call or email us, and we’ll get started.  You don’t pay until after the design and price have been approved!

The Winner’s Custom Needlepoint Canvas

Another view fo the Needlepoint Canvas with the Stitch Guides

Custom Coat of Arms Needlepoint Kit

We made this coat of arms custom needlepoint kit a few weeks back and it came out great!  The customer really loves it, and was looking forward to getting started on the project.

Coat of Arms are one of the most popular needlepoint designs we make.  Since most of NeedlePaint’s orders are for custom needlepoint kits, we really excel on projects like this.

If you have a coat of arms you would like to stitch (it can be from a family or a university you attended), you can mail or email us the picture and we’d be happy to make a preview for you.  And, if you want our help looking up a coat of arms, we are here and happy to assist!  Also, if you find the website is not getting the design and colors to look as well as good as you would like, just email us and we will fix it up!

Coat of Arms Needlepoint Kit

Fun Needlepoint Patterns – Iznik

One of our projects last week was based on a Iznik tile.  The needlepoint pattern came out great on the canvas!

Iznik Needlepoint Pattern

The pattern is so beautiful, it got me looking for more Iznik tiles that would make beautiful patterns for needlepoint and needlepoint canvases.

Here are a few of my favorites!

The history of Iznik pottery is quite interesting.  Originally from Turkey, there are many examples in museums and palace walls.  Wikipedia has a good amount of information online on the subject, but the most fun way to browse these amazing patterns is to go to: and type in “Iznik Tiles”.  Enjoy!

Friday Design Inspiration – New Needlepoint Kits This Week

We make so many great custom needlepoint kits, that I realized that we should be sharing them with our readers!  (With their permission of course)

This week a customer designed a needlepoint canvas that not only looks amazing, but has a great story behind it.

These red shoes took her around Croatia, after connecting with relatives from the “old country”.  The story behind them, is that they were lent to her durning a rainy  week by her cousin, and her daughter took a picture of them before returning them.

What a great picture, and think about how great is this going to look when it is stitched!

Red Walking Shoes Modern Needlepoint Canvas


Custom Flower Needlepoint Pillows

One of our customers, Hala Alfi, just finished two of her custom needlepoint canvases into beautiful pillows.

These designs were made using needlepoint kits from  where you can upload your own photo to design needlepoint canvases online.

I love the framed box edges on the pillows, they give an elegant look, while adding extra size to the pillow.

Many thanks Hala!  Keep up the beautiful work!

Custom Colorful Flower Needlepoint Pillow with a Box Edge

A Second Beautiful Flower Needlepoint Pillow

Funky Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Needlepoint Kits

Not every wedding is formal, but all of our ring bearer needlepoint kits were!

In order to help out with this problem, we have just added a new ring bearer pillow design to

These funky polka dot needlepoint designs are not just great for a fun wedding but could be a great accent pillow in their new home.

Or, if you want to design your own needlepoint pillows, we can change the words to something of your choice, and a size to fit your home.

Which of these is your favorite?

A non traditional design for a ring bearer pillow, B and G are "Bride" and "Groom"

If you prefer, you can add the whole names, or you really can stitch whatever text you want!

(Our needlepoint ring bearer pillow shop can be reached by clicking this link )

New Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow Canvas Needlepoint Designs

We just created two new ring bearer pillow designs!

The Blue Spice is a twist on our popular timeless needlepoint design.  And the Iron Scroll is a classic design based on iron work from the early 1900’s.  And, as with all of our custom needlepoint kits, the personalized needlepoint canvases can include your own names and dates!

If you have an idea for a canvas but don’t see it on our website, we’ll be happy to make a new design for you.

Happy Stitching…

Blue Spice Wedding Needlepoint Canvas

Iron Scroll Ring Bearer Pillow Needlepoint Canvas

The No Tears Needlepoint Pillow

As I mentioned in my earlier post An Elegant Finished Edge, I had come up with a use for the odd-shapped design that we had designed for our first test custom needlepoint canvas. This 6″ x 7″ canvas is now the center piece of a 12′ x 12′  pillow  for my granddaughter’s nursery.

As you can see, this pillow does not have piping — the most difficult and frustrating part of needlepoing pillow finishing. Also, there is no zipper, no turning inside out, and IT IS EASY!  It is a modified pillow sham which fits over a 12″ x 12″ pillow form.

Materials for the pillow are:

  • 12″ x 12″ polyester-filled pillow
  • 1/2 yard 42″-45″ fabric
  • 1/4 yard Velcro (optional)
  • finished needlepoint canvas that is smaller than 12″ x 12″ and whose edges have been bound


  1. Cut one 18″ x 18″ front.
  2. Cut two 11″ x 18″ piece for left and right sides of back.
  3. Position finished needlepoint canvas in the center of the front. Stitch in place by machine using zig-zag stitch or by hand using an overcast slip stitch.
  4. Sew 2″ hem on left back side and narrow hem on right back side as shown below. (Optionally sew Velcro as shown.)
  5. Place left back over right back to create a 18″ x 18″ square.
  6. Fold under 1 3/4″ on all four sides of front and back and press with steam iron, mitering each corner.
  7. With wrong sides together, stitch around  1 1/4″ from the edge.
  8. Stuff pillow form into completed pillow sham.

This method works well for a casual cushion and especially well for a child’s pillow because the finished needlepoint can be easily removed and the pillow sham washed.