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Here are some of the great needlepoint projects we made this week.

I’m really excited about one of our needlepoint belt designs!  You may be able to guess which one, but it is overshadowed by the large art needlepoint designs we did this week.  If you look closely at the needlepoint belt canvas, you’ll see we did a whole landscape scene.  It came out really well!

Custom Art Needlepoint Canvases and Custom Scene Belt

Large Art Needlepoint Canvases and Custom Scene Belt

The image below shows a custom christmas stocking canvas we did from a photo, an art canvas, and a needlepoint design from a stamp.

Needlepoint Stocking Stamp and Artwork

Needlepoint Stocking, Stamp, and Artwork

Finally, I’m adding some feedback we got from our customers last week!  We get a lot of great feedback that makes me smile but our marketing director said I should be sharing it, too.

I got my canvas and it looks great! – Lee 2/25/14

I’m almost done the “A.”  This is awesome!  Thank you sir – Andrew 2/25/14

I got the canvas last night.  It looks absolutely amazing.  Even better than I could have hoped.  Thank you so much for everything.

Kim 2/19/14


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