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Friday Favorites – Art Needlepoint – Stockings – Stamps

Here are some of the great needlepoint projects we made this week.

I’m really excited about one of our needlepoint belt designs!  You may be able to guess which one, but it is overshadowed by the large art needlepoint designs we did this week.  If you look closely at the needlepoint belt canvas, you’ll see we did a whole landscape scene.  It came out really well!

Custom Art Needlepoint Canvases and Custom Scene Belt

Large Art Needlepoint Canvases and Custom Scene Belt

The image below shows a custom christmas stocking canvas we did from a photo, an art canvas, and a needlepoint design from a stamp.

Needlepoint Stocking Stamp and Artwork

Needlepoint Stocking, Stamp, and Artwork

Finally, I’m adding some feedback we got from our customers last week!  We get a lot of great feedback that makes me smile but our marketing director said I should be sharing it, too.

I got my canvas and it looks great! – Lee 2/25/14

I’m almost done the “A.”  This is awesome!  Thank you sir – Andrew 2/25/14

I got the canvas last night.  It looks absolutely amazing.  Even better than I could have hoped.  Thank you so much for everything.

Kim 2/19/14


Friday Favorites – Weddings Dogs Belts and Art Needlepoint

Another great week at NeedlePaint!  Lots of fun projects are on their way…

Two of these dog needlepoint canvases are in our shop, the other two are custom!

Dog Needlepoint Canvases

Dog Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Below are a Bird Hunting, Life Treasures Custom Belt Canvas, and a Track and Field canvas.

Needlepoint Belt Designs Track Hunting and Life Treasures

Needlepoint Belt Designs Track Hunting and Life Treasures

Here is a Poitiers Ring Bearer Canvas and a blue version of the Taza Wedding Pillow Canvas

Custom Ring Bearer Pillow Canvases

Custom Ring Bearer Pillow Canvases

A few more fun custom art needlepoint designs created this week!

Art Needlepoint Canvases

Art Needlepoint Canvases



Friday Favorites – Pug Love Needlepoint and Art Needlepoint

So many great projects this week, but I do love the dog needlepoint kits we make!

We had 5 dog needlepoint kits and four of them were pugs!

The other images are of art needlepoint kits, one is a vintage stamp and the other is a customer’s project for a school, they look fantastic!

Custom needlepoint projects are so much fun, why not stitch your own ideas!

Pug Needlepoint Canvases

Pug Love! Pug Needlepoint Canvases

Art Needlepoint Canvas

Art Needlepoint Canvases


Classic Art Needlepoint Kits

Do you love the old masters, but can’t find needlepoint kits of the art you would love to stitch?

Well, you are not the only one who loves to stitch art needlepoint, we’ve recently made quite a few canvases with harder to find paintings for our customers, some dating back to the 1500’s!

Not only that, but we’ve gotten back great feedback, our customers love the DMC color charts and counted stitch guides that come with every custom needlepoint canvas.  Or if you prefer, we can print the artwork directly onto the canvas and send you a photographic quality image of the artwork to match your yarn with.  (Please note, we hand check colors on all orders, so if the digital preview looks a little off this can be adjusted)

If you can’t find an existing needlepoint canvas, we suggest looking at the Wikimedia Commons website, the website full of artwork that is in the common domain.  Type in your favorite artist’s name in the search box and see what you can find.

Below is an example of a search for “Van Gogh”…

Original Digital File from Wikimedia Commons


Van Gogh Needlepoint Preview Matched to DMC Floss with 26 colors