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Beautifully Stitched Tiger Needlepoint Canvas

A while back, a customer contacted us about our tiger needlepoint canvas that we sell on etsy (look at our “animal” needlepoint section).  They loved the design, but prefer work on 12 mesh and wanted a much larger design to make a needlepoint pillow.

We ended up making a 15 inch wide by 11.25 inch high custom needlepoint canvas.  Since the customer prefers to stitch with wool, we included 1 skein of each color matched to the original photo, to help her purchase the correct colors from her local shop.

Really, this blog is about the stitching, not the words, so check out her work!

The Finished Tiger Needlepoint Canvas (pre blocking) 19 colors

This is the preview of needlepoint design on 18 mesh canvas, a photo needlepoint project that comes out beautifully.  Thanks for the pics and your great stitching Joanne!!!

Tiger Needlepoint Preview 8 x 6 inch design on 18 mesh (16 colors)

Please note, we do often adjust color palates to match animals better, so if you notice any colors you want adjusted with a design you are thinking about ordering, just let us know and we’ll be sure we make them.

Tiger Needlepoint Canvases and Needlepoint Kits

I was inspired by an order for a tiger needlepoint canvas a few months ago.  It was such an amazing photo that I had to put something together for the rest of the needlepointing world!  The customer is busy finishing their project, and will email us photo’s when it is done 🙂

Tiger Needlepoint Canvas 8 x 6 inches on 18 mesh canvas

Tiger Needlepoint Canvas 8 x 6 inches on 18 mesh canvas

You can buy this canvas at our ETSY needlepoint shop.

More animal needlepoint canvases are at our shop, but check out the Leopard!

leopard needlepoint canvas

Leopard Needlepoint Canvas 10 x 7.5 inches on 18 mesh canvas