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Greek Key Border Around Custom Needlepoint Photo

I think all of our readers will appreciate how well this custom needlepoint canvas turned out this week!

Our customer requested a greek key border to go around their dog, and to remove the background so they could needlepoint the dog in the photo.

If you have a photo to needlepoint, we can help!  Just email us the photo and your ideas, and we’ll make a digital preview for you.

This custom needlepoint canvas is surrounded by a greek key boarder

This custom needlepoint canvas features a Golden Retriever surrounded by a greek key border

Beautifully Stitched Tiger Needlepoint Canvas

A while back, a customer contacted us about our tiger needlepoint canvas that we sell on etsy (look at our “animal” needlepoint section).  They loved the design, but prefer work on 12 mesh and wanted a much larger design to make a needlepoint pillow.

We ended up making a 15 inch wide by 11.25 inch high custom needlepoint canvas.  Since the customer prefers to stitch with wool, we included 1 skein of each color matched to the original photo, to help her purchase the correct colors from her local shop.

Really, this blog is about the stitching, not the words, so check out her work!

The Finished Tiger Needlepoint Canvas (pre blocking) 19 colors

This is the preview of needlepoint design on 18 mesh canvas, a photo needlepoint project that comes out beautifully.  Thanks for the pics and your great stitching Joanne!!!

Tiger Needlepoint Preview 8 x 6 inch design on 18 mesh (16 colors)

Please note, we do often adjust color palates to match animals better, so if you notice any colors you want adjusted with a design you are thinking about ordering, just let us know and we’ll be sure we make them.

Friday Design Inspiration – New Needlepoint Kits This Week

We make so many great custom needlepoint kits, that I realized that we should be sharing them with our readers!  (With their permission of course)

This week a customer designed a needlepoint canvas that not only looks amazing, but has a great story behind it.

These red shoes took her around Croatia, after connecting with relatives from the “old country”.  The story behind them, is that they were lent to her durning a rainy  week by her cousin, and her daughter took a picture of them before returning them.

What a great picture, and think about how great is this going to look when it is stitched!

Red Walking Shoes Modern Needlepoint Canvas


Baseball Player Needlepoint Kits

Zainab Al-Chalabi recently created this beautiful needlepoint kit of a Evan Longoria.  Her exquisite stitching and framing capture a great memory in Florida baseball.

Evan Longoria in Needlepoint

A few things I want to mention.  #1.  The picture is cropped very close so the details of the face and body show up really well.  #2.  The colors on the face had very good lighting.  This can be adjusted, if you are uploading a portrait to make a needlepoint canvas and having trouble, feel free to email us and we will adjust the colors on your image in Photoshop.

Currently, we are working on a portrait of a customers grandchild that is a portrait from their sports team.  It looks like another fantastic project!

NeedlePoint Dog Canvases

One of our favorite projects we see almost every week is the dogs.  Two weeks ago, we actually had 5 dog needlepoint canvas orders, along with two cat needlepoint canvases.

Some of the dogs are below.  You can see that the close up images look great.  Also, we’ve been working on finding more dog breeds to add to our Etsy shop.  You can browse more dog needlepoint canvases there, or upload your own needlepoint photo to create a custom needlepoint kit at our website!

Photo Needlepoint Vs “NeedlePainting”

Turning a Photo into a Needlepoint Canvas is not as simple as is seams.  Which which is why we are always looking for new ideas to create the best needlepoint canvases.

Recently we had an issue with one of our customers, because the image on the canvas turned out to be much blurrier than the original.  Since the person was a very experienced needlepointer, and they wanted to pick their own colors, we decided to try a direct photo transfer.  This process looks a lot better, but it does not directly follow the mesh.  They loved it!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the images of those exact canvases to compare with, but I did talk to some more stitchers and decide that in some cases a direct photo transfer would be better.  I experimented and took some pictures so you can see the clarity difference.

Left is Direct Transfer on the Right is NeedlePaint

You can see how the direct transfer is crisper (which is the one the customer picked), But to be clear, we do not recommend this unless you are experienced, and only if your image is not coming out clearly on

The reason we think the website’s “NeedlePainting” version is better, is that it groups similar colors for you, and it matches real floss colors to your canvas.  The end result is that even if you are experience and like to do the colors and grouping yourself, the final stitched canvas will come out almost identical.  With our counted stitch guides and color aids, we believe the NeedlePaint versions will come out stitched better.  And if you are having troubles with letters, just email us after you place the order, and we will fix them.

But, as mentioned, on some projects the direct transfer can make a big difference, so if you have any issues when placing an order, please use this image and description as reference to help make your decision.  We will also still include a counted stitch guide, color aid, and color chart for your reference, even though it won’t match identically, it may still help!

And, as always, feel free to email or call me to discuss.